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Bach Suite #1  is a favorite of mine.

Today,  I practiced it with my son.  My son played the piano and I played the

CELLO….you know the cello…smaller than a bass,  larger–way larger than a violin or viola.

So anyway,  we made a quick duet together.

I gave my son three cords,  (G-MAJOR   C-MAJOR     D- MAJOR)  He played at the beginning of the  piece and then in the middle.  I played single 

strings G,  C,  D –while he played the cords.  It worked out well.  Then we both played the actual 12  measures in the beginning of the piece.  My son should have been able to play the entire piece of music but it was a little bit difficult.  Plus he was not movtivated to play —he wanted to play the music from Sweeny Todd….”Pretty Women”,  Nothing’s Gonna Harm YOU”,  and “By the Sea”.  That play came alive to my son in the movie Sweeny Todd with Johnny Depp…( unknown) to be a great singer…but definitely a major talent–nonetheless…So  I had to battle with my son to practice and find a good ending to the Bach Suite #1 before I would allow him to play the Sweeny Todd stuff.

It turned out nice….Very, very good indeed!


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  Sambodhi Prem wrote @


I saw you play the cello. Check out ‘Cello Circles’, a CD I made with the cellist Kalyan.

Grammy nominated cellist David Darling calls it:
“An orchestral and sonic triumph of sound…you give us so many voices to listen to and as a cellist I would have to say that Kalyan is a first rate modern jazz and world music cellist…”

You can find some samples here:

best regards

Sambodhi Prem

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