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Who is Brad Pitt? Jolie-Pitt? Go Out and Rent 7 years In Tibet!!



We often wonder what motivates some people to live the life style that they live.  Some people are loner types,  some people are  shop-a- holics,  some people are party people,  some people are sports people,  some people live their life talking politics,  some people live in servitude to  causes like world peace,  some people  fight for human rights,  some people are like Gandi,  or Mother Teresa.  It all depends what a person finds to be his or her personal Treasure in life.  So what brings me to the movie SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET?

I had purchased it some months ago.  Everytime I watched the movie I would fall alseep.  It took me a long time to finally see it through.  The movie Seven years in Tibet is about Brad Pitt as a young mountain climber from Switzerland who wants to climb the HIMALAYA MOUNTAINS during the Germany and Europe Wars involving  Hitler. 

 His young wife is pregnant when he leaves under great fanfare of news reporters due to the political overtones of Germany and its goals.  She is quite upset and he brushes off her anxiety with his own frustration. 

 A news reporter asked his “very” pregnant wife when is the baby due during a press conference and she states, “About the time my husband will reach the summit.”   He looks hard at her and then boards the train after some tense words. 

He ends up battling the mountain in a rather immature way.  He injures himself and does not tell his fellow climbers.  This lack of  team work nearly cost his teammate his life because there was a slide and and Brad Pitt’s character,  could barely hold the “line” (rope) because of the severe pain in his leg that he had to use to stablize himself while trying to pull his fellow climber to safety.

He was threatened with being put off the climb if he chose to not inform the team of any further injuries.  Injuries could affect the lives of others. He realizes that the climb took so long that he could not make it back in time for the birth of his son. 

He and his climbing buddies wind up being arrested by the English Army because the Himalaya’s are supposedly “land that belongs to England.”  Since England was in war with Germany and the climb was German based…oh, well, the arrest. 

Brad Pitt’s character tries to escape numerous times.  He begins to take on a humorous appearance to the other detainees.  Around this time however his wife mails him a letter and informs him to sign a devorice paper. 

 She also informs him that she is going to marry someone that he knows. The most heart breaking statement that his wife makes in her letter is that she informed his child that he died while trying to make the climb.

  After reading this letter Brad Pitt’s character attempts to escape from the prison camp again.  He tries to climb painful barbed wire and then just thrusts himself into it.  It ends up in solitary confinement afterwards.

The other climbers ask his assistance to escape in a sensible way.  They make it.  However,  Brad Pitt’s character leaves the group and heads off on his own.  After a series of events he runs into the original leader of the Himalaya climb who had escaped the prison camp along with him. 

 They set off together and end up in Tibet.  The original leader of the climb meets a woman in Tibet and they get married.  Brad Pitt’s character meets with the boy…teenager Dalilama and befriends him.  Their friendship is endearing and enduring.  Brad Pitt’s character builds a movie threater for the Dalilama.

What ensures is that Brad Pitt’s character  has a life changing exprience and it alters his future drastically.  Tibet’s independance is threatened by another super power in the world. The Dalilama and his people attempt to protect themselves, and Bradd Pitt’s character has to move on.  He does not want to leave his friend. 

 He has turned his relationship almost into a “father-son” relationship.  However the young Dalilama clearly sets him straight.  He lets him address the truth of his own son in Switzerland and give him the strength to go home.

  As a gift he give Brad Pitt’s character a music box that plays the sweetest delicate little song.  The ending of the movie closes with his son listening to the music box, and then the two of them climbing the mountains together. 

 It was such a touching movie.  Brad Pitt played a head strong young man,  who had to come to terms with his own selfishness and then open himself to experience redemption.

So now looking at his current life style with Angolina Jolie….I wonder.  Is Brad Pitt a person whose true heart is toward servitude and healing wounds?  Does he truly love those six children in such a deep way that he is willing to give up all for them?  I think so. 

 His heart felt portrayal of a man that walked in clouded ignorance and comes to realize  his wrongs and attempts to right them was very touching.  I cry every time I see the very end of the  movie.  How often in our own lives do we wish we could right some wrong we have done to someone?  How often have we wished for a second or third chance in life? 

How beautiful it is when we do actually get a second chance to right a wrong that we have done.  To see him with his son…to realize what is important in life….those are the things depicted in the movie SEVEN YEARS IN TIBET will give a little insight into Brad Pitt. 

 Most actors read their scripts and decide if it is good for them or not.  This was a touching movie and I believe we could see the love and concern with which Mr. Pitt played his role.  Go out and rent this movie. 

 It will do your heart and soul good.  Very little action…but a great deal of love and understanding.

Congratulations Jolie-Pitt family,  on the birth of your twins.