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 I found a very delightful movie that I want to share with you!  It is called,  EVANALMIGHTY! 

  The movie stars Steve Carell, comedian as Congressman Baxter, and Morgan Freeman as God!  What a powerhouse of acting indeed!   It was so adorable with the usage of the animals and the comedic interaction of Steve Carell and his dilemma with  God, Morgan Freeman,  requesting him to build the Ark. 

  Steve Carrell, as the Junior Congressman found himself surrounded by the number 614. 

 He saw it on his alarm clock, on his license plates and various places throughout his day.  He finally passed out while Congress was in session after  he said the pledge of alligence.    The pressure and the animals starting coming in twos! 

He, Baxter, the Junior Congressman finds himself overtaken by animals. specifically birds, while in his office.  The animals do not leave once other people come on the scene. 

 Everyone is eyeing him strangely and he tries to explain himself!  His wife begins to grow concerned when he awakes one morning and cannot seem to shave the over night beard shadow…which appears to be a weeks worth of growth. 

 Soon the animals are there in his yard…bears, wolves, chipmunks, lions,  oxen, cows, dogs, etc., etc., He begins to build the ark for the Lord and then finds his job, and family life are in jeopardy! 

 But in the end with all of the spectators watching the expected flood arrives, and everyone who did laugh at him found themselves in awe of him and could not believe their eyes! 

The Senior Congressman played by Roseanne Bar’s T.V. Husband,  John Goodman is the “villian” who cut corners on the building of a dam and then found the ark siiting outside the capitol buidling. 

 Steve Carell transitions  from a very clean upright newscaster turned congressman into a frantic, then committed man.  He wins in the end and you feel good for him and his victory!

 The movie was a delight.  Light politics,  family togetherness, ecological concerns were all a part of this lighthearted, look at the reason for the ark being built.

Rent it,  buy it.  Easy watching except for the stress of watching the dam break and other moments like that!  Good, clean fun!