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riveroflifelisajoy~~~I LOVE TO WRITE~  AND WRITE I will!!!

I just heard this on the WENDY WILLIAMS EXPERIENCE @ WBLS 107.5–at about 5:00 p.m.  that on July 14, 2008  Wendy will air her Cable Talk Show on Fox T.V.

 She is going to rise like the phoenix! 

You have got to believe in yourself no matter how the odds are stacked against you!!!!! 

 Her talk show is going to happen! 

“So Wendy….keep up the good work. 

 Stay out of trouble.  Watch your conduct and that of those you love around you. “

 “Don’t give in to negativity.  Reach out for help when you need it and go for it girl…GO FOR IT GIRL!!!!!”


She announced this around 5:00 p.m.  with the blockbuster sound effects!  

 Charlemane her side kick read the information on her up coming talk show. 

But also….like I said in previous blogs…..WENDY’S  MOVIE IS GOING TO BE RELEASED SOON!

….So for all those out to say the NEGATIVE  all the time…..back up and look up at the next new   celebrity in media!!!!!    Wendy Williams!!!!  

 Charlemane explained that  Wendy’s Talk Show will be on Cable of Course…..FOX ENTERTAINMENT…. Den Mar Mecury  ~~~LionsGate —This as Charlemane explained it is for 4  WEEKS in  July.  Starting on July 14, 2008.  This is the pilot program and it will take a several week break and then return and go NATIONAL!!!!!

Wendy’s  husband will also be included in the deal….according to the communication read by Charlemane!!!!  —-So again….Hot 97 crew,  and all NAY SAYERS!!!!—-WHERE IS YOUR SINDICATED TELEVISION TALK SHOW?   START WORKING ON YOUR FUTURE AND YOU CAN BE LIKE YOUR  CO- JOURNALIST—SHOCK JOCK ACROSS THE DIAL.  


That may not always apply to journalists,  shock jocks, and gossip columnists though—-but keep it in mind….It may save you from  alot of  problems in life….

Any way back to Wendy Williams Experience!   Good Fortune and enjoy….the rest of us will be watching!

OH,  AND BY THE BY….Ms. Jones in the morning….try to inspire your co-journalist!

Controversy of the New Governor Paterson: I Need Parental Guidance for the Latest News Stories! Wow! Threesomes….I never thought such Words would be connected to Elected Officials!

   Jay Jewels Cry FOR HUMANITY(Jay Jewels “Cry for Humanity”)

I just can not take it anymore!  I had heard alot of negative things about Spitzer  before this  big mess came to the front.  All I want to know is this.  When he was having these activities where were his security team? 

Look,  I really do not want to discuss Spitzer.  I just want to know why the news papers have to keep making each head line full of words that you do not want to discuss in front of your kids….even your older kids for that matter.

  I am very open  in discussion with my family on many topics.       But the McGreevy issue was so way over the top of my level of existence I was embarressed.  I felt like I had a furtive glance over at the dirty magazine section in the subway newsstand!  I do not know what the future holds! 

What was worse is  that today I saw our new Governor’s wife’s foot bottom with her big toe sticking way out from underneath her leg in a yoga pose on the front of the Daily News!  Is that really neccesary?  Is it required to show every aspect of our elected officials private selves?

  I will not have the bottoms of my feet and big toe photographed just to get a private sector or public service job!  I just do not get it!  Did the legally blind new Governor Paterson cheat on his wife for three years or less? 

 Why did I have to know about it?   I do not believe any one has not cheated …even if it has been emotional cheating.  You know what I mean.  The type of cheating that involves the phone calls to a good “friend” from work. 

 You eat lunch with this person and laugh about job issues, get frustrated together,  complain about the same stuff and cry on each other’s shoulder when the other does not get that much wanted  promotion.  YOu know what I mean!  That job friend that is of the opposite  sex! 

 Emotional committment….days that person is absent from work…are empty days.  Sometimes you might even tell your spouse that you work friend was sick and work slowed up in his or her absence!  You just could not hide your emotions about the empty feeling you had all day.  So now you mope!

Any way,  I digress!  The problem I find in all of this open discussion is that after a while everyone will be found guilty!  Even today in the AOL Black Voices blog….the mayor of Detroit, who is black  is now being told to step down for not telling the truth about his affair! 

 This had nothing to do with his actual job.  But if you have cheated on your spouse, or had an affair you must come clean about it!  Or you face being let go under big,  big,  shame!  “THE SCARLET LETTER HAS RETURNED!”  —for those of you who are literature buffs! 

 Do we have to now tell of the crushes we had as little kids, tweens, teenagers,  then pets we owned,  aunts, uncles, we liked  or did not like?

  Do we have to tell of the time we accepted a gift and then turned around and regifted it because we lied about how much we liked something and really didn’t?  Are there going to be lie detector tests that will analize whether we tell somebody that the dress they brought looks good on them or not and whether we mean it? 

Do you have to now double check yourself and your personal relationships before you apply for a job?  Where will this end?  Public service is truly public isn’t it?  I just can’t take it any more. 

 I do not  want to know so much personal information.  I want to just know that I can get my taxes lowered,  get an increase in my annual pay,  go to college cheaper,  pay for my dental work cheaper….lose weight safely and go on trips in our free country!  Prosititution is not acceptable….definitely not! 

But do I have to see Governor Paterson’s wife’s FEET on page #2 of the Daily News?  Can we leave nothing private?  I never saw Nancy Reagan’s feet,  I never saw Hillary Clinton’s feet,  I never saw Jimmy Carter’s (President Carter’s) wife’s feet! 

 So why is Mrs. Paterson’s life so exposed?  JUST TOO MUCH INFORMATION!!!!!  JUST LOWER THE RATES OF CAR INSURANCE!


Can we get back to business please and save the planet and mankind please!  The only bare foot I want to see is that of a homeless person getting shoes and socks put on it! 


Thank you.


Candida Just Wanted to Meet the Man of Her Dreams –Attacked on a Date–non/fiction story

Chinese Ink through Time by RiveroflifelisajoyCandida had been a freshman in the second semester of Queens College.   She met a very tall, good looking guy called Donado in the main building of the college one day.  She saw him after he saw her it would seem.

  She was walking and he approached her and said “Hello!  How are you doing today?”  She was taken back because she was deep in thought about issues of the day.   He was with friends.  She was surprised that  he would talk to her. 

 She was naturally shy and withdrawn.  They walked across the campus to her next class.  She gave Donado her telephone number and they talked on the phone that night.   He was very, very tall.  She was only 5’2″. 

 Her mother said that he seemed a bit too tall for her.  She did not care.  He seemed nice.  They ate lunch at college together.  One weekend Donado invited Candida to go to the KingsPlaza Mall in Brooklyn where he lived. 

 Candida, being some what  sheltered she was nervous when she had to take the long train ride to Brooklyn,  and had thoughts of sitting in the movie theatre and having something to eat in the mall with her new “boyfriend”.  This would be her first boyfriend. 

 Her mother would not allow her to date in junior highschool, or highschool.  No one ever had called the house when she was growing up.  Although she was in college,  she knew she had a lot more to learn then just academics!

 She had told her mother that she would be going to Brooklyn to have lunch and a movie with Donado. Her mother gave her the usual warnings about safety.

  When she came out of the subway she saw Donado immediately.  He had a big smile on his face.  He took her hand and walked with her to the Kings Plaza Mall.  Once in side he ran into some of his friends. 

 He was proud to introduce her to his “boys” and they were pleasant.  Candida had butterflies in her stomach.  This was her first date!  At 19 years old, she was embarressed to tell anyone that she had never had a real boyfriend! 

 Now, she felt like a more mature person.  It was fun.  Wow, and he was so tall, and she felt protected and secure!  They had a lunch and then he wanted to stop at his house before they went to the movies.   He shared his apartment with his mother.

  His mother seemed rather small, and thin and pale.  She looked very tired, exhausted.  The house was clean, but she seemed annoyed with Donado.  He went to his bedroom to get something and Candida and Donado’s Mom, had a uncomfortable silence. 

 She did not ask Candida any questions and did not volunteer any conversation.  His mother just looked around the room.  Donado soom emerged from his bedroom and left without saying anything to his mother. 

His mother asked when he would be back and he said after the movie.  When they exited the apartment he took Candida by the hand and  limited his long strides so that she could keep up with him.  They arrived at the movie theatre and he paid for the tickets.  The movie was all that Candida expected.

  Donado placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him.  Candida could feel her heart racing within her chest.  Wow!  She thought!  I have a boyfriend!  Her stomach fluttered, and she felt a warming sensation deep within.

  She felt that she had come to the place that she had seen other young ladies with their boyfriends on the college campus. 

 She was not a loner anymore!  I have a boyfriend!  I have a boyfriend!  She could barely keep her mind on the movie! 

 She could not wait to get home and tell her friend from college about the movie and her boyfriend and his arm around her shoulder! 

 After the movie ended Donado said, “Lets go back to my house before you go home and play some checkers,  you want to do that?”

  Candida, really was ready to go home because her mother warned her about traveling at night from an area she was not familiar with. 

 She said, okay, but just for a little while. When she entered the living room, Donado invited her to sit on the leather couch.  He went to his room and got a box that contained the checkers. 

 His mother did not come out of her room this time.  She heard his mother call Donado several times before he finally answered her. Donado brought Candida a cool drink from the kitchen.  He sat next to her and said I want a kiss. 

 Candida was unpracticed in romantic activities so she gave him a peck on the cheek.  This was the first time they had been some what alone since they had met. 

 When she reached over to kiss his cheek he turned and kiss her on the mouth full and then pryed her lips apart and then planted  a deep kiss on her. 

 Ugh!  She felt drool on her face, and her mouth.  She felt sick, and nauseas. 

She pushed him away and he persisted.  She began to feel scared because he had practically climbed on top of her.  Soon he had her shirt up and was pulling at her bra! 

 She was stunned and embarressed. She was wondering what would his mother think! 

 She would never had let something like this happen in her mother’s house, especially with the mother in the next room. 

 She tried to talk and he continued to kiss her forcefully on the mouth.  At one point she thought that she almost could not breath.  He was tall and pressing hard against her. 

 She wanted to run from this night mare and could not get away.  Donado finally got his way and had pulled her blouse part way off and her bra too.

  Suddenly his mother was in the room and yelling…..DONADO!!!


  What are you doing to that girl? 

 Stop it do you hear? 

Stop it I said! 

  Candida’s heart was pumping, and her ears and face were burning from the heat of the emabarressment and fear she was experienceing.  All she wanted to do was to run. 

 She had never really kissed anyone before.  Plus she had never had anyone take her shirt off of her either.  She was humilated.  Donado’s mother must have thought that she was’nt such a nice person too. 

 Donado got up off the couch and ran over to his mother and told her to shut up and go back into her room.  They began to argue and Candida pulled her blouse and bra back on and also began to put on her coat. 

 Donado wheeled around and said,

 “Where are you going?” 

“I am leaving, I want to go home!” Candida said. 

 Donado looked puzzled, “What’s the matter?  What do you mean what is the matter?”

  Candida could barely speak. 

 Her feelings were hurt, and all she wanted to do was get on the train and get home to the safety of her mother’s house.  She felt lost and afraid of this Donado!

  When he got her to the train station she went in and did not look back.  He called her at home and she would hang up on him.  He saw her at college and she would avoid him. 

 What is the matter is all he kept saying, and she would reply, “You know what you did!”  Donado then replied,  “You need to grow up little girl!” 

 Candida was so ashamed, because Donado had said that in front of his friends.  From that day forward she walked in another direction.  She avoided that area. 

 Some months later she met another young man at church, who treated her with respect, and they dated for several years.

Dating and relationships are delicate like a flower.  They need to have care, compassion and  mutual respect. 

 The experience described here is true.  The names were changed for obvious reasons. 

 Candida had been inexperienced in dating.  But that did not make it justified for Donado to attempt to dominate her. 

This blog is for those young people who are dating and have had this experience, or might have it.

Remember respect one another,  date rape, or near date rape is not fun.  If someone says no!   No,  means just that NO! 

I hope this story will help others in their quest for relationships.

Be kind to one another.

Till next blog,


“Don’t Love me too much” –haiku prose- by riveroflifelisajoy


 ***Oil paint of still life by RIVEROFLIFELISAJOY  8/07 


Don’t love me too much

he said, and I held him tighter

You have to love G-d more

I do, I said.

No…you don’t

he said

I grew angry that

he saw through my

tears of fear

I feared loss

I feared loneliness

I feared the emptiness

and empty bed

I loved him

We would embrace

and our “unique” addition

to the Eskimo nose kiss was

our left eye to right eye touch

Our eyes and cheeks would touch

He would flutter his eye lashes on mine

I would try to see within his soul

through my mind’s eye

Don’t love me too much

You have got to love G-d more

We held hands even in our sleep

We would entwine our legs even

in our sleep

We awoke and talked of our


He would jump up and bring

a paper to bed and show me the

plans he had written the day


I would look on and think

I  AM  –lucky, or proper term

blessed I was to

have a man with vision

goals and dreams

I would hug him and

close my eyes and

be so happy

I just want to be happy

I said

“It is not about you

It is not about me

It is about what we can do for

others he said

His goals were plain

His goals were simple

Help those around you

Do what you can for the


Jobs, training,  youth, and


He wanted to be a minister

He wanted me to be there

A dark cloud approached

and my sunny day faded to


I could no longer hug his strong

muscular back

For he was gone






A gutteral,

primitive scream!!!

That horrible disease

destroyed my dream

Darkness took over

tentacles crawled from the

depths of hell

and dragged him down

a so,– so deep well

Don’t love me so much!!

was all I could hear

Take care of my son,

to me you will always be


Continue to sing,

and give to the poor

for in that you will not

lose me….ever more!!!!

So I continue to help

I continue to give

Although my arms ache,

the lost love that

I can no longer take

I understand now

I ponder and think

What did he see

beyond that ugly,

ugly, brink?

I have not lost him

when at last I think

he  has been in every

good deed

I will not falter

until my dying day

Although there is no

grave plot

No memorial for him

for that ugly, ugly

monster has  claimed

him from within

He is missing,

traveling a road I can

not find

Missing in body—

missing in mind


He is gone, for nine years

Don’t love me too much

Hold on to G-d

I did grow strong

I will go on

But I will always

love him

from now on

Do not feel sorry for me

For I have suffered great


But I have no regrets

For great was the love

some would call it soul


I call it a blessing from


He was my teacher,

my mentor,

my best friend

my lover

my husband

He had a good and

honorable job

as a Corrections Officer

yet he was taken from me by

illness beyond my control

His goals and dreams never to

be fulfilled

But yet he still lives on

Don’t love me too much

—but I do



My New Year’s Resolution–It’s Gonna Be Great In 2008!!!

LIFE STARTS HERE.jpgNo matter what…I will resolve

to improve my status in life!

I  want to go in the direction of

Peace with my fellow man

I want to develop a clear and

concise plan

I will  move in the direction of harmony with

all.  But will not give up my self-respect

Because if I do,  I have wasted this long,  long up hill


Will you take my hand,

My fellow man?

Can we together rise,

up toward the heavenly skies to

bring down the fighting across the


Can we bring down the pain and suffering

in the lives of men,  women, and children?

Can we find ways to stay the course, and

not have to live out our lives full of

remorse?  From good deeds left undone,

from victories left not won?

Can you search deep within,  and see the one true love

of mankind that will give us the answer

and the goal that is about to unfold in the

coming year?

Does every year new have to begin with


Can we shout in victory together, all man kind

of  every race, creed and religion? 

All of mankind of all lifestyles, and traditions

Can we this year….of 2008  be ready,  be real,

and prepared to be GREAT?

What say you, my fellowman kind and womankind–Are we up for the challenge to participate in the year 2008!

Come forward, and do not fear,  the end of the 2007 is drawing to an end. 

I hope you will take the challenge and  assist this beautiful world on which we reside to come to a mend and heal from deep inside.

You do not have to believe in the same God as I do. 

Just place your foot, within your shoe and take just

one step forward.

Take another step forward toward your destiny.

There is a purpose for all of us on this globe called earth!

Do not be afraid to see your value,  see your worth!

I will pray for you.  I will pray for myself…

I will pray that the Almighty God above reveal his love to one and all!  That you,  your friends, and family  and I will

receive joy, peace and prosperity in the coming year 2008!

Just do not forget to open the gate for the poor,  the down trodden,  the sick,  and the weak.—

For those who have received much….much is required back to assist those who are yet on the road as pilgrims seeking salvation and peace.

May the God of all—The Alpha and Omega

the Beginning and the End —give you all that you need to succeed in 2008! 

I resolve to be a help and not a hinderance on that road  toward our goals of man-kinds success!

Till next blog


There is Hope for Minister Bynum!!! And Hope for all Marriages!!!

One person can save a marriage.  I read that in a book I found in the  Christian Book Store located  on Queens Boulevard  when I was going through some things with my marriage some years ago.  It is true.  I lived it.  Each situation is different of course. 

 For example,  a Christian marriage should be lead by the spirit of God.  Christians are supposed to be ministers before they are married couples.  We are all supposed to be followers of Christ.  Desciples of the Lord.  We are supposed to bring the truth in love and compassion to non-believers. 

In 2 Corinthians 4: 1-6

God has been kind enough to trust us with this work.  That’s why we never give up.  We don’t do shameful things  that must be kept secret.  And we don’t try to fool anyone or twist God’s message around.  God is our witness that we speak only the truth, so others will be sure that we can be trusted.  If there is anything hidden about our message it is hidden only to someone who is lost. 

The god who rules this world has blinded the minds of unbelievers.  They cannot see the light, which is the good news about our glorious Christ, who shows what God is like.  We are not preaching about ourselves.  Our message is that Jesus Christ is Lord. He also sent us to be your servants.  The scriptures say, “God commanded light to shine in the dark.”  Now God is shining in our hearts to let you know that his glory is seen in Jesus Christ.

Many of us became excited when walked to the alter and go up brand new!  We had spiritual enlightenment!  We came to see that what we thought was fun years ago or even the day before was nothing to compare with the change in our hearts once we received Jesus as our Lord and Savior. 

Some of us began to speak in tongues right away!  Some of us began to heal right away.  Some of us were given the ability to pray or preach right away.  Still others had some growing to do.  But no matter what the growth level, the Lord loves us all equally.  That is why it is so important for all of us not to lose our first Love in Jesus!  He is the reason that our lives  have been changed. 

Once a Christian takes on a ministry it is difficult to  separate that person from the road that he or she must walk.  It is a hard road.  It is a road of being a servant to others. 

 Therefore it is important for the Christians of today to acknowlege that our role in the world is to be a “foot washer”- as Jesus taught the deciples– When considering a marriage partner,  one must look deep inside. 

 One must ask the question, ” How much attention do I believe I deserve?  How much self esteem can I offer to the relationship.  Being a married woman I had to believe in myself.  I had to have faith in myself. 

 In order for someone to love you—You must love YOURSELF!  Conceit is not the discussion.  Pride is definitely not in the picture.  But loving yourself as a Christian means acknowledging the beauty that the Lord sees when he looks at every believer who states that Jesus is Lord! 

 That seed of faith that took hold in your heart that now shines from within is what you love about you!  You  love that  “new person”  that you have become in Christ.  Therefore as a married couple—LOVE—starts from the acknowledgement of Christ  Love Shining from within each partner in the marriage. 

Each partner is to be a representative of the glory of Christ love come to earth for  one another.  There should be no space for an abusive,  domestic violent episode between two believers who have opened their hearts to the Lord. 

However,  there are people who are believers who have been injured and harmed by lifes ups and down.   If a believer decides to take up the role of a marriage  partner,  that person must search and seek answers from the Lord. 

Some pains that  were suffered are deep ugly wounds.  Some have been hidden behind bright cheery smiles.  When  that happens it seems to wait for the most inappropriate time to raise the outburst from a deep wound suffered many years ago.

..but  by a quick thougthless word by one of the Christians in the marriage it would appear that the circumstances become fertile to create a breeding ground for anger,  fear,  resentment,  anamosity, and possibly violence.  These are issues that only a qualified pyschologist,  or pshyicartrist can explain.  But we know as the scripture states

2 Corinthians 4-16

We never give up.  Our bodies are gradually dying, but we ourselves are being made stronger each day.  These little troubles are getting us ready for an eternal glory that will make all our troubles seem like nothing.  Things  that are seen don’t last forever, but things  that are not seen are eternal.  That’s why we keep our minds on the things that cannot be seen.

When Ms. Bynum and her husband came together on that night of the beating….the situation was already out of control.  I truly believed that the Lord felt the pain of the couple.  I truly believe that the Lord understands the stressors and strains that were pulling at both the marriage partners that night. 

But I also believe that there is hope.  There are things that each person can do that can change the course that they are on.  Mostly because God loves both of the people that had a severe break in their marriage vows to each other. 

To replace the pain with peace and love will be the test.  But if both want it,  or one wants it.  I believe there is hope.

But first,  the couple must forget the area of being”MARRIED”—-first as Christians we are ALL THE BRIDE OF CHRIST!  So Ms. Bynum and her husband Bishop Thomas need to return to their very, very,  very, first Love!—-JESUS!!! 

 Get reaquainted with the Son of God.  Let him wipe away every tear and heal the deep hurts that are so painful that words cannot express.  Then and only then can a Christain Married couple of any name,  famous or not be brought back together  and heal and mend and be rejoined as ONE FLESH–with a goal of saving souls!!!  

In conclusion for those angry with Minister Bynum and her Husband Bishop Thomas:

Psalm  103:2-12

With all my heart

I will praise the Lord!

I will never forget

how kind he has been.

The Lord forgives our sins,

heals us when we are sick,

and protects us from death.

His kindness and love

are a crown on our heads

Each day that we live

he provides for our needs and

gives us the strength

of a young eagle.

For all who are mistreated,

the Lord brings justice.

He taught hs Law to Moses

and showed all Israel what

he could do.

***The  Lord is mericful!

He is kind and patient,

and his love never fails.

The Lord won’t always be

angry and point out our sins;

he dosen’t punish us

as our sins deserve.

How great is God’s love for all who

worship him?

Greater than the distance between

heaven and earth!

How far has the Lord taken

our sins from us?

Farther than the distance from east

to west!

Let us think as Christians,  as Ministers of the Gospel–for we have all been commissioned to preach the gospel throughout the earth—-that Minister Bynum and her husband need our prayers and the supernatural Agape Love of Christ in all of us,  and through all of us on their behalf.