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Please forgive this post before I begin.

I know you will say  why did you watch this  POLAR BEARS AND  CHAINED DOGS VIDEO?    Well,  I believe that  I was misled and was hurt by it.

I am  still seeing  the  horrible  vision in my mind and  cannot  seem to erase it.  It  was upsetting, disturbing and left me  afraid of Polar Bears and concerned about the welfare of  sled dogs. I AFRAID NOW…of the wilderness.  I used to think I would  visit and go camping  one day; but  not anymore.…not  after  watching  the  terrible  display of  so – interspecies relationships.

So  let me  go back to the purpose of  this  video.  Last night on Animal Planet “Animal  couples and interspecies relationships” was the  topic of this  program that was shown on October 31, 2015.

I was enjoying the  show until they  program showed CHAINED SLED DOGS,  while  Polar Bears slowly walked among the  dogs.  One bear put its  mouth around the  neck of  one dog and  hits the dog with its paw and  holds the dog under its body.  It was  like  a bully  holding  a skinny kid by the neck and  then putting the kid in a headlock.

Like  seriously,  would  a wolf  allow itself to be  pawed,  mauled,  or  nibbled on by a Polar Bear?  

So for me,  this  horrible  scene was  not  a vision of  “NICE INTERSPECIES” relationships…instead it  was  a sign  of  a sick world.  Why  would you even show that to me?

The  sled  dogs  are nothing  but  food offerings to the Polar Bears who like to  “play”  with their  food before they eat.

Don’t you think the Polar Bears  realize that  something is wrong  when  the dogs  do not  run from them?

It is  a curious  sight indeed.  Most  animals  have  learned who sits on the top of the food chain,  and  who does not.

So  why would the husky sled dogs  sit  naturally in harms  way? If  those  dogs  were not  chained  they would  RUN!!!!  Oh spare  me  the  idea that  the dogs  like the  bears and  vice  versa….!

Who do I blame  for  this  UNNATURAL occurrence?  Not  fully Animal Planet,  but  fully the  OWNERS OF THE CHAINED DOGS!

Animal Planet’s  blame  was in that  it allowed and permitted   video showing  an obviously  distressed  CHAINED HUSKY SLED DOG –which  was a beautiful husky;.it  was whimpering  and  yelping  as  the  two  bears  pawed it  and  held it between their  paws.

I was  like  OMG!   WHAT  AM I ABOUT TO SEE????  OH, GOD!

So Animal Planet… you did not  let me  see the end…but  now  i cannot  sleep because I keep thinking about  the  24 HOUR LIFE OF CHAINED BEAUTIFUL HUSKIES AT THE MERCY OF  SUPER  HUNGRY POLAR BEARS!  

Animal  planet  has  sunk to a new  low in my opinion.

Let me  see a Polar  in Normal Conditions  where their  food is  not  CHAINED!!!

LET  ME  SEE THE POLAR BEAR  “hunt”  down its  RUNNING  PREY  and  then  subdue it.

But  no  Animal  Planet  puts this  woman who narrates on and off screen during  the  show with this phony English  Accent….I guess to lead me  to some  conclusion that  this video is  HEALTHY  EDUCATION????

BUT  I AM  NOT  A CHILD.  I have  raised  dogs,  cats,  guniea pigs, hamsters, and  a parrot.  I know  what  a  “distressed animal  looks  like”  and  this  was  what  I observed.

I feel hurt  and pain for those  chained dogs.  I feel hurt and  pain for Polar Bears  because of  Global  Warming and  how it  affects their natural habitat.

However,  it has never  been and  should never  be fair  or  Natural for  a DOMESTICATED  HUSKY SLED DOG…to be  chained  like  a candy  treat  or  dinner  for the  Polar  Bear  to bat  around,  chew,  or  nibble and  then  LABEL AS  interspecies  relationship.

The  only  relationship that  the Polar Bear  has with a DOMESTICATED,  CHAINED  HUSKY WHO IS  SITTING  PREY….IS  PREDATOR AND  PREY  ….PERIOD.

I AM SO  DISGUSTED….words  cannot  express!

Where are all the animal rights  People…did you all  fall asleep before this  video aired  or  what?

Was  I the only  one  home  to watch  this  junk?  This  Horror?????

So what  if  it  is  October 31, 2015.  What  a way for me  to spend  a night….It is  3:13 am…the clock has been turned  back  and  I lost  my desire  to sleep because of  that  Horrifying  video  THAT  KEEPS REPLAYING IN MY HEAD AND MINDS EYE –of  Chained  Husky being  Mauled and Pawed,  and nibbled,  and  choked by  Polar Bears.

Can you sleep?