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Ladies and Gentleman let me Introduce to You! Two New Blog Sites related to RiverofLifelisajoy—-JayJewels–Fireoflife and MadelineGertrude-I Grew Up in the Great Depression–Prove it to me!

washington-alice-in-wonderland.jpg This  is a picture of  a park   we went  to with my son Jay Jewels class while on a    trip to Washington D.C. for Graduation from Grace Lutheran Church and School in Queens Village. The best Private School education you can give your child.  Not too   expensive but big on results and intensive learning for young minds.—Check it out!  My son attended from Kindergarten until eighth grade!  ( nine years)  I considered that an investment in his future.

Hi, Guys!  I want to invite you to check out my son JayJewels at the Fire of LIfe blog.  It will be his thoughts on various topics.  My mom also is dictating her thoughts to me on her years of life experience in the 1930’s and how it correlates to the state of the world today.

So check it out and tell them what you think. It w ill come  on   as my blog—cause I can’t seem to separate their blogs from mine….but they will know you care when you respond to their particular blog!   

My   son Jay Jewels likes books so  expect some interesting book reviews okay?  

Oh, and uh,  my mother is very,  very,  very, very opinionated about topics…so watch out for that too.

  Hope you enjoy!  I might write something on their little area once in a while too.

See ya there!