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Wrong Opinion of Stacy Dash

BEFORE WE START–I am RIVEROFLIFELISAJOY–I am responding to a recent blog written by Crystal Wright of blog “Black Conservative Chick” regarding a statement made by  Stacy Dash  actress and news person. Ms. Dash stated  on a news program in regards to the Oscars and what she felt should happen about the boycotting  by Will Smith and his  wife. I have strong views about boycotting and  also about  Ms. Stacy Dash and her opinions which affects many young people  and  future  generations.

Crystal Wright  the blogger of “Conservative Black Chick” is  in full  agreement with Ms Dash opinions. Here is  my response to the opinion of  Ms Wright.

Ms Dash believes that we  should abolish the BET awards and Black History Month. What do you think? Well read below and see what I think.

February 22, 2016 at 6:58 am

It is obvious you have taken very few Black History Classes. Conservative or not —I am conservative. So I do not  clearly understand how you agree with Ms. Dash?
However, to completely ignore that blacks–have never ever looked for a HAND OUT…not ever in the history of the United States -since Negroes were allegedly made free some couple of hundred years ago…you scare me.
Do you know the story about Rhode Island and the Negro Slave Trade? Do you know about the white New England family who traced their current family history and OLD MONEY HISTORY back to the BIGGEST SLAVE TRADE during THE UNITED NORTH AMERCIAN MIDDLE PASSAGE (the slave route taken by the ships across  Atlantic)?
MEANING THAT this family which I will name later- and you can google it if you choose  to-hailed their great great great grandfather’s as bringing the LARGEST AMOUNT OF NEGROES ACROSS THE ATLANTIC TO CUBA, AND THE CARIBBEAN Islands for sugar cane production etc.

The  largest  slave trade owners were the Dewolf family based in Rhode Isand. The slaves were never brought to RhodeIsland they went to Cuba and other Caribbean areas. Most of Rhodelsland did not  have to view the stench and ugliness of the debacle called Slave Trade. Please read on to understand my view which is in disagreement with Ms. Dash and Ms. Wright. —

Ok, ok, you are wondering what does this have to do with Ms. Dash opinions…ok here goes…once the negroes were “free” they had no land, no property…however the land owners allowed the now freed slaves to work the farms/plantations as SHARE CROPPERS RIGHT?
So the problem has never been a bunch of lazy good for nothing negroes..because if you did not work…as a slave you did not eat…and the slaves were given the left over garbage from Masters table

—so atleast as sharecroppers they could feed themselves a lot better nes’ pa’? So as the slaves began to work and build with the little that was given them some of the people the white land owners got nervous that the negroes were growing in wealth…then the KKK came into being….make sense?

So naturally there is a town current day 2016 where Negroes were literally run off of their own property that they worked for and purchased at a higher price from the white land owners….((are you still with me on this topic??)))

So why is there a town in the south of I believe North Carollina..((even Ophra had this town on her show some years ago –the town is completely white by choice and said they will not allow NEGROES TO LIVE THERE))

—so basically you want blacks to abolish Black History month, Get rid of the NAACP, GET RID OF BET and be kicked out of towns in America where they have legally purchased land.??? Is that what Ms. Dash Means?

There is a documentary currently in New York City Libraries that depicts this story of one Black family who were permitted to go to this segregated town in the south and view their families tomb stones but they were not allowed to even spend the night in this segregated white town.

You are so willing to agree with Ms. Dash….please I implore you to stop jumping into views until you have all the facts.

Black history should be upheld, just like that all white town has a right to keep their community white.

When that injustice changes then everything else will change.

When those “few” whites who want to isolate themselves away from blacks and people of color are made to stop that bigotry and mean spiritedness toward those who are not like them selves (((which I might say –started way before BET AWARDS…AND BLACK HISTORY MONTH)))

THEN PEOPLE BLACK PEOPLE and any people will not have to teach their children about their SELF WORTH MS. CRYSTAL…because the few …so very few segregationists will no longer HAVE POWER to dictate where my sons and daughters can live based on the COMPLEXION OF THEIR SKIN.

SO –both you and Ms. Dash need to research the history of the lives of African Americans in the Untied States and the history after the slaves were freed. Welfare is a recent program…My grandparents were never on welfare…my mother was never on welfare…so stop thinking every Democrat was a welfare recipient.

I DO NOT AGREE WITH boycotting the Oscars  ..I believe a meeting of the minds,  and discussions  should be  be next.

Please stop stereotyping and research the history. Propaganda is negative and never ever positive ..Have a blessed day.