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Film Review: Swiss Army Man — Consequence of Sound

The following review was originally published as part of our coverage of the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. ”If you don’t know Jurassic Park, you don’t know shit.” Yes. This is the movie where Daniel Radcliffe plays a farting corpse. Can we get past this, please? There is a lot more to be found in the…

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Aliens of Mars…. by riveroflife

When I think of  the future I wonder about  living on Mars.  Anything foreign  is  called ALIEN!  So  what is  really alien? There are people who are considering  living on Mars.  I am not  ready to do that.  I heard that if you move to Mars you cannot  come back to earth because the travel distance and  time  is  so long.  So  what do you do if you do not  like it on Mars?  Seriously,  who wants to go some place and be told if you do not  like it you have no choice but to stay.  Since  no one has  ever lived anyplace on earth that you cannot return back from ( unless you are ship wrecked on a deserted island or you have no money or something).  That is  just  so Final.  And you know that you cannot “phone home maybe?” So give your opinions.  What do you think,  would you like to go some where and be told  you cannot return back to your original place of  birth?  Most  people  try not to return– but to be told you cannot return is  crazy.  Do you agree?



Bernie’s Free College Isn’t Free — Tai-Chi Policy

Just ask the students who went to the school his wife ran into the ground.

via Bernie’s Free College Isn’t Free — Tai-Chi Policy  Seriously,  all jokes aside I love the concept of  free education.  However,  the  purpose of  paying for  school is  to pay for your professors and  the  other people  who  make  attending  the  specific  college you attend  clean,  and  healthy…cool right?  So we must  carefully consider the  needs of the  people  around us..Thanks for your post.  I am  sharing  so others  can ponder  what is really going  on the the world  right  now.  Have a blessed night.

Crochet Your Own Wapuu with this Free Pattern — WordPress Tavern

Just when you thought Wapuu had reached all corners of the globe, the friendly WordPress mascot has now invaded the world of handicrafts with a free crochet pattern for anyone up to the challenge. Siyana Raykovska, creator of Totally Hooked, a handmade toys e-commerce site, released the pattern on her site, which runs on WordPress…

via Crochet Your Own Wapuu with this Free Pattern — WordPress Tavern  This  is  adorable what a cute little item.  Can I purchase this?  Thanks and  I wanted to share it with others so that they can enjoy this  cute little item.

COLORS OF A NEW DAY — keithgarrettpoetry

COLORS OF A NEW DAY The sun peeks its face, takes a look at this new day, Appears over the ocean, across the sky, bright, so bright. Yellow and orange way up high, colors in the sky, Warmth shines from it down, down below. A shade of blue high above, white clouds are a mix, […]

via COLORS OF A NEW DAY — keithgarrettpoetry  So pleasant the concepts of your  poetry.  I share this because  people  need to take a moment of  silence and  sit and ponder quietly the need to stop and reflect upon the simple  beauty of the sky and a new  Day!  Wonderful work.  I wanted to share it  to others.


From Yardwork to Artwork: The Photinia Story — Discover

Andrew Seal demonstrates how yardwork becomes inspiration for artwork.

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I am sharing this  story because  I love  art and I love  nature and  put them together and Wow!  What  a powerful statement.  The  humans  that  were “cave dwellers”  were found to have  painted  caves with animal images and  other  items that they  observed when hunting and gathering.  So nowadays  we don’t not have  time  to look at nature for what it is  raw and uncut.  Instead  we  pay someone else to cut the grass and clean our yards.  We have  lost  some level of  connection with  the land  when we  pay someone else to constantly cut the grass.



Why I Don’t Want My Kid Growing Up “Normal” — Discover

“I want you to enjoy every moment of your life and sometimes just toss that hair in a quick messy bun and run out the door on your way to another adventure.” Writer Larinna Chandler wishes for her daughter to blaze her own path.

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I am sharing this because  I always  enjoyed  a good adventure in my own life.  My son has also enjoyed good adventures  and  I hope he continues to do so.  In honor  of  stepping into life with a zest  for healthy adventure and  goals  for helping others.