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Basketball Versus Tennis—Challenge: Take your Kids out Of that Basketball Team and Put them INTO TENNIS—YOU WILL SEE A BIG DIFFERENCE!!!!


How could I make such a challenge you ask?  I will compare Basketball to tennis in this blog,  and then you take the BasketBall or Tennis Challenge and you tell me what you come up with.  I bet you will be surprised.

Basketball  is a game that does require a certain standard to be met in order for a youth to participate in an organized team effort.  Basketball scholarships pick from the best of the best talent in that sport.  Basketball is only for the best, fastest,  or tallest with skill.  Basketball leaves out the opportunitie for mediocre people to progress in that sport. 

Youth basketball is great for team effort.  But tennis reminds me of  chess.  My son Jay Jewels plays in the Youth and Tennis Academy and he explains it this way, “Tennis is a game of thinking and control. You have to think where you are gonna hit the ball.  It’s like chess….before the person makes their move you gotta know where you are going to hit it.”  My son plays at Cunningham Winter Bubble every Friday and Sunday night.  What a great activity!  When it is 10:00  I do know where my child is—he is at tennis until atleast 10p.m.    My child loves the game and is ranked 44 in 100.   He has a lot of practice to put in but he loves it.  The kids love the friendships that they build.  My child Jay  Jewels is 13 years old.  So it is important to him to feel like one of the crowd.  The tennis kids are very nice indeed.   Basketball kids are even more nice. 

My son Jay Jewels answered my question of what is different in the thoughts  of basketball player he stated,  ” In basketball you have to think with the team.  You have to keep the ball moving and look for openings to throw it to your team members so you can score or dunk it.Here is an small interview with Jay Jewels my in-house “tennis pro in training.”

Q:    When did you start playing tennis?

Jay Jewels:       I dunno,  5 years ago.

Q:   Did you like tennis when you first started?

Jay Jewels:       No.   I thought it was not cool to play tennis.

Q: When did you begin to like playing Tennis?

Jay Jewels:        I started to like tennis when I began to beat people at the game.

Q:  Did you have any good experiences that stick out in your mind?

Jay Jewels:         When I beat one of the coaches  at tennis and he paid me $5.00. 

Q:   Did you ever play baskeball?

Jay Jewels:          Yes. 

Q:     How do you feel about basketball?

Jay Jewels:          What I think about basketball is that it is really fun to play.  I like  blocking people from making their shots.  I like crossin’  em’ up!  Its really awesome My  Dude!!!

Q:     Do you like tennis more than basketball?

Jay Jewels:       I have been with basketball for nine years.  The beginning with my love of sports came from basketball. 

Q:      So what has made the change in your attitude?

Jay Jewels:     Tennis tests your ability to focus your mind on the most important goal of getting the ball past you oponent.   There is more of  a chance of getting a point  in tennis than in basketball.  It you make the person miss the ball that you volley back to them then you gain points.  But in basketball,  you have to  shoot the ball in the hoop.

Q:      Does height matter, or weight matter in both tennis or basketball.

Jay Jewels:       The weight of a player in tennis does matter, because, you know….if you can’t get to the ball in time you will miss the volley.   You oponent will get the  point.   When you are serving in tennis and you are short–you have to aim higher to get the ball over the net. 

Q:     How is it for people who are tall?

Jay Jewels:     Easy!

Q:      Are people you have seen playing tennis either tall or medium in height?  Are they allowed to play no matter how tall or short they are?

Jay Jewels:      Well,  just a minute.  Getting back to basketball, for a second, on the team called Atlanta Hawks, there was  a basketball player who was five nine who dunked. (the basketball)  I can’t remember his name ….but he played very well.   Well, in basketball if you small and have no game, or handle or something like that,  there is no point of you being on the team.  But in tennis  you can basically be any height you want to be.  It just depends on how you serve that ball,  how far, and how fast!  It is more one on one competition!  And there is doubles too.

Q:      What you do plan to do with you skills in tennis Jay Jewels?

Jay Jewels:       I want a private teacher,  including  the Youth and Tennis Academy with Bill Briggs.  I also want to get sponsored to play.  I want to use my tennis playing to get scholarships for college.

Q:       How long can you last in the game if you became pro?

Jay Jewels:      Around to your thirties, and then you retire.  Afterward I would coach. 

Q:       How much do coaches make?

Jay Jewels:    Some coaches make $95.00 per hour.

Q:       How could you stand to toss the ball and no longer be able to play the game like you did when you were younger….have you thought about it like that?

Jay Jewels:     You can play still.   You can still play even if you are old.  There are people that look like they are in their seventies on the courts.

Q:      Would you feel good helping and coaching someone else?

Jay Jewels:    Well, if they became someone known and famous because of  my coaching then that would be good.  And people would know that I had helped them. 


Q:   Thanks Jay Jewels for your insight.  Is there anything else you would like to say regarding Tennis vs  Basketball?

Jay  Jewels:      No.


Well,  parents you have it from my  son Jay Jewels.

Try to test out different sports.  You never know  how it will shape your child’s interests,  goals and future. 

Reply  or comment.

Till next sports talk……


   Website:  www.youthandtennis.org

My New Year’s Resolution–It’s Gonna Be Great In 2008!!!

LIFE STARTS HERE.jpgNo matter what…I will resolve

to improve my status in life!

I  want to go in the direction of

Peace with my fellow man

I want to develop a clear and

concise plan

I will  move in the direction of harmony with

all.  But will not give up my self-respect

Because if I do,  I have wasted this long,  long up hill


Will you take my hand,

My fellow man?

Can we together rise,

up toward the heavenly skies to

bring down the fighting across the


Can we bring down the pain and suffering

in the lives of men,  women, and children?

Can we find ways to stay the course, and

not have to live out our lives full of

remorse?  From good deeds left undone,

from victories left not won?

Can you search deep within,  and see the one true love

of mankind that will give us the answer

and the goal that is about to unfold in the

coming year?

Does every year new have to begin with


Can we shout in victory together, all man kind

of  every race, creed and religion? 

All of mankind of all lifestyles, and traditions

Can we this year….of 2008  be ready,  be real,

and prepared to be GREAT?

What say you, my fellowman kind and womankind–Are we up for the challenge to participate in the year 2008!

Come forward, and do not fear,  the end of the 2007 is drawing to an end. 

I hope you will take the challenge and  assist this beautiful world on which we reside to come to a mend and heal from deep inside.

You do not have to believe in the same God as I do. 

Just place your foot, within your shoe and take just

one step forward.

Take another step forward toward your destiny.

There is a purpose for all of us on this globe called earth!

Do not be afraid to see your value,  see your worth!

I will pray for you.  I will pray for myself…

I will pray that the Almighty God above reveal his love to one and all!  That you,  your friends, and family  and I will

receive joy, peace and prosperity in the coming year 2008!

Just do not forget to open the gate for the poor,  the down trodden,  the sick,  and the weak.—

For those who have received much….much is required back to assist those who are yet on the road as pilgrims seeking salvation and peace.

May the God of all—The Alpha and Omega

the Beginning and the End —give you all that you need to succeed in 2008! 

I resolve to be a help and not a hinderance on that road  toward our goals of man-kinds success!

Till next blog



I remember rushing home to watch Oprah at 4:00 every day after work.  I had an early shift and I would love to have my afternoon snack and unwind with Oprah and her special “tear jerking” guests!

  I enjoyed the eye opening discussions on women who had filty homes,  or habits that were destroying their finances and ruining their marriages.  Then she started her book club.  I really could not get into that too much,  but I enjoyed listening to the discussions on the books. 

 I watched Oprah go from a size twenty-two (my current size) and shrink to a size 10!!!  I was happy for her,  and even a bit jealous!  I thought,  I could lose weight too if I had my own personal weight trainer, maids to clean the house when I was too weak, exhausted  after all of the exercise, and lack of food. 

America On Line Black Voices Blog by Marcus Vanderburg in which there was a pol and a count down of all of Oprah’s mistakes for the year 2007.  The  worse mistakes had a pol and I will list them according to the Black Voices POl as follows:

Oprah Supports Supremacist — 44%  -54,459

South African School–  36%- 45,236

K-Fed on Ophra Winfrey Show–  11%- 13,482

Vernon Winfrey Tell All Book–  5%- 5,656

Total Votes–124,285

*************This Pol was taken from the Every Body Hates Marcus AOL Black Voices —Pol on Oprah’s Biggest Mistakes of the Year  2007****************************** 

 But anyway,  I always gloried in Oprahs spunk!   She is dark complexioned like me, and she has weight problems like me.  I could really relate to her! 

 When I heard that she is a “BILLION DOLLAR WOMAN—ENTERPRISE MEGGA DIVA”  I was shocked,  amazed,  and filled with hope and envy! 

 I wished that had been me, but I also knew that such a large powerful cooperation has a megga price to be paid! 

 I knew that all could not be well in paradise!  I knew when I heard that Oprah and Stedman were having fights, and that she tossed him out in the middle of a dinner that there were difficulties ahead for her.   First of all she did not appear to have control on what was being “leaked” to the press—even if it was from the National Enquirer. 

 Her gal pal Gail seemed to illicit some type of negative attitude(from gossip talk shows, like Wendy Williams, at 107.5 WBLS)  about Oprah and her alleged intimate relationship. 

 Oprah seemed to ignore that stuff,  but today I was reading the America On Line Black Voices -EVERY BODY HATES MARCUS- BLOG –and I became concerned about the future of Oprah!

The blog asked me to place a vote on what I thought the worse mistake of Oprah was this year.

After placing my vote I was surprised by the tally.  I thought that the African School issue would have been more of a concern to people.  The supremacist was clearly an error. 

 That was an issue as explained by the Everybody Hates Marcus Article, that was a children’s book on the Oprah book list of her book club, by an author who had written speaches for well known advocate of segregation, Govenor George Wallace. 

Her large staff probably just made an oversight in that area.  But I find the incident of child abuse on children who live in South Africa appauling! 

 I had written a response when that was first listed in the AOL Black Voices blog – that I could not understand how Ophra could run a school on a long distance mentality. 

 I felt that she needed to have a more hands on approach.  Just because you send the money to the school,  or hand out directives does not mean it is being followed through. 

 It is important to have a direct knowledge of any program that has your name heading it!  That I believe is the biggest mistake of all. 

Remember,  the children are helpless,  and so are the parents—especially since they live in South Africa!  I do not want to place a negative spin on the parents,  or the nation of South Africa,  but truly you must see the need to be sensitive when addressing any “self-help” issues over there. 

 Africa as a continent is very complicated.  Too many people have underestimated the intelligence,  the wisdom,  and the strong honorable ancestory of the people of Africa. 

South Africa is a country that is forming a new society and new mentality internally.  Therefore Ophra,  I believe should have had a more “hands on” approach to developing a school for those children. 

 I also had heard that it appeared that she was too strict on the children.  Obviously she did not do her homework on the culture of the children and their parents. 

 I have personal knowledge from discussions I have had with  African people that I have met from Nigeria who have told me about very strong behavior rules, and values that they teach their children. 

 That is a very sticky situation to get involved in.  But as I just stated,  she should have done more homework on the issue, and visited at least once a month and had a walk through and been more of a hands on person than just a benefactor across the seas. 

No one is perfect.  Having a billion dollar cooperation does not make anyone into a saint,  or make them a genious either.  But I still believe taking a more hands on approach,  or stop or quit some of the other projects inorder to give proper attention to the children. 

So back to my title, “What will happen to Oprah?”  I am growing concerned because it seems to me that people, on the Black Voices pol–who are most likely blacks—do  not seem to like the Oprah of 2007.  I believe they liked the old Oprah of yesteryear. 

 You know, back maybe ten years ago before she started loosing weight and having Tom Cruise on the show etc., etc..

Oprah is trying to steer a Megga Airplane all by herself! 

 Yes, she does have supportive staff,  but who can tell what true loyalty is nowadays?  I wonder if everybody from the “group” of Oprah from her assistants to her gal pal Gail really has Oprah’s best interest at heart. 

 Or, is  she, Oprah, listening to the suggestions of her staff.  Does she have enough “down time” alone to really think out and plan out her next ventures? 

 Does she really have good accountants counting up the costs of her ventures and giving her all the facts and figures on her ventures.  What is her debt to income ratio? 

 I would hate to see that she suddenly owes the government, or finds that someone is filing sometype of allegations of megga proportions against her for maltreatment of some sort. 

 It seems like  the year she turned fifty was a good year for her.  She gave away cars,  houses,  trips and dreams to people over here in the United States!  But when she ventured out she came under fire. 

 I wish for her all of the best.  I hope that her family and friends support her and help her to stay on track. 

 Oprah for me has been a role model….not perfect….but still a role model nonetheless.  She gave me the ability to dream past my small kitchen and my 15inch color T.V. sitting on the counter taking up space because  I cannot affort a mounted flat screen like some of my BABY BOOMER COHORTS!

 I  enjoyed Oprah in that she allowed  herself to be available to SUCCESS! 

 We need heros in this world….and I want Oprah to stay my hero!  Stay well,  and stay Successful Oprah—we–the world,  need you!