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Six Foot Christmas Tree for $10.00!!! Never go Tree-less AGain! You can’t find this in the 99 Cent Store!!!!

$10.00 Christmas Tree Bargin

$10.00 Christmas Tree Bargin

King Kullen saved my Christmass!~  Hallelujah!  I bought a 6 Foot tree for $10.00  in Valley Stream New York.  I think there is one left!  Hurry up and catch up to the drive!  I am so excited.  I am short of cash as always!  But Ifound a tree that can get me in the know of it all!

It has a detachable top.  But it stands a full six feet tall.  Oh!  by the way the tree is fake!  But who cares?  I needed a tree.  I was afraid that I would not have the money to buy my traditional LIVE tree…so I decided to pick up this tree instead!  I might still go to my favorite LIVE tree place…a little florist on Linden blvd. just over the “bridge of the CrossIsland Parkway in CambriaHeights….in Hempstead.  Go down Linden Blvd.  pass the Hess Gas Station and you will find this florist place built like a shack and with a “back yard”  I always get the best Christmas trees there!  My tree stays up for about a month!  And it lasts a long time.  We put up our tree two minutes before Christams!  So we basically keep it up for the month of January—you know the 3 Kings time period!  Plus we are just loving the look and smell of a live tree. 

But I purchased this 6 foot fake tree because wanted to really bring the holiday spirit home.

Tonight I wrapped presents for the Youth and Tennis Academy children -Santa program scheduled for this morning—Saturday.  I took my son to practice and found myself enjoying the art of gift wrapping with other parents.  Great!  I think that is what got me inspired to buy that 6 foot tree.  It was 10:00 last night when I decided to run to King Kullen off  of Central Avenue in ValleyStream New York.  I am so glad I got it.  I also picked up some great tasting heat up chicken fingers,  chop meat turkey,  pop corn chicken, eggnog,  green tea,  lime tea,  diet cream soda,  and diet black cherry soda,  and some goya yellow rice.  I had a great night. 

So go look for a bargin in King Kullen!  YOu never know where you might find holiday bargins!


To the gentleman that responded—Thank you for taking out the time to acknowledge the struggle that is quite near and dear to my heart!!!  I love the Internet,  I love the computer age—however—the issue to which I spoke was generated from a  System wide Worker computer.

—-not my individual PC—-these computers are controlled from a central system—-SO THIS IS A MASSIVE GLITCH!!!  Where are the think tankers—the programmers,  the head geeks that are supposed to keep “workers computers up and running?” 

 It is not just the computer age—IT IS THE RED TAPE AGE OF CHECKS AND BALANCES IN  THE  GOVERNMENT—-You know—John can’t fix the computer because he is not part of the union—if he does fix the computer and a union guy finds out about it—guess what?—John may come to work the next day and find one of those grotesque 10 foot rats greeting as he enters his work-site

—-So the computers can not fix themselves—especially if it is a SYSTEM WIDE GLITCH!!! UGHHH!!!!!  I hope that this clarifies this issue a little better- why this stupid glitch!!!????

——Hopefully I will keep my stress level down by blogging and you guys continue to blog too.


Yeah,  that’s right!!! I said it—-THE FAULTY COMPUTER AGE!!!!  Computers are great until they stop working…..just like your car is great until it stops running—usually it is our own fault.  But what happens when the computer gets a glich like the one I have been experiencing for several months! 

 The computer system throughout my job has a problem that can only be fixed internally—not externally—-I already asked—“Can you do your work on paper without the use of the computer—you know by pass the problem and then send information by messenger instead of playing around with a system that needs a computer techi–geek “RX” to fix it?  Everyone told me no!  Everyone in on the problem stated that they “all”  called several other offices and nothing can be done—-this is unbeliveable!!!

How can —productivity be enhanced while it is being driven back by “gliches” in the system?   Where is the widget that magically fixes all of the gremlins that jump into cyber land and foul up a communication system that could work?  I love the high tech speed with which I can talk to my son’s teachers,  check his school grades and even buy his school lunch all by computer pass word—Look when the system is good —it is very, very good—but when it is bad—Oh boy it is HORRID!!!!

It is like a “timeless cyber zone”  where numbers,  knowledge, and programs collide like atoms  either due to a system worm,  spyware,  security breach and all that—mean while no one can get the thing to run,  apply,  work  or what ever you what to term it!!!!  HELP!!!!!  I AM IN A COMPUTER CYBER PROGRAM VORTEX!!!  The faulty computer age is here to stay—-mostly because it is good—saves time and money—but right now—it is really,  really frustrating me!  ya- dig!!!!????