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To the gentleman that responded—Thank you for taking out the time to acknowledge the struggle that is quite near and dear to my heart!!!  I love the Internet,  I love the computer age—however—the issue to which I spoke was generated from a  System wide Worker computer.

—-not my individual PC—-these computers are controlled from a central system—-SO THIS IS A MASSIVE GLITCH!!!  Where are the think tankers—the programmers,  the head geeks that are supposed to keep “workers computers up and running?” 

 It is not just the computer age—IT IS THE RED TAPE AGE OF CHECKS AND BALANCES IN  THE  GOVERNMENT—-You know—John can’t fix the computer because he is not part of the union—if he does fix the computer and a union guy finds out about it—guess what?—John may come to work the next day and find one of those grotesque 10 foot rats greeting as he enters his work-site

—-So the computers can not fix themselves—especially if it is a SYSTEM WIDE GLITCH!!! UGHHH!!!!!  I hope that this clarifies this issue a little better- why this stupid glitch!!!????

——Hopefully I will keep my stress level down by blogging and you guys continue to blog too.


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