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I have been listening to Talk Shows since I
was a child. However, in the past few
months after the election Sean Hannity,
Mark Levin, Laura Ingram, of course Rush
Limburgh…have been spewing HATRED
across the air ways.
Surprisingly, IMUS in the morning show has
been more liberal than I would have expected.
Don Imus himself questioned why people were
being so hard on President Obama when he
has not even been in the Oval office that
long a time. He actually realizes that
President Obama did not cause this
economic melt down.
So the answer to Talk Show Regulaton….
well, let me digress for a minute.
I have heard the negative words that
Mark Levin has been stating. He was trying
to stop the inauguration?! He was telling
people, “We still have time to stop this…
rise up and join the fight! I am a Good
American! You are a Good American!
This country is becoming Socialists!!!
Conservative Republicans rise up!”
Laura Ingram yells, “I will not drink the
coolaide!—She keeps making fun of
President Obama’s family tree….negative
phrases—none of the things she states
have real content…other than to destroy’–
descredit!…She just stated on Imus…that
our economy needs a “shot of whatever
A-Rod got put in his butt!”
Is this the type of talk that is positive…
My son listen’s to the radio…when I listen to
it. I listen to these talk show negative
hatred spewing individuals because they
SCARE ME! Laura Ingram is so very
Nobody was ever this happy to destroy the
our president. She did not run for the
office of president, Rush Limburgh has a
known drug problem—no one here in this
world is perfect….but it just seems that
this negative talk is so bad that they actually
would like to see everyone of President
Obama’s plans fail…just so that they
stated, “I TOLD YOU SO”—-
How come I cannot spew that type of
garbarge and get paid for it? I tell you why–
racism, and power are alive and well.
The people that financially back this junk
on the airways are the power brokers
that keep the stock exchange failing, and
ailing. The people who have private airplanes
and sit behind the scenes are the ones’ who
pay the salaries to Rush Limbargh, Sean
Hannity, Laura Ingram, and Mark Levin.
Did you see Tropic Thunder? Remember
Tom Cruise character….a behind the scenes
power broker to called the shots and decided
who lived and who died —just to keep the
ratings going! So yes….REGULATE THE
on this hate filled alleged “radio personalities-
because they are the reason that a
mentally ill nut would take action on their
hatred and attact some innocent person!
Mark Levin appreciated that a woman had
called and told him how her daughter
had gotten in trouble at school for
hating then President Elect Obama. Mark
Levin thought it was funny and called her
a “Great American”–for teaching her daughter
to hate President Elect Obama.
Mark Levin should be put off the air for the
negative talk…that fosters hatred among
the races, among the parties lines, and among
LEVIN make it seem that we are turning
into Russia! Remember….we want to be
respected in the entire world as a leader in
freedom, democracy, fairness, —but Mark
Levin, Rush Limbargh, Sean Hannity, and
Laura Ingram…stir the pot of hatred…fear,
ignorance, and corruption in the United States
radio airways…Hey….they talk about
terrorism? They are laying the ground
work for terrorist…by stating that they
are against the President and his policies!

They are laying the ground work for mental
cases who have a desire to act out their
sick thoughts on innocent people!

Spew hatred.
I agree with free speech….but not with
I want truth….not hatred….some of the things
they keep making jokes about…stating that
there is a Jesus Christ concept about
the President.
I have not noticed anybody that I speak to
thinking of the President as a Second coming
of the Lord. That is desrespectful to The Lord
Jesus Christ…and desrepectful to President
Obama….but Laura Ingram keeps saying that
and so does Sean Hannity. It needs to stop…
it is such a waste of time…and it sends the
wrong message….it really really does.
Talk show regulation….yes is the answer!


Bach Suite #1  is a favorite of mine.

Today,  I practiced it with my son.  My son played the piano and I played the

CELLO….you know the cello…smaller than a bass,  larger–way larger than a violin or viola.

So anyway,  we made a quick duet together.

I gave my son three cords,  (G-MAJOR   C-MAJOR     D- MAJOR)  He played at the beginning of the  piece and then in the middle.  I played single 

strings G,  C,  D –while he played the cords.  It worked out well.  Then we both played the actual 12  measures in the beginning of the piece.  My son should have been able to play the entire piece of music but it was a little bit difficult.  Plus he was not movtivated to play —he wanted to play the music from Sweeny Todd….”Pretty Women”,  Nothing’s Gonna Harm YOU”,  and “By the Sea”.  That play came alive to my son in the movie Sweeny Todd with Johnny Depp…( unknown) to be a great singer…but definitely a major talent–nonetheless…So  I had to battle with my son to practice and find a good ending to the Bach Suite #1 before I would allow him to play the Sweeny Todd stuff.

It turned out nice….Very, very good indeed!