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What is Wrong with Food Processing These Days?–How are Non Foods Getting into our Food?—**update: 12/24/07 Christmas Eve!

LIFE STARTS HERE.jpgAccording to a blog called      

Weird fast food ingredients

Posted: Nov 19th 2007 5:00PM by Bethany Sanders
Filed under: Food and Nutrition, Healthy Habits,  in the America On Line Black Voices,  food has ingredients that have nothing to do with nutrition or our health.  Yet the article states that the government is aware of it and considers these  non-food items to be consumable.  Is it any wonder that our babies a being born with malformations,  or other medical  issues that have no explanation? 

When I was in 5th grade I became sick with bronchitis.  I was out of school for 45 days that year.  My doctor wanted to take out my tonsils and I cried and pleaded with my mother to save me from such a fate.  My doctor gave me a chance to change my health if I promised to take alot of vitamin C and multivitamins.  I began to do as my mother was instructed by the doctor. 

But I soon found that swallowing vitamins was abit difficult for me.  So when I was home sick again my mother was giving me this group of vitamins and then she looked under my bed and found all of the vitamins on the floor (under my bed).  My mother took me back to the doctor and I was given a warning that I would be having my tonsils out if I did not comply with the doctors orders and take my vitamins.  My mother began to crush my vitamins and put them in yogurt for me.  Uggggghhhhh!   She would mix the vitamins with honey.  I was so sick of being sick and tired as a kid. 

I even had to have my nose corterized because of heavy nose bleeds.  I remember doctor visits and pain, and difficulty breathing.   Thank goodness I was always playing music, and drawing.  I had a great life except for my health.   Once  the vitamins began to help I spent less time home and the threat of the doctor began to fade.  That seemed easy enough to solve. 

But,  what do you do nowadays?  What type of vitamin do you take  to fight the effects of the non food/non edible  ingredients that I am about to list that were highlighted in the above article?  Why are things falling to the the VATS of meat being processed these days?  How is it that food we eat has chemicals that are not naturally found in nature?  Who is using our food processing plants for other purposes it seems?  This is becoming more and more scary!

For example,  according to the article “Weird Fast Food Ingredients,”  by Bethany Sanders the following items are not for normal consumption:

  • titanium dioxide: used in products like paint and sunscreen
  • azodicarbonamide: a respiratory sensitizer banned in Australia
  • propylene glycol: used as a pesticide
  • sodium phosphate: a foaming agent
  • dimethylpolysiloxane: used in caulk and adhesives
  • MSG
  • hidden trans fats

Though the FDA calls these additives “generally regarded as safe” for human consumption, the fact remains that they aren’t food. ( p.1)

My mother had discovered  Shakely Food Supplements from a fellow church member when we attended Massapequa Tabernacle just after I turned 18 years old.  The Shakley food supplements were excellent.  I felt more energy!   The founder of the company had suffered a radiation injury and had suffered many years. 

 He had decided to try to create a food supplement to help his rapidly deterioating conditon of his left arm and side.  He,  Dr. Shakley had created cold pressed food supplements.  I was having the bronchitis and still always very tired.  The vitamins that I had taken as a child prevented me from having my tonsils out.  But as a young woman I still have severe pain during my menses.  I would lay doubled over,  I would vomit,  have hot and cold sweats for atleast two to three days at the begining of my periods!  So the bronchitis had eased,  and then my periods took over in claiming my happiness.  I had dreaded my monthly.  I would cringe when I even just thought of the pain.  I was afraid of what having a baby would feel like –especially since I could barely take having my monthly!  Ugh!  and Double UGH!!!!  —But along came the Shakley Food Supplements to the rescue!  

I took an alfalpha,  multiplex,  and  several other nutritional  supplements.  I became a walking advertisement!  I began to feel very healthy indeed.  I even sold Shakely to one of my college professors!  I lost track of my contact with Shakley….but I will look them up today.  Because I have been very sick the past few years.  After reading the ingredients in the WEIRD FAST FOOD article by Sanders I will definitely look toward Shakely nutritional supplements again! 

The food industry is being attacked by an unknown.  All I know is that I have to give my body the nutrition that it is not getting in the food that I have been consuming.  Okay,  you could say that this stuff is only being discussed about fast food.  But what about the uncooked RED MEAT–that is being RECALLED?  

What about last years sicknesses based on E-COLI found on SPINICH?  From MEAT to Vegetables—processed items that are uncooked are just as dangerous recently as the MAD COW disease,  and other potenticially fatal illnesses!  What to do?  What to do?  I am going to really get back to Shakely.  This is not an advertisement.  This is my personal expeience. 


 My doctors have told me about my general condition and specific conditions.  I know what I have been directed to do.  So I can state my personal condition and how to address it. 

But always,  always…..talk to your Doctor. 

Also read all LABELS  and show any supplements to your doctor before you take over the counter  vitamins.  NEVER–EVER—TAKE ANYTHING IN YOUR HEALTH REGIMINE WITHOUT CONSULTING YOUR DOCTOR! 


I would like to talk about  weight loss too.  My weight is 270.  Yep!  I’m a big girl!  But it is not a healthy weight for me.  I need to lose more than a hundred pounds.  I just have not decided the method yet. 

***************************************I have to cut this blog short right now….but I will be back after work and finish my discussion on weight loss and the options.  I personally know of two woment who had the surgery.  I will tell you what  they have told me.  I will tell you what I think of it too.  For now  write to you later!—Riveroflifelisajoy!***********************************************************


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Hope your health quest goes well.  This is my New Years Goal….get my health back on track.  I will be contacting the Shakless Distribution people.  My Mom, my son and I all need to get our health on track.  —-This is an update as of Christmas Eve guys! 

Have a happy and stay well in the coming New Year!

Till Next Blog…..



Flower of HungerFRUSTRATION.jpg2nd-art-work.jpgSunflower.jpgHUNGER AND DOUBT.jpgLIFE STARTS HERE.jpgfoliage.jpgchinese-ink.jpg  

#1 Flower of Hunger**** by Riveroflifelisajoy

#2 Frustration**** by Riverof lifelisajoy

#3 Chinese Ink and Water Color****by Riveroflifelisajoy

#4  Sun Flower ****by Riveroflifelisajoy

#5 Hunger and Doubt ****by Riveroflifelisajoy

#6 Foliage**** by Riveroflifelisajoy

#7  Chinese Ink and Red water color**** by Riverof lifelisajoy

 I really thought I would have been going to the Poconos,  or atleast SPLISH SPLASH this summer of 2007!  But instead I was stuck at home after work everyday,  and during my vacation. 

It was all based on a series of events that emptied my pocketbook after each pay period from May 23 2007 through September 2007.  It all began with my son’s senior trip from his private Lutheran School. 

 He had attended that school since kindergarten and now was graduating at the age of 14.  The school has nine grades.  It is called Grace Lutheran of Queens Village.  It is an excellent school for academics, and mentoring boys and girls. 

 I will always love and honor that school for its care and concern for my son.  However,  my problems began because of my son’s health.  He had experienced some episodic conditions that would need emergency care if and when they occurred. 

 It was because of this problem that I found myself attending a two day trip to  Washington D.C..  The trip was great!  We went to Beni Hannas Japanese Grill, the Spy Museum,  we observed the Washington Monument from a distance (due to terrorism alert as per our tour guide),  we went inside the Capital Building where all of the congress meets, Lincoln Memorial,  and the Arlington Cemetary and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. 

 We walked underground from one building in the capital to another.  I,  of course,  got lost during that activity.  You know, the cell phone died;  I had to ask around and then I and another parent eventually found the bus.

  I, a chaprone, had gotten lost because I always,  always have to use the restroom at the worse time!  So with all of this stated.   I had spent my entire 2nd paycheck of May on this trip!  I had planned to take my  mother with me. 

 I was going to follow the bus route, but my car had begun a serious oil leak and I had to leave the car behind.  My mother cannot climb those steep steps to into the coach bus. 

 So I had to make accomodations for someone to look in on my mom.  The problem was that my son’s school, knowing his medical history and condition was afraid for him to attend that two day trip without me being present.  If he were to get sick on the trip they were concerned about his safety and their liability! 

 All that was well understood by me.  The problem  was that it was not explained to me until May 2007!  My son had already paid for his ticket back in September,  for the $300.00 ticket!  The hotel was the Marriot!  4 Star accomodations!  Great….!  But not great for me who only makes $500.00 every two weeks!

  So at the last moment I could not pay any bills,  I was instead going on a trip!  I love trips….but not Trips on a Shoe String!  I like to decorate on a shoe string …but not go out of state on a trip/vacation on a shoestring.  I literally only had $20.00 between my son and myself for the entire trip! 

Thank God for two male parents who brought lunch on the second day for my son and myself!  My son,  however,  did become ill on the second day to my dismay.  I was in shock!  We were at the Smithsonian Museum (which is a definite place to visit when you get the chance) and my son was throwing up and falling asleep just about everywhere we toured that day. 

 He had a temperature,  and he was having asthma conditions that he was not telling me about at the time.  (He hates doctors and hospitals!)  He just kept asking when are we going home?  I want to go home.

  Finally the bus made it home from Washington D.C. and my son and I made a B-line to North Shore Manhasset Hospital.  NorthShore Manhasset Hospital has  the best pediatric emergency room –especially for asthma, and seziure disorders.  They also have a cable t.v. in each little cubicle –and if you stay unfortunately they even bring video games to their pediatric guests!! 

My son loves that hospital—once he has to go there for medical emergencies.  The doctors are quite thorough too! But my problem was that when I returned from that trip I had zero dollars to my name. 

 The next problem was that my son was graduating and I had to pay the school $2500.00 to complete his fees for graduation and school price for the year end. 

 My son needed a tux for his prom,  and shoes (size 11 1/2), shirt,  pants, tie,  cap and gown for graduation  and his hair done (he gets his braided–I’ll write about that in another blog).

  All of this shot a hole the size of Atlantic Ocean in my pocket book.  Remember I am a single parent,  caregiver to my mom,  and I do not receive childsupport due to the castastrophic disease of my (((missing for nearly 10 years–husband)))—so for me on a $500.00 bi-weekly pay check,  and $1600.00 per month rent,  ((and I pay gas bill, and the electric bill)) —I actually live pay check to pay check. 

 It was a very happy,  sad,  bittersweet time for my son and  my mother and I.

  I could have enjoyed it more it I had enough money to cover my son’s trip to Washington,  pay his school fees,  and buy all of the needed items so that he could enjoy his final days before graduation, and graduation itself! 

 I could not and did not even buy him a “real” graduation present.  Matter of fact…I did not even buy him a birthday gift.  I could not afford it this year!  I felt so bad.  I had waited for my taxes to come in so I could bring his school fees up to date. 

 The next problem after graduation was completed was  my car.  My car was due for inspection in June 30, 2007.  It had a very bad  oil leak–I own a 97 Toyota Camry.  It leaked so bad that I was putting two quarts of oil each time I went to work,  and every night when I returned home from work.

  Pep Boys in Hempstead LongIsland refused to inspect it until I paid them $658.00 for the repair of the oil leak.  I had to leave my car in Pep Boys for an entire month!  I had to pay my utilities,  and I had to pay my $1600.00 rent,  $500. 00  car insurance also had to be renewed. 

I truly do not know how I made it through those months and kept food on the table.  The telephone was cut off several times.

It was a hot,  hot,  mess from June,  July,  August!  I was on pins and needles.

  So I decided to start painting!  I could not go anywhere because I had no car for the whole month of July until I saved up enough money to pay Pep Boys; who was holding my car hostage! 

 So I metrocarded it to work everyday!  That was rough.  I had to walk ten blocks to the closest bus stop every day. 

 When I began painting I was disgusted.  I thought,  as I began to paint– that I had brought that paint set for my son. 

It had a real artist easel,  oil,  acrylics,  and water color paints.  I would come home after my long walk and talk about my day at work;   and talk about my car being held hostage; and wondering if Pep Boys would try to sell it or something. 

 I would feel butterflies in my stomach when I thought about my car.  So I put all of that nervous energy to work on a canvas by painting instead. 

Soon I began to like to paint.  Then I tried to get my son to paint.  My son was the real victim of this summer’s no money blues!  But he began to write songs on the piano!

  So for the summer he discovered his talent in music,  and I did like an old chicken….I scratched on the canvas with a brush and some paints.  I will attempt to upload some of my pictures so you can see what I did. *******************

   I have twenty that I actually did.  The first green themed picture  is called Foliage.  I experimented with the arcrylic.  I dabbed,  and  drew “leaves”,  and just imagined some of the parks I have been to in the summer.  I love it when it is hot outside and the plants seem to drink in the summer sun,  just after 10:00 am and it is a cloudless sky—-thus the title Foliage! 

The second picture  was one in which I had purchased some Chinese Ink from my son’s Scholastic Book Fair at school and it was supposed to be used for drawing the Chinese letters.  So I decided to combine the water color of red and I believe I also used a acrylic red for the dabbled spots on the picture.

I hope this may inspire some of you to take your frustrations out on a canvas.  To be honest with you I actually used typing paper,  because I only had one actual canvas.  On that canvas I drew a mermaid surrounded by sea creatures.  That one was my favorite to draw with colored pencils.  I love the deep ocean animals,  shark,  whale,  Octopus, Squid,  Jelly fish,  amemone,  coral reefs! 

I am a water person by nature.  I love swimming and I love the smell of the ocean.  It just can’t help it.  My mother always took me to Far Rockaway as a child,  and Jones Beach.  I will write about my love of the sea, and beach in another blog.  Just thinking about it makes me feel calm,  relaxed and serene!

I’ll write again soon!  riveroflifelisajoy!