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2nd installment: A LITTLE BIT OF EVERYTHING!

This week   AUGUST 8, 2008 —



is strange indeed..This JUST IN—AS REPORTED  IN NEW YORK CITY…BY 1010WINS RADIO………:

BERNIE MACK HAS PASSED AWAY.  I ENJOYED HIS television show,  the Bernie Mack show.  He interacted with his “wife, and adopted kids in a very natural way. He always brougth a chuckle and a smile to my tired work worn spirit at the end of the evening. 
 He had pnuenomia.  It will be  great loss to black comedians and all comedians.  As they say in the hood….WE JUST LOST ANOTHER OLE’  G!   (TRANSLATION–OLD GANGSTER)  SUPPOSEDLY A ENDEARING TERM.
HE also played in THE OCEANS ELEVEN, TWELVE, AND THIRTEEN MOVIES.  BERNIE ALSO DID A PERIOD PIECE REGARDING BLACKS IN SWIMMING COMMPETTION. Bernie Mack had a interesting way of pulling the audience into his world.  I liked him and I know the world of intertainment has suffered a great loss. —You will be missed Bernie,  you will be missed.




  Next,  I went to the movies the other night with my son.  We also took his friend Michael.  My son is fifteen…but he does not mind “Mommy”  taking him to the movies sometimes.  At times he and his friend Michael, contact their “girl” friends and guy friends from their  previous school Grace Lutheran of Queens Village, and they  go to the movies.

  But the other night it was our turn to go to see THE MUMMY!  It started out being a bit corny with the typical English husband and wife characters.  Then the interesting part….the Chinese Mummy played by Jet Li!.  It was rather interesting.   I had really planed on going to sleep during the movie. 

 But it actually kept my interest.  I liked the Yeti!  They were cute, appealing….and enjoyable to watch.  Great Computer work!  I loved the use of the TERRACOTA ARMY!  The ending of the movie was not as good as I expected.  It ended with everybody dancing.  BORING!   I mean,  like look…  This young woman who had been immortal and had guarded the Mummy,  now is dancing?!  Okay…what happens next?




Let’s move forward.  PAWLING NEW YORK.  Have you been there?  It is beautiful!  The Gordon Kent New England Tennis Camp is there.  My son received a scholarship from the USTA (United States Tennis Association–Eastern Division) — My son Jay Jewelz ( psudeo name of course)  was there for 13 days.  He came home a much darker kid,  relaxed,  happy, and begging for more next year! 

 He had won a mug for his efforts with name of the camp on it.  He received a t-shirt, a tennis baseball cap, thermos with the logo of the camp on it, and even a video of hisskill ability and training that he received.  They even had him dance a little on the video so you can see his happiness at being in that location.  My son wished he could stay a few more weeks. 

 That is the best option….better than the fresh air fund.  The tennis camp has goals, and ideals.  I was never comfortable with sending my son to the FRESH AIR FUND…. only because my child would be living and breathing the air of another family that I do not know.  But the Tennis camp was on the grounds of the TRINTY SCHOOL IN PAWLING NEW YORK. 

   My son and all the other over night campers stayed in dorms.  They took the kids to a movie (Batman),  the mall, they had parties for them,  and most of all…..played…tennis,  TENNIS,  TENNIS,  TENNIS!!!  5 HOURS PER DAY!!!!  He received personalized instruction also.  My son told me he took two showers per day,  had great food.  Jay Jewelz told me that the chocolate milk was great tasting. 

They woke up daily to the rolling hills and valleys of Pawling New York!  America the Beautiful!  I enjoyed the ride up there.  65 miles out of New York City!  I even enjoyed the ride to get there.  My son really loved it.  He met tennis players in their teens who were for Europe.  Some spoke French!

  What a great experience!!!  I am so thankful for the opportunity that my son experienced.  I will pay for the camp next year….Thanks USTA!—AND PARENTS….LOOK FOR FREE PROGRAMS IN YOUR NEIGBORHOOD FOR TENNIS!  IT IS WELL WORTH IT.  LOOK UP NYJTL.ORG—-THERE ARE MANY PROGRAMS OUT THERE. (New York Junior Tennis League) 


OBAMA WATCH….This is not news…but a discussion I had the other day while at work.  I was talking to a carpenter.  This man and I met and agreed on certain topics about life in our current world.  However, when he and I discussed Barak Obama…..this man actually stated that he believed that Obama was Muslim. 

 He was very concerned about this belief.  He said that is had nothing to do with race…but that he believed that OBAMA was muslim and that was a cause of concern for him.  I tried to explain that Obama was raised by his white grand parents in the United States. 

 This man did not care…he believed that he was musilim and did not have America’s best interest at heart.  I stopped trying to convience this gentleman that his views might be wrong….I let it go.  Instead we talked about road rage,  dog eat dog…rat race,  family,  maritial issues,  kids,  etc. 

But I just could not get over his belief that OBAMA is a closet Muslim.  This man showed real fear!  WOW!  Should I really be surprised? 

 Personally,  I have my questions about Obama but,  the name he was named by his white mother,  his mother was an anthropologist, who traveled the world,  his mother did not changer her religion,  he was raised in the United States most of his life…because he longed for stability….I wonder,  I wonder….”DO PEOPLE JUST WANT TO BELIEVE THE NEGATIVE OR WHAT?”

John Edwards and cheating on his wife?  What else is new?  I have not seen any politician who has not admitted to having cheating yet!  The worse of course is that Mr.  Edwards cheated while his wife was ill. 

 However,  my voice teacher who was married to a pscyhologist….her husband cheated also while she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer. 

 It is unfortunate…but the human EGO…AND SEX drive do seem to have more control over all of us…than we would want.  I hope they can recover from this. 

MEDICAL MINUTE:   I have to tell you I had a MAMMOGRAM THIS WEEK!  I was more scared not to go…than to go. 

 When I heard that Christina Applegate had been coping with illness of breast cancer, and that my doctor had been after me to get it done….I finally gave in.  My selfesteem went up. 

 I felt relieved.  But I am still waiting for the test results.  I told several ladies at work.  Did you know that one woman asked for the information of where I went to get it done?! 

 Wow!  I did not realize that my actions could affect someone else!  So that is why I am telling you.  LADIES…TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODIES!  GO GET YOUR MAMMOGRAMS DONE….It is not painful….it is uncomfortable…but I did not feel any pain. 

 The technician was pleasant and nice to talk to.  The woman was so professional I did not feel embaressed.  (((I do not like being disrobed—for any reason except the swimming pool)))—So please go….your life, my life depends upon it!

What is going on in Russia?  Stay tuned to your radio!!!—Cable tv etc.

Oh…did you notice the GAS PRICES?  I actually paid 4.13 at the pump.  Great….keep going down,  down,  down!

till next rant~~riveroflifelisajoy~