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Holiday Shopping, Do you want real Bling? (January 2008) — I Purchased Nice Bling Bling for my Fourteen Year old!!! Valley Stream Green Acres Mall has great Bling to make the Holidays… Zing!!!

Sunflower.jpgMy son and I came off  of Jamaica Avenue for a while and did some shopping in our favorite other place….Green Acres Mall,  in Valley Stream.  While we were there during  the pre-Christmas count down….we found some items that my fourteen year old wanted…(you know besides Ninetendo WII and Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess with the great sound track).

  We found  a blinging bling Pirates of the Caribbean belt buckle with the shiny cubic zerconia stones that still sparkle! 

 I told my son -no about that.  But you know me,  I went back and got it later!   The patch eyed skull with the bling bling all around the eye patch and the head, with a black real leather belt. 

Not my style of clothing to wear a dead man’s skull on my clothes but that is modern teenagers of  2007.  Fearless in the face of a death mask.  

It is a well made piece of  clothing ornament.  It cost with the black thick leather belt included —$25.00.  NOt too bad.

  It is super gold toned…but highly polished.  YOu see my son tries to do his school work.  He has been sick and I want to see a smile on his face fro the holidays.  Last year all he received was 3 video games.  I could not afford a new fitted cap for him last year. 

 I was very poor and could not afford it last year.  So this year Christmas of 2007   I purchased the blinging  skull face cubic encrusted  eye patch for my son.  He was so surprised when he opened it Christmas day!

I also purchased a little dog tag that blings and has digital read out that displays over a thousand  characters. It reads my sons name out vertically.

  My son also asked for that too.  I purchased these two items in the middle of the mall indoor walk way from a very kindly, gentleman of EastIndian origins.

 He was very pleasant to talk to, and he did more than just sell me costume Bling stuff.   He and I talked about my son’s health and my concerns. 

 He did not have to do that. We talked about life,  health and our families.  That time I spent making that purchase made the holiday spirit come alive. 

 The salesman talked to me personally for a long time in the midst of that busy holiday Green Acres Mall.  He tried to inspire me despite my concerns about my son’s health.

  I decided to buy those to bling blings and make the holidays come alive…but instead I met a salesman that truly represented the spirit of Christmas for me.  He was touched with compassion for my child and my single parent status. 

  It is not about buying things– but that people… humanbeings can come together and talk and fellowship on any topic….and find out that we are more alike than different.

Gotta go…some urgent pressing business at hand.

Respond and tell me your holiday shopping and blinging gift ideas if you have any!