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“Why do I write what I write?”

LIFE STARTS HERE.jpg The title of this picture that I painted over the summer is :  “Life Starts Here.” 

I write, I paint,  I sing,  I create!  I think, I analize, and wonder about the world around me.  I do not propose that I am correct on my views, or perspectives.  I choose to keep an open mind on many topics.  However  there is a conservative golden thread that connects all of my thoughts and actions. 

 I want to understand the other perspective on a given topic, therefore I may address myself in that issue inorder to gain more understanding of an opposing view on a specific topic. 

Okay this is getting boring right?  I will cut this short. 

Look,  life could be simple….but as a friend told me once, her dad had told her, “life IS simple,  PEOPLE make it complicated!” 

I often think about that!  Because I do see issues go out of control in the news,  or in my personal life  and I think—that did not have to go that way if he or she had done this or that!  So to a certain extent  my friend’s Dad was correct. 

 But there are always circumstances that are beyond your control.  What do to do in a case like that?  How you respond to those situations can determine a lot of how successfull you are in your own personal life.  I have learned that lesson in life as well. 

Look,  I write what I write because I like to think out loud!  I like to learn from other people’s view points. 

So ca’mon—reply or comment. 

I will write on a variety of topics.  I recently wrote on a New York Times Article about “Witch Children” in Angola.  That article struck me so hard that I almost was gasping for air as I read it.  I did not want to read it I was compelled to read it once I understood the title and the body of information that came with it. 

 I got so disgusted, and felt so hurt and realized that humanbeings have a long way to go even in the year 2007!  The article was telling about how “poverty” in Angola might be causing what is seen as the increasing labeling of small children –as young as age 6 years old tossed out onto the streets of Angola because the families of these children considered them to be possessed. 

Ugh!!!!  I could not stand to read it and yet I continued on.  Afterward I wrote a blog on it hoping to stir up some interest for others to take a look at that article and maybe someone out there in blog reading land has political influence and can respond to help save the lives of those children! 

I wrote another blog on Oprah Winfrey and her South African School “child abuse” problems.  I could not sit by and read that blog in the America On Line -Black Voices Blog and not express myself on that.  I hoped within a high precentage that maybe Oprah might read “my” blog out of all of the millions of other blogs and then readjust her methods and her goals for her school in S0uth Africa. 

 Her desire to have a school, or schools for the disadvantaged is an honorable one indeed.  But it must have a close eye at all times.  She needed and still needs to monitor that program closely.  Look a school is not like her giving her cars, trips, and houses away…..starting a school is affecting the children and their relatives for years to come.  It takes a lot of love and committment to maintain such an venture.

I have been writing blogs about family members who have had a major impact on my life.  No,  I am not any one famous.  You would probably walk right by me in the street.  I am nondiscript—except for my nose. 

 My nose looks like the genes of my European ancestors from the slave trade era.  So what?  Who cares!  Right now my goals are simple….write,  be read,  give readers “something to think about—you know a different perspective on a given topic.” 

Some of my topics come from my response to issues in the news, while others come from my personal life experiencs. 

Sometimes I rant,  sometimes I get up on my “Soap Box” and tell the world how I feel about an injustice, etc., etc.,

I like life,  I love to experience it like the fragrance of a delicate flower, or the  wonder of new life being born~!  So life starts here!

I want to write about the simple joys, and sometimes sorrowful aspects of life. 

So ca’mon  share your views and feelings too!  This blog gives you a chance to write as much or as little as you want to respond to topics that I post.



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