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nature-meets-construction-by-riveroflifelisajoy-number-two-scan.jpgNATURE MEETS CONSTRUCTION” BY RIVEROFLIFELISAJOY   

I felt led to curl my lines, and then I found a ruler that called out to me.  I blended  two types of lines and found that the sharp pointed edges and the curled soft ones could coexist!–thus…”Nature Meets Construction”—  

  Check out JayJewels work at the Fireoflifejayjewels @wordpress.com. Jay Jewels my son is 14 years old and shares my love of the arts! 

When you cannot afford the movies, and video rental but you have a piece of pen and paper….draw….

I draw for my health, and strength.  I love the arts!  Try it!  You might bring down your blood pressure, and increase positive outlook!

Get the family in on  art work too.  Grandmother, baby,  husband,  and teenagers….have a family night and get a lot of art supplies and see what you and your loved ones can create with a crayon, or paint.  Remember to use news paper on your tables.

If you are suffering from family loss,  sometimes you can express yourself better by drawing out your feelings in a picture.  Some pictures may be dark, but so what?  Let those feelings out and you will ease some of the pain.  Hey,  nothing beats a try!  You might enjoy it!

Job stress tends to shorten lives.  Paint,  hobbies,  knitting,  singing,  writing helps. 

Spend time talking to your kids over a jar of crayons, construction paper and finger paints.  For the older kids get the chinese ink and water color.  You will see that alot of things get talked about during art work time in your house.  Then make dinner and see how peaceful meal time can be after a Saturday of Art work!!!!

Christmas Gifts for the 14 year old! You would be SURPRISED!!!!

My son asked for the WII–YEP!  Santa and I got him the WII!  My son asked for Legend of Zelda,  Need for Speed,  and Bodaki something something for the PS2 game. 

He also wants the Dragon Fly remote control flying electronic Bug that flys to the sky!  He loves Modells right now!  He wants a hundred pound bench press set.  It is only $99.00 at Models. 

My dear sweet child of 14 also wants Tennis Sneakers, and Sweat pants too!  Santa and I got him some fitted caps at Modells!  The price was $20.00!  I usually pay about $40.00 when there is no sale. 

 So  Santa Claus and I got him several fitted caps at Modells!  Modells even had a great SouthPole Parka for $59.00! 

 Santa and I got that too!  Wow!  I really enjoyed Santa’s help this year!  LOOK!  I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE THINKING!  wHAT IS THIS WOMAN SAYING sANTA WITH EVERYTHING FOR? Well, I will tell you.

I was raised the old fashioned way.  But my son knows the new way!  He teases me about my Santa beliefs…..He does not care….just as long as he gets his Christmas wishes answered!  He tolerates his dear old silly Mommy and just says…Oh, boy here you go again with that Santa stuff!

Barnes and Noble is an Excellent store for the 14 year old.  My son loves magicHe also loves to play the piano and he recently asked me what other cords that he can play.  I found the perfect book! 

 It has actual hand position and real pictures that are clear and easy to see.  The book is quite thick!  It was only $14.00! 

 Give the gift of Literacy!!  I also purchase a TAI CHI  DVD for my mother, myself and myson!  He thought he knew everything I bought!  But I fooled him!

Ialso purchased a PLAYSTATION 2 “game” from Game-Stop called FunkMasterFlex music!  You are supposed to be able to make your own original music and possibly win some recording contract! 

 Well, no matter….it only costs $9.00!  It even came with a microphone!   I also purchased a electrical cord to connect the two guitars that my son just discovered in the house! 

 Wow!  I have just opened a new door of education for him!  I also purchased guitar picks too! The guitars have been there but he never noticed until recently when some of his class mates have shown their guitar skills at school.

One thing about Barnes and NObles is that they have alot of “HOW TO” BOOKS or items.  My son has recently discovered that he is talented in drawing.  We both draw,  I paint too. 

I am not a listed artist.  You can see some of my “artwork” throughout this blog…but I try to motivate my son to open his mind to the possibilities of his own creativity and freedom of expression. 

So Barnes and Noble has several painting books that come supplied with the paints.  One is the Chinese stamp sets,  #2 Water color paint set with the book, #3 Japanese paint with hair brushes with book and paint too. 

 For myself I found a belly dancing how to book with the DVD and a CD of music too!


JCPENNY has some great sales.  But the JCPENNY in Valley Stream is too small for me!  I get over heated and have to leave because it is a small building.  I love that store though! 

 The JCPENNY  at the Queens Center Mall is as big or Bigger than Macy’s.  That store building is better for me. *****Macy’s has a back mas-sager for $19.00!  I have a coupon too!

 But I do not like to drive over there because of the congestion!  You know what I mean right?   But guess what….you go out there anyway and brave the small, crowded, or congested for that 14 year old!  Ya,know?!!!


Well,  I generally stay home! 

 I like to be home and have a quiet night and sing and praise God for the New Year, and the blessing of the old year! 

 That has not always been my way….but I have that way nowadays!  I like it that way!

Till next blog: