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I APOLOGIZE…LORD–and Thank you

Dear Lord,

I am your child…but
I grow frustrated sometimes
when I feel like time goes by too
I wish I could stay like a person I know
where I would have constant faith and it
be unshakeable faith.
I get nervous and lonely and scared.
I admit it Lord….I confess my sin.

I have doubt …while others a full of

BUT TODAY…I confess I was a bad child!

I was sad and dispondent…I was lonely and
fearfull, I admit to jealousy of other
women that have husbands, mates, and
boyfriends….I admit my sin Lord Jesus!

How many friends do I have? NOne!
So I admit my sin Lord–I admit my sin.

Please Lord, you are mighty and strong…
Show yourself mighty and strong in my heart
and give me your grace and power.

Hallelujah! Thank you Lord Jesus! I could
not make it without you.

Please Lord…grant me forgiveness of my
selfish will, my head strong self
determine. I had no help I thought…and the
help came. I had no love Lord and you
had someone to me proclaim…
your love!~
I had no peace Lord and to me
peace came…
I had no joy Lord and to me
Joy came…
So I apologize Lord…that I allowed to grow
into the cast down feeling.

Yes, I am still alone….and lonely….I feel lost
around young and old couples,

I do feel sad about my losses in life…
but I do have your life, your love..
your peace and your joy.
Thank you Lord…and forgive me again…
Thank your for having patience on me and
on my soul, and saving me from my sins
through Jesus Christ during this Lenten
Amen! And also thankyou for answering my
prayer about food today…this Saturday.
I remember Lord that I wrote so many
sad and down trodden poems and prose
about not having food to feed my family.
But Lord you had mercy and delivered me and
my family.
Thank you God….Again….your wayward
chile…river of life…AKA MUD OF LIFE
Lisa Miserable…..((((when I am not being
a good servant))))






 The breeze feels good on my legs as I stand at the fence.

I stand and look down the block

waiting for you to come home from


I think about your smile,

your frown,

I want to be near you right now

I am wishing the moments away.

It is now an hour past your time to

arrive home.

“Where are you?”

I begin to worry,

I begin to walk and pace

I cannot wait.

Did you work late?

Was the train slow tonight?

Was I on the telephone and did not

hear the call interrupt signal?

I hear foot steps…

No,  those are not yours

I go back into the

kitchen  and begin to

reheat the food.

I looked in the bedroom

and I see your bag for work on the floor?!

My heart jumps…but you are not there.

I remember that you had left it there this morning

I want to die….

I want to live

I want you HOME!

A strange moment of

fear, and


the key is in the lock at the

front door…

I run, and jump into

your arms.

Wild Flowers…you remember are

my favorites!

I love you, I love you my mouth tells your

mouth as we embrace and kiss…

Not  wanting to let go….I hug and hug until you

pry my longing arms from round your strong, neck.

I love you scent of cocoa butter mixed with colonge….although

you need to take a shower….I am intoxicated by your scent….My man,  my love

You gather yourself and go to the bedroom and

I follow like a humble obediant puppy dog

But then you change your mind and go back out into the kitchen and

take a deep wif of my reheated shrimp and rice.

You take your strong arms and wrap them around my waist

and hug me long and bury your head in

my shoulder and let out a deep sigh.

It sent shivers up my spine…

YOu have done this before, but it excites me that

you  still enjoy the pleasure of s simple hug,  and deep sigh….

After dinner we talk about plans, problems and the issues of life,

but your spirit is humble, and peaceful.,

We do not argue..we think, we ponder,  we discuss and

come to points of logic within our small family….

I love you,  I love you,  I love you!~~~~

recollections of life and love by RIVEROFLIFELISAJOY~