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Ok, Im ready for Pirates of the Caribbean!

I really enjoy the  pirates  with  Johnny Depp.  I feel like  Johnny  is  a close friend in my head and heart.  I like  what appears to be  his  personality come  through the  character that he  plays.  Yes,  he  is  quirky  but  there is a wisdom that  shines  through and  that is  what  I enjoy  the most  about this  character,  Barbosa is  a hot  mess; the concept of  “part of the  ship  part of the crew” and  the octopus captain and  his  wife “the sea”  are a  great  fated  romantic  couple.  So  I  miss them,  please just  one more  time  Johnny…I love the  theme music  it  fits  perfectly!

Anyone  else agree?  Please  call out to Johnny  Depp…I  really miss him as the  Jack Sparrow…plus  they left  too many loose  ends.  For example  where is  Orlando  Bloom and  his  Dad?  Does he  come  home  every year to check on his  child?  Does he  take the  child on his  boat for a ride?  Since he is  a happy  pirate  right?  Or has  he  became  poisoned by  guilt or  doubt?  See what  I mean?  I want to know  these  things. 

Okay,  enough for  now…I m  tired—had  a long  day  and  “Thor”  is  waiting  for me  to press play.


Have  a blessed  night!


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