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Where was shock Jock WendyWilliams for Two Days? It is SO Frustrating! Charlemange Hangs Up on Faithful Listeners….THAT IS NOT COOL!

I know that Wendy Williams stated that she would not be on the air for two days…..Thursday and Friday.  But what a LONG TWO DAYS THAT WAS! 

 I listened to Charlamar as one listener who called in called him….and then I would switch the channel back to hot 97.

  Charlmane is not bad…but I do not like that he hangs up on people in midsentence because they are not talking GREASE about somebody.  He fielded questions from a listerner who wanted to know if she should go back to a “lover” who had given her a sexually transmitted disease. 

 But it went from bad to worse for me.  He complained about not being treated well as the side kick!  What a waste of time.  Talk,  this is your chance to shine.  Stop dwelling on your title and take the show in a new direction! 

It was so frustrating…..he does not have to keep dwelling on his title.  Step up to the plate and take the horse by the reins and drive the show forward.  Instead he hung up on a young listener on Friday that had called to talk about some recording artist that Charlemane did not know of or had never heard of. 

 Do you realize that ratings carry the show?  People are listening and do care that if they call that they will be atleast be able to get out atleast 10 words before the show disconnects them. 

 Sometimes it is funny to hear disfunction…but what is wrong with having a “normal” musical conversation sometimes? 

 Really,  some people want to talk about music and how it relates to things in our daily lives etc., etc.,. 

 YOu open the phone lines and then hang up on people?  Do you even want to be on the radio?  Customer service people!!!!  Remember to get the story right…..THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS CORRECT! 

 If you want to make money?  Please people and you will have a loyal following.  Some of Wendy’s best of were very interesting. 

 She had a young lady on the best of on Thursday that wanted to know if she should have a baby. 

 I think Wendy does not want to be politically incorrect on this –but she hesitated until the young woman made a very callous statement. 

 The young woman had stated that she was being supported by her parents.  Wendy abruptly told her something that I will not repeat in my blog…but it was negative toward her pregancy…because she did not feel that the young woman should not be responsible for herself and her own child if she decided to have it. 

 Wendy felt that the young woman should atleast have a job even if she did not have a husband/father for the child.  But the young woman appeared  to be living with wealthy parents lalygagging the days away under the rich life style of her parents. 

 That seemed to upset Wendy Williams  and she told her about herself.  Then after she explained why she was concerned about her flip attitude….Wendy hung up on the young woman.

  But she had given her about 3 minutes to explain her situation.  I realize that some people are bizarre and might not be too mentally stable that call talk shows…but Ca’mon Charlemane….the young dude that called today just to talk about music? 

Why hang up on him?  What is the mission of the radio show anyway?  I know Wendy likes the so-called mistfit people….but what is wrong with a bit normal once in a while? 

Maybe that would build up more credibility for the show….ESPECIALLY IN LIGHT OF YOUR RECENT NEGATIVE PRESS….YA KNOW????!!!!!

Anyway…Wendy will be back on Monday.  I hope all goes well for the show as always.  I hope the issues that need to be addressed are being handled the proper way too.

Till next blog…