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So Friday was Mommies birthday.  It was quiet.  Sunshine did not  want to go out to eat.  So  We had OLIVE GARDEN take out.  It was very tasty and not salty at all.

It was great.  My Sunshine Mommie loved her  meatballs and spaghetti.  I had  the “Tour of Italy”.

Very tasty indeed.  So here is my interpretation of  her birthday celebration.  Enjoy and please know   I was so happy to express my feelings in a song/music production.

Think  I am going  to make another song with music production by JYJWLZ. ENJOY!


When I was born

I did not know

who would love me

and who would help me to


Now you are older

and depend on others

we love you and pray God blesses you

on your special day

Happy Birthday Sunshine.

The best Mommie in the World.