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Edris Elba for President! …Wait…I mean Edris Elba for 007-JAMES BOND..OF COURSE!

What  is  wrong  with  Edris Elba  stretching his  acting  skills to play a handsome,  strong  character?  If  Barak Obama  can  “Play” the  President  of  the  Most  Powerful  Country in the  world  what  is  so confusing  for Edris  Elba to  pretend to be  James  Bond?

James  Bond is  a fictional  character.  However,  President of the  2nd  World  United  States of  America  is  NOT  an  act….that  is  the real  REAL life  story.  There were  those  like  Rush Limbar  who  swore  that  President  Obama  could  not hold the  position for any  period of  time.  Really How  do you think that  Blacks  of the  world  out lived  Slavery?

Are you kidding me  Rush?  Could  you really believe  that  blacks  are  unable  to function as  adults,  let  alone  as  Leaders of the Free World?  Please,  Rush  Limbar  you need to stop  raising your hand  and  take  a seat in the  back of  the  class room until you finish reading your  REAL REAL  HISTORY  book on the  human  experience.  Human  beings  through time  have  risen to power,  lost  power,  and rebuilt  empires or  formed  new  ones.  Why does  Rush  think that the  world  revolves around  any one  race?

Blacks  as  people  have  come  to call those of  Dark  Pigmentation have  been  in the  earth  for  centuries….White  skin  was  a  glitch in bio-organics  according to some scientists.  So what  does that  tell you….the  Olive  skinned  people of the  world,  down  to those  with Midnight  blue  black  complexions  have  “roamed” the  earth like  Bisons  for  Thousands of  years.  Think about the missing  link “man”  or  even  the  Eskimos…Is  their  skin white?  or  tan?  Yet  the Eskimo live in a  Cold  Region of the world…yet  their  skin  is  pigmented.

Rush  Limbar…please  go take  a seat  and  re educate yourself  in human  biology.  Ugh!  No  one  race  has  dominated  the  world.  Just  like  no  one  animal  species  has  dominated the  earth.  The  one  insect  that  seems  to survive  everything  that  happens  is  the ROACH!  LOL!  We  cannot  seem to eliminate them  from  planet  earth….Dark brown  roaches….large or  small  seem to have staying  power  if  nothing  else….woe is  all human race  against  the  roach.

Now  that  is  a fight  worth  fighting  Rush….Leave  Edris  Elba and  people of  color  alone.  People have a  right to elevate themselves to the highest  possible  level of  achievement in life!  Why  does  Rush  think  a  black  race as a whole or a black person is  a alien species?   Maybe  Rush  knows  what is  going on at Area  51?

Any way  “Class”  let us  continue  on with this  title  Edris  Elba for  007 James  Bond–if you please!


To be continued….comments  welcome!