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I love the Summer! A reflection on my favorite Season–Mid-Winter Crisis! amatuer prose by riveroflifelisajoy

2nd Art work by RiveroflifelisajoyThe birds chirping

early in the morning

The sun begins to rise

around 5:30am

And I groan because

I see the slivers of sunlight

peaking through the shades of

my bedroom window

But alas I must arise for

it is Saturday in the


To take a ride out

to oceans edge at

Far Rockaway Beach

To sit on th beach

 early in the morning

Years ago the dogs we took

would chase the

small crests of the water

that rolled to the

beached crabs, and sea weed

The sunlight warm upon our

backs and the joy of life

warm within our souls

My child giggled and laughed

and played with the dogs

And I basked in the joy that

was his as his youth embraced

him gently

Oh, for that time today

here in February!

Although my birthday is

in February,

 I would

have enjoyed a mid July

birthday in which

I could invite others

to spend an early

morning romp on

the beach,

an early morning

breakfast seaside

barefoot, warm

and casual

Elderly ladies wandering the sands

beach bagsand umbrellas

 in hand

young couples at play

babies with their mothers


on a beach towel,

 or blanket

Oh how I wish for my Summer today!

Mid-Winter Crisis–

OH… do go away!

The yachts float by, showing off their

owner’s wealth,

I dream

 and imagine myself

at the helm of that yacht

The seaguls cry

as air planes 

 streak the sky

sending messages

 to us below

and the sporadic police,

 or parks

department vehicles

 that patrol the


The New York version of


Oh yes,  winter 2007 and 2008

have been

very nice!

No great squals,

 or blizzards

But still deep in my midlife crisis


I yet yearn for

new life, new summer sun!


I want to get out

and have  Summer fun!

The hope and joy

 of  Saturday morning

 in the


Filled with the promise

of new experiences

Look, lets walk the Nautical Mile

Freeport is not far away!

Let’s go there today!

Oh, yes,  I have it bad!

But yet I have it good!

Summer’s not too far away!

I will  hold it together

 just one more day!


by riverofliflisajoy