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riveroflifelisajoy~~~I LOVE TO WRITE~  AND WRITE I will!!!

I just heard this on the WENDY WILLIAMS EXPERIENCE @ WBLS 107.5–at about 5:00 p.m.  that on July 14, 2008  Wendy will air her Cable Talk Show on Fox T.V.

 She is going to rise like the phoenix! 

You have got to believe in yourself no matter how the odds are stacked against you!!!!! 

 Her talk show is going to happen! 

“So Wendy….keep up the good work. 

 Stay out of trouble.  Watch your conduct and that of those you love around you. “

 “Don’t give in to negativity.  Reach out for help when you need it and go for it girl…GO FOR IT GIRL!!!!!”


She announced this around 5:00 p.m.  with the blockbuster sound effects!  

 Charlemane her side kick read the information on her up coming talk show. 

But also….like I said in previous blogs…..WENDY’S  MOVIE IS GOING TO BE RELEASED SOON!

….So for all those out to say the NEGATIVE  all the time…..back up and look up at the next new   celebrity in media!!!!!    Wendy Williams!!!!  

 Charlemane explained that  Wendy’s Talk Show will be on Cable of Course…..FOX ENTERTAINMENT…. Den Mar Mecury  ~~~LionsGate —This as Charlemane explained it is for 4  WEEKS in  July.  Starting on July 14, 2008.  This is the pilot program and it will take a several week break and then return and go NATIONAL!!!!!

Wendy’s  husband will also be included in the deal….according to the communication read by Charlemane!!!!  —-So again….Hot 97 crew,  and all NAY SAYERS!!!!—-WHERE IS YOUR SINDICATED TELEVISION TALK SHOW?   START WORKING ON YOUR FUTURE AND YOU CAN BE LIKE YOUR  CO- JOURNALIST—SHOCK JOCK ACROSS THE DIAL.  


That may not always apply to journalists,  shock jocks, and gossip columnists though—-but keep it in mind….It may save you from  alot of  problems in life….

Any way back to Wendy Williams Experience!   Good Fortune and enjoy….the rest of us will be watching!

OH,  AND BY THE BY….Ms. Jones in the morning….try to inspire your co-journalist!


Before I proceed allow me to explain.  It is important to understand this one major point.  NO WOMAN SHOULD BE ABUSED FOR ANY REASON AT ALL!  NO HUMANBEING SHOULD BE ABUSED FOR ANY REASON AT ALL!

   Now,  I will proceed.  I looked at the blogs and news paper articles on Minister Juanita Bynum and her marriage abuse/domestic violence episode that is ripping her marriage and ministry. 

Then I looked at Wendy Williams of the Wendy Williams Experience, and her EEO case with Nicole Spence involving her husband Kevin Hunter and –the domestic violence episodes that are threatening her very lucrative career. 

 I began to wonder.  Wendy has a following of faithful listeners, and Juanita Bynum has a following of faithful listeners TOO! 

Strange huh?!  Except Wendy does not preach the Gospel. 

 Wendy has a daily four hour show that goes from  2:00 P.M. until 7:00 P.M. .  Juanita Bynum has a church,  has CDs,  DVD’s for sale,  she tours the country and many, many other options for reaching her flock of faithful followers! 

 The obvious similarity is that they are both HIGH POWERED TYPE- A- PERSONALITY BLACK WOMEN! 

Who can rival them?—–THEIR HUSBANDS! 

 Both Wendy Williams and Juanita Bynum are both powerful black women that stand tall and stong in their own work and careers.

 Yet they are challenged by the problems of domestic violence in their home ((((which is being displayed publicly))) despite their efforts to keep private pain private. 

 Why are their husband’s possibly challenging these two strong women in their careers? 

Why would  the  husbands  of these two very opposite…yet equally powerful and influential women–  allow their private marital behavior jeopardize their very successful wives in the year 2007 and 2008? 

  Let us think for a  moment….As  African Decent  women,  Wendy Williams and Juanita Bynum have come a long way and have taken the lead within the black community in the United States, and possibly even in the world and the “global economy!” **Not to mention Ophra of course***

 Wendy Williams was broadcasting from California today!  She attracts all walks of life,  despite her sporadic rants about “white people” and her blackness.

  She recently complained about how her son’s Montclair New Jersey school district have suggested that the children wear “green” for  St. Patricks Day.  But when she had inquired as to what the children could wear for “Black History Month,” or “Martin Luther King Day”….she was flatly told that there was nothing that the children could wear for such annual events in American Society. 

 So Wendy did not say that she would not have her son wear green….or wait a minute …my mind is not clear if she was against him actually wearing the green but I remember Wendy Williams  stating “I have a plan for that day.”   This is a strong woman. 

 She maintains her “HOW YOU DON’IN”  AND “Hee Haw”  for the “Donkey People (folks who do not know how to avoid being used and abused, and coming back for more…or the people  who “steal” other people’s mates etc., etc.,)  But as she states….”At the end of the day …I am a mother and a wife!” 

That is why this whole circumstance of the domestic violence and the Nicole Spence EEO issue  has floored me. 

That is why I looked at Juanita Bynum,  whose “No More Sheets” sermon stirred so many Christian and Non-Christian Believers to stop taking less in life; stop taking less in their personal relationships; and take back from the devil what he stole from them….their pride,  their self esteem,  their will to live,  their joy…..etc., etc..

Believe it or not….Wendy Williams and Juanita Bynum have alot in common….They just reach people in a different way.  Juanita Bynum preaches and uses scripture and Wendy Williams uses a SideKick  Charlemene. Wendy Williams also uses her various interactive draws called  Dons and Divas Dances, and  even children in events for Easter  (last year  2007). 

 I did not hear anything about a children Dons and Divas Kiddie affair for 2008—I might have missed it.  Sound Effects,  Ghetto Street Talk, Alternative Life style talk and various genres of communication to preach her message of intelligence. 

 Wendy always tries to tell those who feel like misfits in the current society that they will be accepted on her show. 

 Now,  unfortuneately   I have seen, and heard about the Christian Church…not so nice things on the level of accepting the”misfits of society” based on religious reasons….(((despite Jesus reprimand  of men who wanted to stone the harlot woman for her sins….

Jesus said, “He without sin cast the first stone….and No one cast the stone….they all walked away ashamed.”  Jesus truly turned to the harlot woman and told her to “Go and sin no more,  your sins are forgiven!”  Sometimes this verse is very seldom discussed or preached….I wonder why? 

Well,  any way….I will continue this further later on. 

 But just think about it for a minute….The two women I am comparing and contrasting here are both black,  high powered…..and very, very, very famous in the black community for different reasons…yet they both suffer from domestic violence. 

 But my question still remains….Is it the  effects of the power and the fame on the marriage that causes the stress and the strain? 

 Did these two women,  or other women  permit themselves to stay in bad marriages, or abusive relationships in order to maintain that appearance of SUCCESS to the OUTSIDE WORLD AT LARGE?

 To many Christians,   it does not seem proper to have a broken marriage after telling people how “Jesus can set the sinner free from bondage to death, hell and the grave.” 

It looks odd that Jesus is seemingly unable to prevent two Christians from breaking up, or fighting with each other over serious or silly issues.

  Personality conflicts,  irreconsilible differences that legal documents site for marriage break ups…seem strange in the Christain faith…because we are suppose to look beyond our differences and look at what fits the marriage like glue….JESUS!  

So that is  possibly why the Powerful Juanita Bynum and her abusive marriage/domestic violent episode  is rocking the Christian Church and is so very painful and humiliating to watch, and hear about in the media. 

We want Jesus to fix it.  But see,  it has to be fixed within the two people….they have to both be willing….they have to release the issues that have bound them and then open themselves to healing. 

How difficult is that for such a Powerful Preacher Juanita Bynum and her Powerful preacher husband?

With Wendy Williams,  the struggle is severe but also it takes a different turn.  Wendy’s job as a Radio Shock Jock Journalist, is one in which she constantly opens the private lives of well known celebrities to public view through discussion, or interview. 

Now, listen,  Wendy always states….”I did not do the actual research….I only repeated what I read National Enquirer or  “Life and Style” Magazine.  So you can’t say I had an insider tell me and I let the cat out of the bag.”—Wendy Williams…(paraphrase only) 

No,  but she does discuss celebrity gossip as a major part of her show ~~~~just like I am writing about and comparing and contrasting her and Juanita Bynum. 

 If you do not pass gossip along…then you are not a gossiper….but if you join in on the chain of lies…or truths…or whatever they be….you then cannot say that you are not part of the problem….can you? 

 Example,  Britney Spears personal struggles have been so hightlighted by the media that every body knows that Britney Spears may go out on the town with out underwear on ….to night clubs etc.  How do we all know about that? 

  Because the media gossip columnist and Rag Mags,  and Shock Jocks on the radio, and even the regular news channels are constantly showing pictures, or describing  Britney Spears even doing mundane activities like shopping with a friend.

Thus  Wendy Williams is being trashed by her rivals for being a gossip shock jock and now she is embroiled in her own personal dilemmas. 

 So her rivals on Hot 97 are jumping up and down at her troubles and  Wendy is catching the Heat!  

 Wendy is catching the heat like no one else…except Janet Jackson did after her “wardrobe malfunction” during that football game a couple of years ago. Perfect lovable Janet Jackson made a big mistake and it took several years to live it down. 

 The public is not very forgiving of its’  “American Idols”–so it seems.  Thus the troubles of Wendy Williams—high powered black woman in a high stakes position in the radio and television media/journalism industry….So again I ask…

.Why would her also “black” husband not realize the opportunity they both have to pave the road for young minorities of all races….are the issues in the marriage that severe or that trivial?

  It is like being at the top of a mountain….Let’s say Mount Everest….a very tall mountain upon which you can see the future….and yet you worry about a splinter in your finger!

  To remedy that splinter is easy….but that distance you wish to travel will be a long, long road filled with bumps, valleys, dark places, and bogs….so move forward and not look back.

  It is sad to see our hopefuls that give our youth vision….for the Old Testament states….”Without a Vision the People Perish!” 

  So that is why I  focused on these two women and the men they are married to.  Do they not realize that their lives have impacted on so many generations  to come?  Probably not.

The problem I have with domestic violence is that it appears that the man (any man)  who either rapes a woman,  or beats a woman….uses those extreme methods to have POWER over a situation inwhich the man feels powerless. This is a difficult issue to say the least.

What do you think?


She’s Back! Wendy Williams of the Wendy Williams Experience- DA DA DA DAAAAA! The Queen of All Media! Sounds Positive and Strong

Today while driving and thinking on my own personal issues I switched from  Hot 97 for HIP/HOP music and checked in on Wendy!  Well,  despite the issues of the Nicole Spence complaint Wendy is still on the air. 

 She sounds like herself, and she and Charlemagne are Yuck, yuck,  yucking it Up!  Talking about advice hour, and Wendy answering her own telephones. 

 It seemed almost like nothing negative had ever been talked about on Hot 97 from jealous Ms. Jones.  It seemed like the shocking news had never been.  And I wished it were true.  But through it all Wendy has stood tall. 

 The first few days she appeared stressed and let her listening audience know it.  She really does talk to her audience.  Yesterday Wendy stated,  “I don’t trust people!”  I silently agreed with her in my head for my own reasons. 

 I hope that she deals honestly with her situation.  You know….she is like the “friend in  my head” radio personality.  Although I would probably never tell anybody some of the things she has been known to say or discuss. 

Wendy would ask the questions I would never ask.   Some or many of  Wendy ‘s  opinions I do not agree with but are food for thought on alot of levels.  You can learn from just about any body.   But anyway,  I digress….So Wendy and Charlemagne sounded like their old selves today. 

Thank G-d for second,  third, and fourth chances….uh….Howard Stern……uh….Don Imus….uh Shock Jock that harressed Hot 97 side kick of Ms. Jones in the morning….(what is that guy’s name anywhooo?) 

Think about it fellow bloggers….

Till next time


P.S.  Maybe Tyler Perry should write a play about  Black Journalist, and the lives they live….Oh,  forgot….Wendy  has her own  movie coming out!  —When is that movie set?   Summer time seems like a good idea?!

I  can’t wait to see that movie about Wendy Williams and her life.  Ca’mon Ms. Jones @ Hot 97….make your movie too!    Get  moving!   Maybe even get a  perfume deal too!

LOLOL!   Till next blog…..

WENDY’S BREAKS HAVE BEEN CUT SHORT? –Wendy Williams and the continuing EEO dispute

I was listening today as I went about my daily personal errands and I heard Wendy Williams and Charlemange.  I was annoyed because I heard this Old School R & B Music. 

 Wendy interviewed Robert Verdie, (some high haute fashion guy).  They had quick banter and silly jokes and some discussion on fashion and designe.  Quite boring.  Suddenly Wendy states,  “Talk fast,  they cut my breaks and I have to play more music!”  I felt rushed and frustrated! 

 I heard Wendy stated before a this celebrity interview that Wendy was asking on air about an apothercery in her commuinty.  I wondered why Wendy would ask for something in her neighborhood on the air like that. 

Why would you do that?  Even her side kick seemed uncomfortable with her highlighting her  neigborhood.  Strange I thought. 

 I began to worry about Wendy.  Although she is accused of committing and EEO violation —I do not think that she is beyond reproach like IMUS.  I do not think anybody knows where Howard Stern,  or Don Imus live. Please take care and continue to highlight the funny stuff and the celebrity gossip that you do so well!


What does Wendy Williams, Eliot Spitzer, Detroit’s Mayor Have in Common?

Life Starts Here—Painted by RiveroflifelisajoyWell, I guess you can figure that answer out….can’t you?  But the bigger question is —-What will all of those listed names above in the title of this little writ…..do about the future that they will live….and their families will live?  No one is without sin…..”ALL OF HUMANKIND HAS SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD……HE WITHOUT SIN  —CAST THE FIRST STONE”— We all know those scriptures and statements made by Jesus Christ and his deciples right?  So what am I trying to say here?  

Look,  if you take up public office, service to the community  try and decide what you want before you make that final choice.  You hurt more than yourself when you create  scandalous issues that hit the law offices and the media.  No one is perfect….but it is so difficult when the above listed persons admit, or have committed bad behavior and my child and their children are not tarnished by these things. 

We can not isolate ourselves….we have to interact…be social….or professional on our jobs…..but fraternizing,  sexual harrassement,  using  public monies for private sexual escapades  should not be!   How much supervision did Governor Spitzer need?  He is a grown man,  a leader in the country, and a guide toward elevating our state toward greatness, and better ecomonic policies and lifestyles for people like me…..low,  low middle class or struggle and write out my stress in this blog.   But when I find out that he can affort to pay $2000. 00 per hour for sex….and I can barely pay the $1600.00 per rent and have to go to the Food Pantry after I pay rent…..I feel a great deal of anger at Governor Eliot Spitzer.  I work and can not get a raise for more than 3% per every three years at my job…..but Governor Eliot Spitzer thought that a prostitute deserved to be paid $2000.00 for two hours worth of   ((((((((    WORK????    ))))))).  oH,  wowowowowowo!   A prostitute who uses her body deserves $2000.00 per  hour to use her body….but I a single parent can not even get a decent raise,  can not afford to pay rent, buy food,  sneakers,  clothes,  music lessons for my kid,  attend college to better myself,  and prepare college education for my kid…..but Eliot Spitzer had the right to decide that a prostitute should make more in two hours than I make in one week?!!!!! 


Again,  even Wendy Williams of 107.5 WBLS has been high lighted for alledged abuse of  Nicole Spence —look….Wendy Williams is not a famous politician…..but she I am quite sure is getting paid a pretty penny because she HAS THE GIFT OF GAB!   She can talk up a storm,  make jokes,  skits,  and all like that.  She sponsors college students, and visits other states, writes books,  advertises for various doctors (due to her love of  plastic surgery) and goes on trips for WBLS etc., etc., etc.,!~   Doesn’t that mean that she is held to some type of standard to respect the intelligence of her listening audience, and the intelliegence of her employers as well? 

I am always in shock and how much people who can talk so much, get paid so much and give little or nothing to the people who helped to get them to where they are.  They actually think that they are either better than their audience sometimes.  I do not think that of Wendy…..but I am a bit upset at the mess that the media and her circumstances is causing.  Especially with the minds of the  young people who wish to follow in the foot steps of Wendy as a Radio Personality! 

The Detroit Mayor is a strange case!  It seems that his personal love affair is possibly going to land him in jail?  This society is out for blood.  YOu cannot create a mess that you cannot clean up.  Blogging and writing, and any form of communication in today’s society is being watched and monitored at an all time high.  So why would a sitting Governor be so loose with his behavior.  Doesn’t  it seem that when a person reaches a certain level in life that someone would sit that person down and talk to them and say look….” You are a sitting Governor,  or YOu are a sitting Radio Talk Show Host,  or Look you are  a sitting Mayor of a major City in the most Powerful Country in the World!  You must remember to conduct yourself as though you were on television,  camera,  microphone at all times…..your conduct,  your attitiude,  your demeanor and your personal and private actions are being watched closely and from a far…..You are a leader…..conduct yourself as a leader…..remember future generations depend on you.  You have the power to shape destiny….for your children, your children’s children, and the world……Think before you act……

That should be the birds and the bees of public, and private and media leaders! 

So What I wish for the previous people discussed today here are…..that they come to realize that NO MAN IS AN ISLAND—–

I hope and pray for the best for all of the people I mentioned here today.  I cannot judge them.  I am not a lawyer, and I definitely am not G-d above.  But  I admonish my readers….pray for yourselves,  your governmental leaders, for the actors, and actresses,  media personalities,  and business leaders and the governments of our world…..our future depends on your tolerance of one another, and our support of one another. 

Have a good day!


# 3 Article on the Topic*****What Happened Wendy? Why do Women settle For Domestic Violence? You can Bail on Kevin Hunter! **Wendy Williams Under Fire**–

Life Starts Here—Painted by RiveroflifelisajoyLook,  I have been reading other blogs and I do not want to be too harsh…so I will roll this blog a bit ganster!  Ya heard me?!

 Yo,  Wendy Williams….Queen of All Media!  You always be rockin’  GO HARD OR GO HOME!—Wuzzzzz—Up?  Wendy? 

Yo,  You speak about not being a donkey!  I can’t believe that you allowed yourself to be treated like a donkey to keep the family together?! 

So many of us women black or white have been allowing ourselves to sacrifice our health, minds, wealth, and dignity for the look of a family! 

  Are you tellin’ me that you allowed your husband to hurt you?  Please,  tell me you are stronger than that Wendy! 

 Please don’t let yourself down, and don’t permit others to  including husbands,  so-called friends, relatives bring you down  either! 

Word is born….( meaning honestly)  **** I really believe that you are innocent until proven guilty!  I want to believe the best of you and for you. 

But if your husband alledgedly did something foul, and disgusting to another humanbeing ….don’t cover for him.

  Cover for your child that is a much more important issue.    Stand for what is right and your child will remember that for the rest of his life. 

Tell the truth and move on in whatever state that will be…..But atleast you will be able to look at yourself in the mirror every morning YO! 

 Listen,  life is wrought with various pit falls…you know that already—-So whats up with the unnecessary behavior of your husband (((if that is true?))) 

Why would you permit him (((your husband Kevin Hunter)))  to carry on like that? 

 Why would you act like that yourself?! 

  Listen since you have a radio show  that is supposed to be for entertainment purposes  only…so I always took it as a “joke” —journalism with a wink of an eye! 

I did not think that you were REALLY  that — COLD HEARTED—are you? !  

I defended you in my first few articles because I did not like what Ms. Jones in the Morning said on  Hot 97 about you and you being CHOKED  by your husband.

  If that is true,  I hope you are alright. 

If it is not I wish those who like yellow journalism would receive the punishment that they deserve for selling lies, and falsehoods.

ON the question of Nicole and abuse at work….You always spoke highly of her…..Every situation has more than one side….but I hope that you  are not allowing yourself to be railroaded.

  But if you did maltreat Nicole come clean now…..settle and don’t fight it out….Be honest.

 Watch the LITTLE KIM issue….don’t put yourself in jeopardy!!! 

Please Wendy….I know you worked too hard to let yourself go down in such a dogged out donkey way!!!!  

  Think about it!!!!!! Wendy….really!

Treat people like you want to be treated.  If you did wrong correct the problem by apoloizing and offering whatever finanicial repayment that is necesary. 

Think about it…please.

Remember Wendy Williams….you are a one of a kind….along with Ms.  Jones….future women journalist are watching and learning from your mistakes. 

All others give your reply—-if you think you need to.

Peace out—-Riverof lifelisajoy

# 2 article on the topic— Wendy Williams Hysteria —Isn’t there going to be a Movie? Is this a Publicity Stunt?

tHE hand by Jay JewelsI have been reading the blogs about this issue…..Well, Wendy….I hope all goes well.

  But I can’t help but wonder if this is just a method of getting publicity before the movie about Wendy comes out? 

If it is….good for you Wendy use that negative attention and pay those actors and pay those production bills. 

But if this is not…..well, I hope all bodes well for you and yours.  It is disgusting that any woman….black or white or mixed race or what ever your backgroud become involved in scandal when you appear to be making it big….very big in life. 

 Wendy has the opportunity that many people only dream about.  The title of shock jock is only part of who she is. 

 She comes from a family of educators…

.Wendy is not a fool…..She is crazy….Crazy like a fox!  Watch that woman (Wendy Williams)   with both eyes open and you may learn a thing or two.

  Ca’mon….Nicole still works at the station and so does Wendy!!!

 Think about it for a minute.  Maybe I am wrong.

  But just maybe issues did ensue, and erupt and expose Wendy to publicity that she did not want…but guess what



Any way …..HOW YOU DOIN’!!!!



# 1 — Ariticle on the topic****The Masterful Queen and King of the Shock Jocks—The Wendy Williams Experience—Wendy Williams and Side Kick Charlemane!!!! Forever on Top! Put that Back there Ms. Hot 97…Jones in The Morning!!!!

Life Starts Here—Painted by Riveroflifelisajoy

 I can’t write now…not until I get the full details.  But,  listen Wendy Williams…..Stay our Talk Show Host for the Inner City Adults!  We need our personal views, opinions, and problems to have a voice!  Take care and I will  write more….Inspirational of course!

Okay, I am back.  Let me start this off right!  Like Wendy says during her talk show on WBLS 107.5  “Go Hard or Go Home!”   —Well this is how I came to know of the Wendy Williams talk show… I was sick. 

 I really just had this terrible big toe infection.  They wanted to cut off that big stupid toe!  I had an open wound on my big left toe.  What a trauma for a Lady who loved the nail salons!

Well, this is not about my big stupid toe….so let us move forward into my topic.  The Toe kept me home for about 4 months….but what was I doing  when I was waiting to pick my son up from school? 

 I would sit in my car and listen to this Crazy Shock Jock….D. J. Wendy Williams and her side kick Artie….life of the party!  Wendy had multiple personalities…that she would portray on the radio.

  Wendy would laugh,  and cry,  and drag you into her world of Zany thoughts, fears,  truths, “Toe is a Toe Analogies and the like!  I would laugh, and laugh and forget about my big stupid unhealed toe!  I would love to listen to Wendy like a soap opera!

  I couldn’t wait to hear her next arguementive interview!  She would have the HAWK sweep down in sound effects on her celebrity guest and I would just giggle  away the time while waiting  to pick up my son from school. 

 Her show became my secret time for myself to enjoy   stories, celebrity gossip and adult conversation even about sex, or sexual issues,  and external beauty from weaves, to hair clips and wigs!

 The best stuff that Wendy would talk about is our brothers and sisters who lead an alternative life style….I learned so much just from listening!  Wendy’s ‘HOW YOU DOIN’ was such a funny catch all phrase!

   I would sit there and try to say it too!—-But only to myself! 

 Artie her side kick a couple of years ago was rather strange with that Toe is a Toe issue….I could not quite grasp that concept….but it was interesting to hear how other people out side of my circle of thought —-really thought about life and relationships!  ….Especially black people. 

You see,  most humans that are not black skinned do not understand the varieties of people in the black community.  We have different views on so many topics in life….black is only a skin color….but it does not mean that we all eat or drink the same foods…like some other groups of people  might appear to do.  Because look, lets’  be honest….most of the ideas we have about each other are Sterotypes. 

 Well lets get back to my favorite Shock Jock Wendy Williams and her side Kick Charlemane!  The bottom line is this.  The other morning I was driving along and I heard Ms. Jones of Hot 97 making statements and saying Wendy Williams name and description of a terrible personal/business issue. 

 But Ms. Jones was apparently enjoying Ms. Wendy Williams problem.  (Now first of all….no disrespect to Ms.  Jones….because she is also a shock jock of a lesser level because she tends to have less interactive journalistic skills than Wendy Williams.  The difference is that Wendy Williams is investigative in her approach, whereas Ms. Jones accepts people’s ( I should say celebrity guest answers as gospel truth)  Wendy digs for the truth just like a dog digs for a bone! Sometimes Wendy’s celebrity guest get up and run from the room in the middle of an interview!  So much fun!   What they are getting is exposure!   

 I am wondering….if Ms. Jones went to college like Wendy Williams did? 

 Wendy Williams is a college educated Woman.  Are all radio DJ’s college educated?

  I just noticed that Wendy appears to have a lot of polish in her delivery.  Wendy Williams also tries to be creative in her shows.  To be fair to Ms. Jones…she does some funny skits…but the “Carmen”  who calls people on the telephone jack is getting a bit boring!  ****Charlemane —play the China “Hey” and the “crikets”!

—Let  us continue on….When I heard Ms. Jones making disrespectful, jokes about Wendy Williams alleged  domestic violence, and sexual problems with a co-worker and her husband….  I don’t know if it is really proper to make jokes about something that you are not completely sure is true on the radio….but it just did not work for me.  I thought it was rude. 

 But I did hear Ms. Jones  state that she is close to P.Diddy….  and Wendy Williams has a working business professional relationship with P. Diddy due to some bad blood issues in the past between them—so maybe that is the reason for the GREASY  statements…..The next morning on my way to work. 

 Ms. Jones continued being inappropriate in her delivery of a so-called news story that no one knows for sure is true about Wendy or not.

  I did not like it.  It bothered me…because it appeared that this was fake…or such a desparate attempt and descrediting Wendy Williams, in hopes of breaking her strong spirit that I actually felt sorry….not for Wendy…..but I felt sorry for Ms. Jones! 

—-But wait—-was a plot or plan just to prepare all of us for Wendy’s up coming movie?  I wonder!!!!

 I did not realize that Wendy was such a thorn in Ms. Jones side that she had to discuss her news worthy problems on air and even elude to stating….”go back on drugs” in reference it would seem to Wendy regarding her well known….book and movie detail about her drug addiction issues—to which one of  Ms. Jones sidekicks  Michael Shawn (sorry about the spelling) 

told her  “No…don’t say that!” Ms. Jones,  apparently is not as happy as she has stated about her recent marriage and all like that.

  So what you guys work for different radio stations….is it that serious to wish someone….another humanbeing to take a drug….which would be their down fall? 

Would you really make a comment like that? 

 Do you think that over the top grease would get people to continue to listen to your program? 

OHHHHH….. That is right….Most shock jocks…say things for shock value any way? 

Well, true that….well then read this….Grow up Ms. Jones…you are not in junior highschool any more!

  No Wendy Williams does not need to entertain your sad response to the allegations that I am not sure are true or a lie….but  to be fair….don’t wish another human being to become a drug addict….IT IS JUST NOT COOL! 

 Wendy is funny,  sometimes  also a bit mean on the radio, and her opinions are not all that I would agree with…..but she does give food for thought! 

 Ms.  Jones you just reminded me of a 14 year old girl or dislikes another girl and strikes at her weakness…but purely for the evil fun of it.

  Look…..Wendy Williams is a mother, and so is Ms. Jones ….they both hail from African American Families….but why go out to distroy each other?

 What is the point? 

 We as a black community need to come together and begin to heal from within!  That we must start on our own…..don’t you agree…..Ms. Jones?

Wendy Williams has interns,  and college scholarship programs…. Ms. Jones In the Morning Hot 97—What are you offering young minorities in our diaspara of African,  Hispanic and mixed raced Young men and Women…..All you can say is to “Go back on Drugs—–???????”  

Ms. Jones….you may not like a person….but you do not have to wish evil….but I guess you were just being the GREAT Shock Jock of Hot 97! 

Well,  Wendy Williams Experience  has always been a friend in my head.  I met Wendy in the Barnes and Nobles at the Book Signing for “Drama is her middle Name”–I took my son and told her his name. 

 She said that is a nice name.  I told her that she had helped me through of rough time when I was ill by making me laugh.  I left and went home with my signed book.  I was happy and glad that I got to meet the face behind the radio show.

  I just want Wendy to stay on the air.  I wish her well in all that she does.  I hope she continues to strive to be the best.

Go Hard on Everything Wendy Williams Experience and Charlemane  stay by her side…..P.S.  I wish they could extend to hours from 2pm to 8pm!!!  I know…Vaughn comes on at 7pm!  LOLOLO!!!!


Shock Jock Don Imus–Back in the Saddle–with two Black Comedians by his side! What Could be Funnier?!! LOL!

JEWELZ HAND.jpg  J.  Jewelz, my son drew this depiction of his hand for class and gave me permission to use it as my perception of radio media or media in general and their influence over us the capitve public.

Citadel Broadcasting Corp : http://www.citadelbroadcasting.com/ 

WABC-AM: http://www.wabcradio.com

According to America On line News the above listed locations are where you can watch or listen to Mr.  Imus.   But I have a question!

What makes jokes funny?  What gives an internal click in your thoughts,  memories,  dreams,  personal experiences when you listen to a comedian and then you suddenly ERUPT!  Like a volcano into what we could aCHUCKLE,  LAUGH,  GIGGLE,  SNORTLE, GAWPAH, etc.

  When is a Court Jester entertaining?  Is there a certain level of intelligence needed inorder to find a joke FUNNY?  Is there an IQ level needed to understand and laugh at certain jokes?  Does a group of human beings have to be able to agree that a topic,  or statement is funny in order to laugh as a group?

  How do you determine what is a funny statement,  funny joke,  funny circumstance funny?  What is the litmus (scientific test) test to determine what makes a joke funny?  From Comedians like Steve Harvey,  Martin Lawrence, Don Rickles,  Eddy Murphy,  and I guess most of all based on my question Don Imus—-What makes a comedian really reach his or her crowd?  

January 6, 2008–addition to this writ:  A Detail of the certain “Comedians and what makes them “funny.”

  • Steve Harvey:  Has a comic appeal from his natural “southern comfort” accent to his practical approach to every day life.  His use of “characters” on the WBLS 107.5 morning show with Steve Harvey and “Nephew Tommy”,  “the King and the Young King”, with Lady support of “Carla and Shirley Strawberry” are great morning drive to work entertainment! 
  •  Sometimes Steve annoys me when he picks on His “Young King”–Nephew Tommy…but it is all in good fun! 
  •  The show does not pick on races,  but there are hints of racial discussion only based on current events. 
  • Steve is busy discussing “the Strawberry Letter” in which listeners request a “type of counseling regarding “real” personal issues.” 
  • Steve and his crew try to answer as openly, and practically as possible. 
  • Sometimes Steve shows a great deal of love and compassion for his listening audience, to the actual point of vocalized emotion, and audible tears
  • –for example a rather famous R&B singer died in 2007  and it was evident that Steve Harvey felt the great amount of loss in his discussion and treatment of the topic during the morning program.  It was very touching. 
  •  Steve and his crew also try to pull the listening community together  with “team building efforts” as well. For example he recently had a “college football musical band” competition being run. 
  •  He wants all of those bands from the Q-Dog Fraternities etc.  to join in! 
  •  They have to send a clip of their band in action and it will be judged!  That is GOOD CLEAN FUN!
  • Wendy Williams Experience on 107.5 is another example of a talk show that has a bit of the Zing and Bling of R&B pop-culture.
  • Wendy Williams program is generally on the cutting EDGE of HIP/HOP Rap Music and celebrity gossip.
  • Wendy Williams tends to pull her listening audience out to comedy nights every Wednesday where her audience can see her live and in person–OR “Dons and Divas socials and parties.
  •  Despite the fact that she states that she is selfconscious when she goes to these social events…she goes any way and maintains a visual and interactive connection with her 107.5 faithful band of “DONS AND DIVAS!” 
  • Wendy Williams does discuss current events to a certain extent—but mainly issues that pertain to daily life like plastic surgery, parenting from her perspective of course as a working mother;  family ties, and of course her job itself and how she got where she is today. 
  • Wendy Williams also has the desire to listen to her audience—which sometimes proves to have more comic relief than expected. 
  • She is generally not rude to her callers that request advice about issues in their lives or their friends lives…
  • but sometimes she can be aggressive in her counseling and thoughts on a given issue.
  • Wendy Williams likes to joke,  or imagine, or analyize certain celebrites and how they handle their personal issues. 
  •  That stuff  can be quite funny as she talks to  various celebs,  or  gossip magazines, or her side kick Charlemain the G-d —who gives a southern modern country “boy”(no disrepect intended) or should I say lovingly —THUG—    perspective.
  • Wendy Williams also tends to bring her listening audience in on her own self reflection from time to time as she talks thoroughout her four hour program.  —That is an endearing quality because she lets her humanity shine through.   

 At the Apollo theatre,  that I have watch over the years on regular television, late Saturday night,  the have the “Sand Man”  who comes out and dances a silly dance and pushes the bad preformer, or the not funny comedian off the stage.  The Apollo Theatre audience is “UNFORGIVING” in their response to acts that do not foot the bill. 

 If you can make it here….atleast you will not be humiliated in from of a couple of hundred people and a late night television audience.  But Don Imus was not only “kicked off of the Stage”  a couple of months ago….but he was fired too. 

 Now that means that what he called being funny,–what Don Imus called a “Joke”–was not considered to be a joke by the majority of people who heard that ALLEGED joke that used the phrase  NAPPY HEADED in a sentence in reference to African American female college students that happened to be on a Basketball Team that had just won a championship.  

 The concept that was stated in the Amercia On line Article by Deepti Hajela, AP Posted 2007-12-03 called,  ” AN APOLOGETIC IMUS IS BACK ON THE AIR,” an aparently die-hard fan of Mr.  Imus stated, (according to Hajela) “It was supposed to be a comedy context,  A comedy show-Walter said.  “He (Don Imus) said something that was supposed to be funny and everybody beat him over the head for it.” 1

As I asked early in this my little rit on Sir Imus–Lord of all that is “SUPPOSED TO BE FUNNY—BUT SOME HOW FALLS DESPARETLY SHORT,”   what makes comedy,  comedy?  How do we test if a joke, a statement is funny or not?

  Some how that whole concept of comedian and court Jester takes me that back to  the 14th and 16th century—if a court jester was not pleasing a “king” for example….there was always the potential of being beheaded!

  Expecially if the COURT JESTER was making reference to some problem of the Kings!~  you know some moment of indescretion that people had become of aware of.  If the king was not pleased with those references the court jester was eliminated for ever! 

So back again to my question of what makes Don Imus funny to some of his audience.  Why does that listening audience want a diet of what Mr.  Imus puts out over the airways?

  Is it that Mr.  Imus has the “guts” to say what is on the mind of MIDDLE AMERICA?  Does Don Imus speak for a majority of people that think that being a female,  African American on a Wining Team from college is FUNNY?  wHAT IS SO FUNNY ABOUT THAT? 

First of all being an African American woman myself I have come to live all of my 47 years  trying to achieve and grow and be a leader.  I do not want to hear someone  make reference to my ethnic, or racial “markings”—or identifiers like my big hips,  wide nose,  dark complexion, or “nappy” hair when I am sitting in an open forum….even if it is supposed to be comedy! 

To be honest I feel hurt,  and embarressment when a person who is not black makes reference to my hair texture, my lack of free flowing hair and dark skin.  I grew up in a mixed race situation.  A family friend had lived with us for a while named Irene.  Irene was Irish American.  She never made reference t0 my father,  my mother, or my looks or appearance on a racial level. So why is talking about someone’s race considered funny?  Isn’t the phrase “Art Imitates Life—or  Life imitates Art”; which one is it?

 I am not just talking ab0ut Mr.  Imus here.  I am talking about the other BLACK  AND WHITE c0medians.  They are all guilty of the same crime.  SPEAKING ABOUT RACE CANNOT EVER BE VERY FUNNY—not with all of the struggles our American,  European,  African,  Indian have suffered–the sterotypes,  the slavery,  the maltreatment,  the human rights issues etc.  All of this is based on a  families based on race,  financial struggles,  (alleged IQ issues,)—So when again I ask—do we consider a REMARK as FUNNY?

Is domestic violence ever funny?  Is mental illness ever funny—I mean in a general audience context?  You do not know who was a victim of domestic violence.  Some people are still recovering from serious issues and circumstances.  You don’t see people wearing  signs that state…”please do not make domestic violence jokes, —I was once or are still am a victim of domestic violence! 

—So again I ask—how do we as a society rate what is going to be considered FUNNY TOPICS?  Babies and the funny things they do as they grow and mature have funny images,  actions,  etc.  Toddlers are funny as they grow and mature and discover the world at eye level, and crawl level. 

 Cats and dogs are funny in how they relate to their domesticated living circumstances and being owned by a human.  There are so many “funny” videos on America’s Funniest Videos.  Some videos on that show are not funny to me. 

Videos in which it may seem that someone did or had the potencial of being hurt or injured in some serious way.  I do not find person on person violence—(a.k.a. The Three Stooges)  funny. 

Maybe I am too much of a stuffed shirt.  But I do not like the N- word reference funny when it comes out of a BLACK OR AFRICAN AMERICAN comedian EITHER!  Hey….I am not giving out free lunch today on this issue.  Everybody is guilty of forgetting the life and death struggles of all of our ancestors….black and white. 

  So let us begin at the beginning!  Remember the hurt and the pain of being a slave….remember the hurt and the pain of being abused because of race,  creed or lifestyle…..then remember yourself as a child when you were bullied by a big kid, take all that into consideration and think of it next time you make a joke about someone you do not even know personally.  I hope that Mr. Imus would do the same. 

 We all want respect,  we all want love, and we all need shelter and decent jobs.  So again,  according to Hajela, the author of “An Apologetic Imus Is Back on the Air.”–Mr.  Imus has been reaching 40 million house holds with his spin on  what is funny.

 To go with that  he has a contract or did have one before he was fired for $40 million dollars!!!!!  Wow!  Can I make that kind of money too…..just to talk trash to the rich and wealthy? 

I know how to interview,  and ask some questions.  But the point here is —when you are paid $40 million dollars a year–are’nt you responsible –or atleast would not it be the wise thing to organize your show a certain way? 

Not censorship—but respect to other humanbeings  would possibly help to decrease this racial divide.  —Why would you not consider the responsibilty to your audience.   Oh,  that is right! 

 Don Imus is still considered an icon to Middle America— that is why wouldn’t certain people  would not speak out against his flip remark.  It is time for America to grow up.  We need to attain a goal for  schooling our children and even adults on proper race relations. 



JEWELZ HAND.jpg7th Grade JEWELZ HAND ***(This picture was done two years ago by J-Jewelz.)*** -My son’s interpertation of his hand.—I asked his permission to use it as my interpertation of media and it’s control over our listening ears in this society today 2007 and beyond!

Why is it that this society loves to have an unending diet of hatred,  ignorance and disrespect tossed and bantered about the radio waves like a volley ball? 

Why can’t we all get along? 

I heard on 1010 wins—my  usual radio news program that I listen to while driving….that Don Imus is going to get a black side kick!

  Do they really think that is going to do anything to prevent him from making inappropriate statements? 

Whoever sits there unless it is Whoopy Goldberg, or Rosey O’Donnel will just be a YESUH,  YESUH BOSS person —like the STEPIN’FETCH-IT of my mothers days!  Ugh!

  It is so disgusting.  But I will not lie. I might have done the same for the type of money if I  was offered the chance. 

 But I would not sit there like “Robin” does for that  other ICK, YACK ,YUCK,  radio talk show Host— who went to satillight dish radio with his always inappropriate talk show. 

“Robin”  yuck,  yucks it up and laughs all the way to the bank. 

 ((((I can’t remember this guys name but you know who it is.  He has dark black hair and he is tall.  He is very rich, and I believe he divorced his wife.—-you know a realy winner/looser in my opinion because he talks in sterotypical terms on men,  women,  himself etc. )))) —I got it now!!!  Its a gentleman named Howard Stern.

It is annoying.  BUT—HE does have an audience that eats that stuff up.  Okay,  lets be honest. 

***Please help me out here—what is that guys name with the black female side kick to all of his obnoxious statements yucking it up to the bank and laughing at all of the nonesense that goes with his show?—please comment and tell me this guy’s  name!—Thanks!

 I do listen to Wendy Williams (((at 107.5 WBLS))).***  She does say inappropriate stuff sometimes….or rather it borders on inappropriate topics!!! 

 But Wendy tends to attack only the RICH AND WEALTHY—not the poor up and coming young people in our world today like Mr.  Imus did. 

If Wendy has something to say to a person she generally states it to the person.  Generally it is to rich folk who are grown enough to handle it.   (Like Puffy, P. Diddy-Diddy and the like*****)   

 An example would be how she and HER sidekick Charlmane The –G-d!      They try to let young women who appear to have confused concepts on their path in life and how they allow themselves to be  badly treated in their personal relationships—-So Wendy calls them “DONKEYs—THEY EVEN HAVE A SONG FOR THEM. LOL! —Look nobody is perfect. —But the difference between Wendy is that she speaks directly to the young people that are actually asking for her insight in life experiences.  It seems hard to believe but some of these young people take  Wendy quite seriously and then they make their own decisions. 

But Mr. Imus talks about people he probably would not even think about unless he was at work. 

 Wendy Williams comes to the Hood,  promotes the hood  and even has scholarships for young women and gives them opportunities to do internships! 

Who has Don Imus Mentored?  I will leave that to your imagination!


I hope that this re-assignment to his perch does not have Mr.  Imus –who by the way is not a young wippersapper and does know the damage he is doing–

I hope he does not crow up another worldwind of negativity between blacks, whites, browns, yellows, etc.  We are all bleeding red!

  We need each other!  –Just like the sea animals need the ocean.  We are one in the same as a human race. 

 I do not believe that we could survive without the other in the world.  Family does not always get along….but deliberate acts of self-hatred between the races will jeopardize our childrens, children in the generations to come. 

 Please,  you may not agree with me.  But lets try to maintain and manage those radio jocks who have the power of the air ways and have the power of influence with the media attention and commerical air time

 If you do not sponsor or agree with some negative statements speakout!  

 Why wait for the AL SHARPTON’S OF THE WORLD to speak out for you?! 

 Think it through.  That statement about those basketball players was uncalled for. 

 So I hope Mr.  Imus learned his lesson!  KEEP IT LIGHT MR. IMUS AND THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!   I hope the radio producers know what they are doing! 

It is not fair when radio jocks try to make abrupt and thoughtless statements  about COLLEGE STUDENTS–or anybody for that matter. 

It is ususally stated that it is not fair to talk about somebody who is not present in the room.

  Well,  I have a better one. 



I will be listening and I will respond.



AS  I state:

Try to look past race, and look into your neighbors heart,  and see that we are all basically the same. 

 We all have same basic needs…..food,  clothing,  shelter, love.  To me the most important thing***after food and shelter is to have  LOVE!