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Was yesterday for REAL?  Did Ms. Jones….Hot 97 officically sign off the radio?  What was that all about?  I was driving and listening to Ms. Jones and she and DJ Envy was talkin’ some stuff about this is their last show and all like that?  What did I miss these past few weeks?  I mean, like, you know,  Ms. Jones was making all kinda Jokes about Wendy Williams when the EEO drama came up…and NOW???!!!  What happened to Ms. Jones? 

But then it seemed like a joke or somethin’…because she was sayin’ that they were having a good-bye hello party someplace…and then she said that she will have her own television show on BET!!!!  WOW!  GOOD LOOK MS. JONES…YOU GO GIRL!!!!!

ALL JOKES ASIDE!  I am happy for both SHOCK JOCKS..WENDY WILLIAMS AND MS. JONES!  THEY  ARE ANSWERING TO THE COMMUINTY OF YOUNG PEOPLE AND THEIR MUSIC!  WENDY OF COURSE IS A gossipnesta….Diva of how to draw out celebs and their personal ish….Ms. Jones is good at being very hip, very ghetto, very aware of community issues..i.e. Sean Bell.  (For example,  Ms. Jones had been on the radio that next day after the court  case was settled regarding Sean Bell,  but she allowed her audience to really,  really vent!  Even Ms.  Jones Vented.  She vented so much that she actually used the forbidden “N” word on a caller.  I was like “Wow”!  She really had CAUGHT SOME FEELIN’S ABOUT that case and she expressed it very clearly although very ghetto in delivery. )

So getting back to her new television show….Let us see who will beat who in the ratings!  Wendy Williams with her querky,  supersize me,  size 12 toes and super highheeled shoes….also extreme hairstyles and over the top HOW YOU DOIN’S—VERSUS  Ms. Jones with her Shananay sounding straight from the hood, candy store going,  girl around the way voice and delivery….with side kicks D.J. Envy,  etc….Good luck Ladies…and keep pushing it….so that other youngsters coming up will follow behind in the roads that you  will pave for future Radio/TV personalities!

Nope…you guys will NEVER BE OPRA!!!!  But you just might beat out Tyra Banks talk show ….for sure….Especially Ms. Jones.

Ms. Jones has her heart, and her hear to the streets.  Suddenly Wendy seems to have NO PATIENCE WITH EXTREMELY GHETTO….DONKEY TYPE FOLKS….AS SHE AND side kick Charlemane state.  Wendy hangs up because she just ‘CAN’T’—


Ms. Jones said her show will be on BET in September……wow!  she will have to bring hard to catch up to Wendy’s steam….based on how Wendy does for those 6 weeks on Fox Den Bar  Cable.


Charlemane…be nice to Ms. Wendy….she done had a tough year chile!—Charlemane….dance with Ms. Wendy and you do not have to say HOW YOU DO’IN?! iF YOU DO NOT WANT TO….JUST DO THAT LITTLE DANCE “LITTLE MAN”—IT JUST SOUNDS CUTE ON RADIO….LAWD,  KNOWS HOW IT’S GONNA LOOK ON TV!!!!

So is Ms. Jones really off the radio though?  Can  anyone out there tell me?

Wendy did not loose anything….she still got her radio show and also gets a TV show too!—-Hi—haters!

Wendy Gurl….stay strong and do it…..as you say Wendy—-Go hard or go home!

And Ms. Jones…you stay strong and stay you!!!!


# 1 — Ariticle on the topic****The Masterful Queen and King of the Shock Jocks—The Wendy Williams Experience—Wendy Williams and Side Kick Charlemane!!!! Forever on Top! Put that Back there Ms. Hot 97…Jones in The Morning!!!!

Life Starts Here—Painted by Riveroflifelisajoy

 I can’t write now…not until I get the full details.  But,  listen Wendy Williams…..Stay our Talk Show Host for the Inner City Adults!  We need our personal views, opinions, and problems to have a voice!  Take care and I will  write more….Inspirational of course!

Okay, I am back.  Let me start this off right!  Like Wendy says during her talk show on WBLS 107.5  “Go Hard or Go Home!”   —Well this is how I came to know of the Wendy Williams talk show… I was sick. 

 I really just had this terrible big toe infection.  They wanted to cut off that big stupid toe!  I had an open wound on my big left toe.  What a trauma for a Lady who loved the nail salons!

Well, this is not about my big stupid toe….so let us move forward into my topic.  The Toe kept me home for about 4 months….but what was I doing  when I was waiting to pick my son up from school? 

 I would sit in my car and listen to this Crazy Shock Jock….D. J. Wendy Williams and her side kick Artie….life of the party!  Wendy had multiple personalities…that she would portray on the radio.

  Wendy would laugh,  and cry,  and drag you into her world of Zany thoughts, fears,  truths, “Toe is a Toe Analogies and the like!  I would laugh, and laugh and forget about my big stupid unhealed toe!  I would love to listen to Wendy like a soap opera!

  I couldn’t wait to hear her next arguementive interview!  She would have the HAWK sweep down in sound effects on her celebrity guest and I would just giggle  away the time while waiting  to pick up my son from school. 

 Her show became my secret time for myself to enjoy   stories, celebrity gossip and adult conversation even about sex, or sexual issues,  and external beauty from weaves, to hair clips and wigs!

 The best stuff that Wendy would talk about is our brothers and sisters who lead an alternative life style….I learned so much just from listening!  Wendy’s ‘HOW YOU DOIN’ was such a funny catch all phrase!

   I would sit there and try to say it too!—-But only to myself! 

 Artie her side kick a couple of years ago was rather strange with that Toe is a Toe issue….I could not quite grasp that concept….but it was interesting to hear how other people out side of my circle of thought —-really thought about life and relationships!  ….Especially black people. 

You see,  most humans that are not black skinned do not understand the varieties of people in the black community.  We have different views on so many topics in life….black is only a skin color….but it does not mean that we all eat or drink the same foods…like some other groups of people  might appear to do.  Because look, lets’  be honest….most of the ideas we have about each other are Sterotypes. 

 Well lets get back to my favorite Shock Jock Wendy Williams and her side Kick Charlemane!  The bottom line is this.  The other morning I was driving along and I heard Ms. Jones of Hot 97 making statements and saying Wendy Williams name and description of a terrible personal/business issue. 

 But Ms. Jones was apparently enjoying Ms. Wendy Williams problem.  (Now first of all….no disrespect to Ms.  Jones….because she is also a shock jock of a lesser level because she tends to have less interactive journalistic skills than Wendy Williams.  The difference is that Wendy Williams is investigative in her approach, whereas Ms. Jones accepts people’s ( I should say celebrity guest answers as gospel truth)  Wendy digs for the truth just like a dog digs for a bone! Sometimes Wendy’s celebrity guest get up and run from the room in the middle of an interview!  So much fun!   What they are getting is exposure!   

 I am wondering….if Ms. Jones went to college like Wendy Williams did? 

 Wendy Williams is a college educated Woman.  Are all radio DJ’s college educated?

  I just noticed that Wendy appears to have a lot of polish in her delivery.  Wendy Williams also tries to be creative in her shows.  To be fair to Ms. Jones…she does some funny skits…but the “Carmen”  who calls people on the telephone jack is getting a bit boring!  ****Charlemane —play the China “Hey” and the “crikets”!

—Let  us continue on….When I heard Ms. Jones making disrespectful, jokes about Wendy Williams alleged  domestic violence, and sexual problems with a co-worker and her husband….  I don’t know if it is really proper to make jokes about something that you are not completely sure is true on the radio….but it just did not work for me.  I thought it was rude. 

 But I did hear Ms. Jones  state that she is close to P.Diddy….  and Wendy Williams has a working business professional relationship with P. Diddy due to some bad blood issues in the past between them—so maybe that is the reason for the GREASY  statements…..The next morning on my way to work. 

 Ms. Jones continued being inappropriate in her delivery of a so-called news story that no one knows for sure is true about Wendy or not.

  I did not like it.  It bothered me…because it appeared that this was fake…or such a desparate attempt and descrediting Wendy Williams, in hopes of breaking her strong spirit that I actually felt sorry….not for Wendy…..but I felt sorry for Ms. Jones! 

—-But wait—-was a plot or plan just to prepare all of us for Wendy’s up coming movie?  I wonder!!!!

 I did not realize that Wendy was such a thorn in Ms. Jones side that she had to discuss her news worthy problems on air and even elude to stating….”go back on drugs” in reference it would seem to Wendy regarding her well known….book and movie detail about her drug addiction issues—to which one of  Ms. Jones sidekicks  Michael Shawn (sorry about the spelling) 

told her  “No…don’t say that!” Ms. Jones,  apparently is not as happy as she has stated about her recent marriage and all like that.

  So what you guys work for different radio stations….is it that serious to wish someone….another humanbeing to take a drug….which would be their down fall? 

Would you really make a comment like that? 

 Do you think that over the top grease would get people to continue to listen to your program? 

OHHHHH….. That is right….Most shock jocks…say things for shock value any way? 

Well, true that….well then read this….Grow up Ms. Jones…you are not in junior highschool any more!

  No Wendy Williams does not need to entertain your sad response to the allegations that I am not sure are true or a lie….but  to be fair….don’t wish another human being to become a drug addict….IT IS JUST NOT COOL! 

 Wendy is funny,  sometimes  also a bit mean on the radio, and her opinions are not all that I would agree with…..but she does give food for thought! 

 Ms.  Jones you just reminded me of a 14 year old girl or dislikes another girl and strikes at her weakness…but purely for the evil fun of it.

  Look…..Wendy Williams is a mother, and so is Ms. Jones ….they both hail from African American Families….but why go out to distroy each other?

 What is the point? 

 We as a black community need to come together and begin to heal from within!  That we must start on our own…..don’t you agree…..Ms. Jones?

Wendy Williams has interns,  and college scholarship programs…. Ms. Jones In the Morning Hot 97—What are you offering young minorities in our diaspara of African,  Hispanic and mixed raced Young men and Women…..All you can say is to “Go back on Drugs—–???????”  

Ms. Jones….you may not like a person….but you do not have to wish evil….but I guess you were just being the GREAT Shock Jock of Hot 97! 

Well,  Wendy Williams Experience  has always been a friend in my head.  I met Wendy in the Barnes and Nobles at the Book Signing for “Drama is her middle Name”–I took my son and told her his name. 

 She said that is a nice name.  I told her that she had helped me through of rough time when I was ill by making me laugh.  I left and went home with my signed book.  I was happy and glad that I got to meet the face behind the radio show.

  I just want Wendy to stay on the air.  I wish her well in all that she does.  I hope she continues to strive to be the best.

Go Hard on Everything Wendy Williams Experience and Charlemane  stay by her side…..P.S.  I wish they could extend to hours from 2pm to 8pm!!!  I know…Vaughn comes on at 7pm!  LOLOLO!!!!