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What Summer Means To Me~Riveroflifelisajoy

Chirping birds wake

me up and

I see a day

full of hope

And if it is


I feel free to

plan and

decide my day!

Whisper to me

dew on the grass

Look for me

for time will

quickly pass

like the petals of

a sunflower

broad and yellow

my heart begins to

feel mellow,

comforted by the

warmth of

the summer sun

like the smell of

just baked

cinnemon buns

Cool like the

breeze from the


I stand on the

beach and wrap myself

in my oversize towel

and grab a bag

of chips and

watch my son

play in the waves

of Rockaway Beach

Tomorrow we will

go to Jones Beach and

lay around the pool side

and sun ourselves

turning our dark skin

darker and loving the

continous celebration of


Tennis on the courts of Roy Wilkins

Park with the

Bill Briggs Junior

Academy of YOuth and


Kids Day, Tennis events,

Tennis Tournments,

and Barbeques!

Tennis Camp, and

Fun in the Sun…

ValleyStream Park and Clay Tennis Courts

and Barbeques–Mid summer

fun, oh,

please never end!

Watching my son play

with his friends, tennis, or swimming

I wish this time

in life would never end!

Sun set after 8:30pm

Rides to Freeport to walk the

Nautical Mile to hear

live band music and

look at the show of

the rich and powerful

out for a hot summer

night on the town

Tanned skin in

black or white  dresses with  gold and silver jewelry dazzeling!

 and  men in white sport shirts, driving expensive luxury cars…

Yachts pulled up to the pricey resturants at the Nautical Mile…What

Show of  unashamed wealth…during the summer at the Nautical Mile!

Some will stroll

the avenue of  the Freeport

Nautical Mile down from

Guy Lombardo Street,

off from Sunrise

busy, busy Highway–

The ocean smells

fill the air and

though I am poor

and cannot pay the

restaurant prices on

the nautical mile the

walk is enough…and

then I go home,

I walk back to my car

with my son and his

friend,  having small

talk and laughing

about our summer

funfilled day!

The seagulls fly

over head enjoying the

heat, and seeking food,

I drive swiftly home,

and  relax under

the air conditioner

Summer is free,

Summer is fun!

Next day we drive out

to Splish Splash

in RiverHead Long Island!

The lazyriver calls

to me, and

I lower myself into

it and recline on the oversize

innertube that

reminds me of my

childhood in


when my parents had

purchased an above ground

swimming pool and

brought black innertubes

from the junk car

dealer around

the corner from

our house and I lounged

and swirled around

in our five foot

above ground


Yes I was spoiled, but

that is why I love summer

so very much!  My heart

belongs to the Summer

Sun!  Summer fun,  Summer

days,  that bring that

hot Summer haze,

My eyes will forever

seek the love of

the Summer Sun,

my body will seek the

summer heat, and then

retreat when I have had

enough into the

air conditioned

store of Western Beef!

Go there yourself and

feel the cold meat department

in the Summer!  Oh, what great

Summer fun! 

So many places to find

the unexpected cool and

break from my

beloved summer sun!

Oh, see, how I am?

I cannnot wait!

Oh, do hurry Summer…

and do not delay!

I waited all winter —

just for the day….Oh summer

please just don’t delay!