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Christian Authors For World Relief

This is wonderful.

Advent Bible Study

Attention all Christian writers and nonprofit organizations. I’ve been discussing a concept with some people in different parts of the world to see how we can create a network to work with each other and both sides can benefit. What do you think?

Authors donate their works to nonprofit organizations who print those books in countries it costs a fortune to ship to. The nonprofit organizations sell those books to raise funds to cover operating costs. Here is the basic concept.

Authors must own all copy rights on their books and have total control over those copy rights. Authors enter into an agreement that protects both parties. Nonprofit organizations overseas receive electronic copies of those books with limited distribution rights. Nonprofit organizations have books printed locally and handle price and distribution. Nonprofit organizations cover the costs of printing, taxes, translations, and other costs. There is no financial risk to authors…

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Fun Reality: House Wives of the Potomac

Well, here again another public enjoyment!  I love this because I enjoy seeing all the various lifestyles.  The clothing,  the issues, the arguments are amazing.  I am a woman of color who has worked for 25 years in law enforcement.  I wore a uniform to work everyday. So my enjoyment is  pretending that I have beautiful hair and slim body and walk in closets with hair dressers and makeup artists to put me together.  LOL!  I wish I could have some body to get my face ready for work everyday!  The  Housewives complain about silly things…but I enjoy it!  Because I did a dangerous job and did not  have time  for such stuff.

I am retired now, so I can sit back and watch them dispute about  personal issues or public ones inside of these wonderfully built modern homes with swimming pools, Bentleys, and private jets.

I will never have those things…I sit and marvel at the House Wives and wonder how come  I was born on the OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKs.  But  I still enjoy the show.

Next blog  I will highlight and actual episode.


Fun Reality: Keeping up with the Kardashians

     Looking at the Kardashians is  Great!  I love the show.  I can relate to it…on some levels. I love watching the family issues,  light and heavy.  I enjoy the lovely homes that they live in and the trips that they take.  I love looking at the clothes they wear.  I love the baptizing of little North West.  I loved watching Kanye being  present  with his  wife and child for the baptism. I love when the entire  family went on trips with Bruce Jenner to Greece.  I love the show.  I just  enjoy it  so much.  I love having  the  walk in closets and  the family  discussions and interventions.  


Ok,  now  for the detail on my views.  I just  got cable  tv in August.  I have only heard or  seen Kardashians on the internet.  So  I had the  same  negative views as some of  the  so-called haters. However,  I actually did not  know the story of the family or Kim Kardashian  until I got my cable tv installed.  But to be honest it  is  hard to comprehend some of their issues,  but  most are  pretty clear to me.

  • Sometimes it is  fun to see shows that  seem to present reality.  However, it was so funny when Kendal’s large puppy pooped in the Chris Jenner home.  It was so funny,  because I have  owned dogs and I know the struggle when you allow pets in the house. I was not  laughing at them..but  rather could  so relate…no body ever  seem to have an idea what it was like raising my son, caring for an sick mom and working a full time  law enforcement job.  So the poop on the floor  episode was hilarious.

Tune in to next blog on more of highlights of the Kardashians and my views on them.






Flint Michigan? NO WATER??

What has gone wrong in Flint Michigan?  No Water?

Boy am I scared.  I am watching a reporter telling about  Flint Michigan and the water  that has been tainted with lead. When did this Governor go wrong?  What is to become of the poor people of Flint Michigan.  FEMA has been to Flint and delivered  28,00000 bottles  to the 100,00000 people that live there.

Can that  happen in New York?  What are we doing to prevent tainted water in all of the United States?  Can FEMA deliver enough water for the entire country?

I have seen water purchases increase over the years.  I never used to be such a water drinker…however I am beginning to realize that I need to go out and  just collect  water as much as possible. I know that we have been told to create READINESS PACKAGES in case of emergency.  But I have  been unable to buy enough water that I can store for emergencies.  So what do I do?  I have to pay rent,  I have to buy food,  I have  a family to maintain.  Now this  latest horrible mistake has caused me to consider buying  more  water.

What do you think?  jewelz-hand1

The sign of the times is upon us.  How should we protect ourselves from the mistakes of the persons in charge of our  drinking water?  How can we stop this from going  global.  Suggestions  please, because  I want to be proactive on this issue. Thanks.