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NATURE AND MEETS CONSTRUCTION BY RIVEOFLIFELISAJOYIf you treat people right, and you do right, I don’t think that God will let anything happen to you that you cannot cope with. 

 He has let us live all this time through thick and thin.  People are not so bad.

  All you have to do is just trust God and know that everything will work out all right. 

If you treat people right,  God will see that you are taken care of.  If you have needs, he will provide them.

Trust God, he will see you through.

I never found that there was anyone against me. 

Even when we used to live in a different place than the one we live now….nobody was really against me. 

 God has provided and taken care of me and mine.

Just trust God and he will see you through.

*****Reflections by MadelineGertrude after a weekend without heat and hot water in due to economic problems.  The heat was put on after 12 midnight by NationalGrid//Keyspan.

This is riveroflifelisajoy…..My mother has always be a sense of strength and security —now you see why.