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big-summer-sky-at-dusk.jpgLook,  I am not a politics buff….but one thing I do know…..I heard 1010Wins  RADIO ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE,  state  that Hillary  Clinton is considering conceding defeat?!!!!


 Whaaaaaattt?????!!!!  Impossible says I!  NOt to be believed says I!  Hillary Clinton could not possibly give in so easily? 


 I was at a job related function yesterday and I heard  a several teachers, and a principal of a school discussing the issue.


  Some were thinking over the experience issues between Hillary and Obama.  It was interesting to hear.  One person who was black did not seem so impressed with Obama’s experience. 


 While another person who was also black,  was apparently happy about Obama’s  too close to the White House success in the primaries nationally! 


 They then compared how Jessie Jackson had made a bid for the White House.  However, they then  considered that Jessie Jackson did not appeal to middle America in his stance on issues or his way of speech or both. 


 They thought about it and bantered the topic,  but is was obvious who had Obama political fever and who did not. 


 I sat there for a minute, since I was not directly in the conversation, and I did start to get a little bit in awe of the history taking place before our eyes, and ears! 


My father was a World War II Veteran….my father cared for his wife and children.  My father brought a house in SpringfieldGardens that had a acre lot and a large bongalo house. 


My dreams have been realized through the fact that my father dared to dream and dared to step out from his comfort zone!  So  dreamers can be success stories!  Ya know?


 Mr. Obama,  I will definitely keep you, and Hillary Clinton in my prayers.  This is a momentous moment in time….savor it,  inhale it,  taste it! 


 It tastes like a green meadow at sunrise, wet with the dew of promise after a  midnight of malstrom storms and thunderous clamor. 


 Let that clamor and noise be the change of the century!


  Let Obama and Hillary bring fourth a New Begining for the future of mankind and the world!


Till next Hillary and Obama blog—



J. Michael Bloom remembered by Lisa Joy…Thank you for the memories Mr. Bloom


NO,  I did not become a rich and famous person by my association with the J. Michael Bloom & Associates.  But I did become wealthy in understanding of the world around me and it’s possibilties!

  I went to the J. Michael Bloom company when I was about 21 years old.  I worked there for about 5 years.  I  always had a way of being that allowed me to be in places that expected descrete conduct!  I guess  I made an impression and I was hired by company.

  I was also quite shy!  But I loved actors, and acting.  While I attended Queens College I had taken stage direction class.

  When I was a child my mother (in an effort to break me from my with drawn behavior) placed me in an  acting class and I played the lead role to “Member of the Wedding” stage play. 

So I really thought about acting when I was older and understood what it was about a littler better than when I was nine years old.   I loved to decide how a stage play should be handled, but I was too shy to even cope at that point in my life. 

 I was very withdrawn in some areas of my life.  But the J. Michael Bloom company did not judge me.  They liked me and they hired me.  The office manager was very kind and motherly in her approach toward me. 

 Once I had been in a car accident,  the J. Michael Bloom and Associates Office Manager,  Janice Morrision placed me on the health insurance to protect my health for the future.

  I was still quite shy….but they were full of compassion on a young  sheltered woman as myself.  I really appreciated that.

  Although the office manager placed me on their health insurance coverage,  that had to come from the top of the orangization!  J. Michael Bloom the man,  had trusted her judgement.

  I had met him many times when he would come from California to address business in the New York Office.  Every year at Christmas the office parties were filled with all of the foods, and decorations that make the holidays quaint, and joyous! 

 Michael Bloom  would always talk individually to each worker after the party and give a bonus check!  He wrote a very kind and inspirational note to my mother about the type of worker I was!

  I was so  honored that he even noticed an office worker such as myself!  Because I sing,  the office manager and  the CEO of the company,  Daniel Heffernan were so very kind to tell me where I could go into the Village to record my voice for $15.00!! 

 They even let me go on my lunch break no matter how long it took!

  I was well treated,  I had my own office.  I had my own phone and I was respected while I worked at the J. Michael Bloom & Associates Talent Agency. 

I was able to see people who were famous for their accomplishments in acting or beauty or cuteness or whatever! 

 I so wished I could be like them.  But I could see the star quality that made them stand out from the rest.

  I began to learn to look around me and use the information for my own life.  My learning experience was to strive to be the best I could be in whatever field of interest I approached. 

 There are so many life lessons I had received when I left the J. Michael Bloom Talent Agency!  The most important is that I can achieve! 

 Famous people,  people lawded for their accomplishments are merely humanbeings who refused to let the odds stacked against them slow their drive or stop their goals. 

 Some people are truly naturals!  That is true also! 

 Sometimes it is the “luck of the draw.”  But many times it is chemistry!  How did I get the opportunity to be in the halls of J. Michael Bloom for five years?

  I do not know. 

 But I did start out as a temp and then I was hired permaently!  I have had dreams where I still feel the green carpet under my feet.

  Sometimes I would   arrive early and I would be all alone in the office.  It was peaceful there….nothing to be afraid of.

  I have had dreams and awoke remembering myself walking down the halls and exiting the lobby entering the bronze elevator.

  Well, in my mind now,  J. Michael Bloom  is walking the halls  and laughing  and talking to his clients and staff.  

 Thank you J. Michael Bloom for touching my life with the possibility to dream! 



Music: Riveroflife CD–I Have Not Let Any One Hear My Music Yet! How do I get started?

my son\’s playlist jay jewelzJump in the RiverJust Another SpringDay by Lisa Joyfullisajoy RiveroflifemusicThis is my CD.  This is the reason I call my blog Riveroflifelisajoy!

 I wrote about 5 five songs on this CD. 

 I went to the Inside/Outside Recording studio in Manhattan owned by RobertTurley!  I love to write music. 

 Robert has the best sounding music that I was inspired to write the words and create a melody to.  I copyrighted my songs through the Library of Congress. 

 I have not sent my music out to any producers or record companies yet.  Why you ask?  I am scared!  Scared of Rejection! Silly right?  I wish that this blog had a sound ability so that I might let you listen to tell me what you think!

I have a style like Roberta Flack.  I am not Areatha Franklin….although I have been told that I have that look?!  I do not think I look like her…but being darkskinned and heavy  people keep comparing me to her.  I tell them I am not traditonal in sound. I am more mellow. 

My songs are varied.  Some of my music sounds INDIE, and yet some of my other music has a Jazz feel.  The words are contemporary Christian and inspirational.  I can write blues, or love songs too.  I just chose to start off in my faith and then branch out.

I have to check into sound from my blog…I want you guys to hear my music so badly!  Get back to you soon on this.


I love the Summer! A reflection on my favorite Season–Mid-Winter Crisis! amatuer prose by riveroflifelisajoy

2nd Art work by RiveroflifelisajoyThe birds chirping

early in the morning

The sun begins to rise

around 5:30am

And I groan because

I see the slivers of sunlight

peaking through the shades of

my bedroom window

But alas I must arise for

it is Saturday in the


To take a ride out

to oceans edge at

Far Rockaway Beach

To sit on th beach

 early in the morning

Years ago the dogs we took

would chase the

small crests of the water

that rolled to the

beached crabs, and sea weed

The sunlight warm upon our

backs and the joy of life

warm within our souls

My child giggled and laughed

and played with the dogs

And I basked in the joy that

was his as his youth embraced

him gently

Oh, for that time today

here in February!

Although my birthday is

in February,

 I would

have enjoyed a mid July

birthday in which

I could invite others

to spend an early

morning romp on

the beach,

an early morning

breakfast seaside

barefoot, warm

and casual

Elderly ladies wandering the sands

beach bagsand umbrellas

 in hand

young couples at play

babies with their mothers


on a beach towel,

 or blanket

Oh how I wish for my Summer today!

Mid-Winter Crisis–

OH… do go away!

The yachts float by, showing off their

owner’s wealth,

I dream

 and imagine myself

at the helm of that yacht

The seaguls cry

as air planes 

 streak the sky

sending messages

 to us below

and the sporadic police,

 or parks

department vehicles

 that patrol the


The New York version of


Oh yes,  winter 2007 and 2008

have been

very nice!

No great squals,

 or blizzards

But still deep in my midlife crisis


I yet yearn for

new life, new summer sun!


I want to get out

and have  Summer fun!

The hope and joy

 of  Saturday morning

 in the


Filled with the promise

of new experiences

Look, lets walk the Nautical Mile

Freeport is not far away!

Let’s go there today!

Oh, yes,  I have it bad!

But yet I have it good!

Summer’s not too far away!

I will  hold it together

 just one more day!


by riverofliflisajoy

Candida Just Wanted to Meet the Man of Her Dreams –Attacked on a Date–non/fiction story

Chinese Ink through Time by RiveroflifelisajoyCandida had been a freshman in the second semester of Queens College.   She met a very tall, good looking guy called Donado in the main building of the college one day.  She saw him after he saw her it would seem.

  She was walking and he approached her and said “Hello!  How are you doing today?”  She was taken back because she was deep in thought about issues of the day.   He was with friends.  She was surprised that  he would talk to her. 

 She was naturally shy and withdrawn.  They walked across the campus to her next class.  She gave Donado her telephone number and they talked on the phone that night.   He was very, very tall.  She was only 5’2″. 

 Her mother said that he seemed a bit too tall for her.  She did not care.  He seemed nice.  They ate lunch at college together.  One weekend Donado invited Candida to go to the KingsPlaza Mall in Brooklyn where he lived. 

 Candida, being some what  sheltered she was nervous when she had to take the long train ride to Brooklyn,  and had thoughts of sitting in the movie theatre and having something to eat in the mall with her new “boyfriend”.  This would be her first boyfriend. 

 Her mother would not allow her to date in junior highschool, or highschool.  No one ever had called the house when she was growing up.  Although she was in college,  she knew she had a lot more to learn then just academics!

 She had told her mother that she would be going to Brooklyn to have lunch and a movie with Donado. Her mother gave her the usual warnings about safety.

  When she came out of the subway she saw Donado immediately.  He had a big smile on his face.  He took her hand and walked with her to the Kings Plaza Mall.  Once in side he ran into some of his friends. 

 He was proud to introduce her to his “boys” and they were pleasant.  Candida had butterflies in her stomach.  This was her first date!  At 19 years old, she was embarressed to tell anyone that she had never had a real boyfriend! 

 Now, she felt like a more mature person.  It was fun.  Wow, and he was so tall, and she felt protected and secure!  They had a lunch and then he wanted to stop at his house before they went to the movies.   He shared his apartment with his mother.

  His mother seemed rather small, and thin and pale.  She looked very tired, exhausted.  The house was clean, but she seemed annoyed with Donado.  He went to his bedroom to get something and Candida and Donado’s Mom, had a uncomfortable silence. 

 She did not ask Candida any questions and did not volunteer any conversation.  His mother just looked around the room.  Donado soom emerged from his bedroom and left without saying anything to his mother. 

His mother asked when he would be back and he said after the movie.  When they exited the apartment he took Candida by the hand and  limited his long strides so that she could keep up with him.  They arrived at the movie theatre and he paid for the tickets.  The movie was all that Candida expected.

  Donado placed his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to him.  Candida could feel her heart racing within her chest.  Wow!  She thought!  I have a boyfriend!  Her stomach fluttered, and she felt a warming sensation deep within.

  She felt that she had come to the place that she had seen other young ladies with their boyfriends on the college campus. 

 She was not a loner anymore!  I have a boyfriend!  I have a boyfriend!  She could barely keep her mind on the movie! 

 She could not wait to get home and tell her friend from college about the movie and her boyfriend and his arm around her shoulder! 

 After the movie ended Donado said, “Lets go back to my house before you go home and play some checkers,  you want to do that?”

  Candida, really was ready to go home because her mother warned her about traveling at night from an area she was not familiar with. 

 She said, okay, but just for a little while. When she entered the living room, Donado invited her to sit on the leather couch.  He went to his room and got a box that contained the checkers. 

 His mother did not come out of her room this time.  She heard his mother call Donado several times before he finally answered her. Donado brought Candida a cool drink from the kitchen.  He sat next to her and said I want a kiss. 

 Candida was unpracticed in romantic activities so she gave him a peck on the cheek.  This was the first time they had been some what alone since they had met. 

 When she reached over to kiss his cheek he turned and kiss her on the mouth full and then pryed her lips apart and then planted  a deep kiss on her. 

 Ugh!  She felt drool on her face, and her mouth.  She felt sick, and nauseas. 

She pushed him away and he persisted.  She began to feel scared because he had practically climbed on top of her.  Soon he had her shirt up and was pulling at her bra! 

 She was stunned and embarressed. She was wondering what would his mother think! 

 She would never had let something like this happen in her mother’s house, especially with the mother in the next room. 

 She tried to talk and he continued to kiss her forcefully on the mouth.  At one point she thought that she almost could not breath.  He was tall and pressing hard against her. 

 She wanted to run from this night mare and could not get away.  Donado finally got his way and had pulled her blouse part way off and her bra too.

  Suddenly his mother was in the room and yelling…..DONADO!!!


  What are you doing to that girl? 

 Stop it do you hear? 

Stop it I said! 

  Candida’s heart was pumping, and her ears and face were burning from the heat of the emabarressment and fear she was experienceing.  All she wanted to do was to run. 

 She had never really kissed anyone before.  Plus she had never had anyone take her shirt off of her either.  She was humilated.  Donado’s mother must have thought that she was’nt such a nice person too. 

 Donado got up off the couch and ran over to his mother and told her to shut up and go back into her room.  They began to argue and Candida pulled her blouse and bra back on and also began to put on her coat. 

 Donado wheeled around and said,

 “Where are you going?” 

“I am leaving, I want to go home!” Candida said. 

 Donado looked puzzled, “What’s the matter?  What do you mean what is the matter?”

  Candida could barely speak. 

 Her feelings were hurt, and all she wanted to do was get on the train and get home to the safety of her mother’s house.  She felt lost and afraid of this Donado!

  When he got her to the train station she went in and did not look back.  He called her at home and she would hang up on him.  He saw her at college and she would avoid him. 

 What is the matter is all he kept saying, and she would reply, “You know what you did!”  Donado then replied,  “You need to grow up little girl!” 

 Candida was so ashamed, because Donado had said that in front of his friends.  From that day forward she walked in another direction.  She avoided that area. 

 Some months later she met another young man at church, who treated her with respect, and they dated for several years.

Dating and relationships are delicate like a flower.  They need to have care, compassion and  mutual respect. 

 The experience described here is true.  The names were changed for obvious reasons. 

 Candida had been inexperienced in dating.  But that did not make it justified for Donado to attempt to dominate her. 

This blog is for those young people who are dating and have had this experience, or might have it.

Remember respect one another,  date rape, or near date rape is not fun.  If someone says no!   No,  means just that NO! 

I hope this story will help others in their quest for relationships.

Be kind to one another.

Till next blog,


Ladies and Gentleman let me Introduce to You! Two New Blog Sites related to RiverofLifelisajoy—-JayJewels–Fireoflife and MadelineGertrude-I Grew Up in the Great Depression–Prove it to me!

washington-alice-in-wonderland.jpg This  is a picture of  a park   we went  to with my son Jay Jewels class while on a    trip to Washington D.C. for Graduation from Grace Lutheran Church and School in Queens Village. The best Private School education you can give your child.  Not too   expensive but big on results and intensive learning for young minds.—Check it out!  My son attended from Kindergarten until eighth grade!  ( nine years)  I considered that an investment in his future.

Hi, Guys!  I want to invite you to check out my son JayJewels at the Fire of LIfe blog.  It will be his thoughts on various topics.  My mom also is dictating her thoughts to me on her years of life experience in the 1930’s and how it correlates to the state of the world today.

So check it out and tell them what you think. It w ill come  on   as my blog—cause I can’t seem to separate their blogs from mine….but they will know you care when you respond to their particular blog!   

My   son Jay Jewels likes books so  expect some interesting book reviews okay?  

Oh, and uh,  my mother is very,  very,  very, very opinionated about topics…so watch out for that too.

  Hope you enjoy!  I might write something on their little area once in a while too.

See ya there!


Barak Obama —I’ll have Mine Well Done Thankyou! With the Democratic Push for President growing more intense, backing for Barak OBama from the Kennedy Camp! Wow! That truly IS newsworthy!


The last time I wrote about Barak Obama I told you that I do not know enough about him to really make a good clean decision on him.  But I am in shock right now.

 The Kennedy Family is standing behind him!???!?!  Wow!  That is admirable….but it also scares me a little! 

 Why?  I am not completely sure as to why the political backing of the Eternal Flame at Arlington that flickers over the grave of one of the Kennedy Presidents,  and the family that has reigned over politics in this country since I was born in 1961– kind of unnerves me but it does. 

 It is not a bad thing,  it is an awe inspiring thing. 

I feel a bit shakey inside when I think of the Kennedy’s placing their political UMP! behind Obama.  They usually do not speak out too much….but when they do…it is powerful, and needs to be considered on all fronts. 

 Also, until this political twist I was unaware that my favorite action flick star, turned governor of California Arnold Swartzenegger (sorry about the spelling)  was a republican, while his Kennedy ancestry wife Maria Shriver was still a staunch democrat.  What must be the conversation over dinner be like?

  Maria Shriver was also present at the backing and speech making campaign for Barak Obama.  The Kennedy Mantel has even been placed on Obama’s Shoulders.   They stated that he is like a Kennedy in his attitude and stance in politics.  

They like him and are standing behind to give him the political push.  If I was undecided before,  now I really do not know how to vote.

  Previously,  I had stated that I knew more about Hillary Clinton than I knew about Barak Obama….whether he is “BLACK OF SKIN” like me or not. 

I have been in my job for about 20 years,  I have not had people who were of my race like me, just because I am the same race as them!  Most people do not like me because of the role I maintain on my job.  So,  race has nothing to do with it for me. 

Politics aside,  Obama was a family background that is not anything like mine.  His father was a native of Africa, and his mother was European…My grandparents and their grandparents were slaves!

  So what am I to tell you are that I have in common in  ancestry with Obama?  Nothing…absolutely nothing. 

But when it comes to politics,  I want to know how he will change my child’s future for the better!  How will my health care improve?

  How will my single parent status improve. 

 How will being a care giver to my mother improve? 

 How about the high price of rent/ mortgage improve?  

 How can attending college become more affordable for myself and my child? 

When will my job receive the much needed economic raises needed to help meet the food bill,  electric bills, gas bills, health care, car insurances,  medication and perscription prices? 

  I heard on 1010 wins “ROAD TO THE WHITE HOUSE UPDATE”  that Obama made a speech in which he promised to” increase minimum wage not once every ten years, but EVERY YEAR!  

Obama even stated that if  “You work in this country you should not be poor!”

  That statement was very powerful, but also frightening! 

 How would increaseing minimum wage yearly affect cost of food in the fast food industry which barely pays its’ workers minimum wage earnings? 

How would rasing the  minimum wage yearly affect home attendant prices for those who need the home attendant? 

 How would raising minimum wage affect the industries that make their living from  the backs of LOW WAGE EARNERS WHO CANNOT AFFORD A DENTAL PLAN/MEDICAL PLAN with the low wages that they earn in MCDonalds,  Wendys,or  BurgerKing?

  What about the dry  cleaning industry? 

 What about the malls, and stores like Macys? 

 How will constantly increasing the minimum wage impact on such industries

 Will clothes, shoes,  and the basic neccesities begin to raise beyond normal levels, in order to accomplish the “everyone one starting off at the same fair rate?” 

 Is it possible that what ever  the wage increase is….the economy will have to make adjustments in order to find the money to PAY THE WAGE INCREASES TO THE WORKERS!  

 Look,  I want atleast a an unrealistic raise of atleast $30, 000.00 per year.  Will I get it?  Of course not.  But if you give me at least a 30% increase in raise I would see a difference in my  paycheck,  more than that small 3% raise I keep getting every two or three years. 

 That three percent raise adds up to about $5.00 more per year.  That gets eaten up by all the life insurance policies, and taxes I pay direct before I even receive my paycheck net. 

 So if Mr. Obama can raise the rate of income for all American’s  who will ultimately pay the cost and price of this increase? 

Do you think the price will cover it?  I highly doubt it.  The rich are the ones paying us poor folk these small wages for fast food, high paced jobs, and they want a surplus….they do not just want to make a small profit either. 

Who would buy a McDonalds’s regular cheese burger for let’s say $3.00 in order to assist in rasing the rate of the minimum wage for the McDonald’s employee behind the cash register? 

I wonder

 What do you think? All I know is that –that hamburger better be good……I LIKE MINE WELL DONE THANKYOU!

***Reflections on the Hot Race for President in the Democratic Party  by