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J. Michael Bloom remembered by Lisa Joy…Thank you for the memories Mr. Bloom


NO,  I did not become a rich and famous person by my association with the J. Michael Bloom & Associates.  But I did become wealthy in understanding of the world around me and it’s possibilties!

  I went to the J. Michael Bloom company when I was about 21 years old.  I worked there for about 5 years.  I  always had a way of being that allowed me to be in places that expected descrete conduct!  I guess  I made an impression and I was hired by company.

  I was also quite shy!  But I loved actors, and acting.  While I attended Queens College I had taken stage direction class.

  When I was a child my mother (in an effort to break me from my with drawn behavior) placed me in an  acting class and I played the lead role to “Member of the Wedding” stage play. 

So I really thought about acting when I was older and understood what it was about a littler better than when I was nine years old.   I loved to decide how a stage play should be handled, but I was too shy to even cope at that point in my life. 

 I was very withdrawn in some areas of my life.  But the J. Michael Bloom company did not judge me.  They liked me and they hired me.  The office manager was very kind and motherly in her approach toward me. 

 Once I had been in a car accident,  the J. Michael Bloom and Associates Office Manager,  Janice Morrision placed me on the health insurance to protect my health for the future.

  I was still quite shy….but they were full of compassion on a young  sheltered woman as myself.  I really appreciated that.

  Although the office manager placed me on their health insurance coverage,  that had to come from the top of the orangization!  J. Michael Bloom the man,  had trusted her judgement.

  I had met him many times when he would come from California to address business in the New York Office.  Every year at Christmas the office parties were filled with all of the foods, and decorations that make the holidays quaint, and joyous! 

 Michael Bloom  would always talk individually to each worker after the party and give a bonus check!  He wrote a very kind and inspirational note to my mother about the type of worker I was!

  I was so  honored that he even noticed an office worker such as myself!  Because I sing,  the office manager and  the CEO of the company,  Daniel Heffernan were so very kind to tell me where I could go into the Village to record my voice for $15.00!! 

 They even let me go on my lunch break no matter how long it took!

  I was well treated,  I had my own office.  I had my own phone and I was respected while I worked at the J. Michael Bloom & Associates Talent Agency. 

I was able to see people who were famous for their accomplishments in acting or beauty or cuteness or whatever! 

 I so wished I could be like them.  But I could see the star quality that made them stand out from the rest.

  I began to learn to look around me and use the information for my own life.  My learning experience was to strive to be the best I could be in whatever field of interest I approached. 

 There are so many life lessons I had received when I left the J. Michael Bloom Talent Agency!  The most important is that I can achieve! 

 Famous people,  people lawded for their accomplishments are merely humanbeings who refused to let the odds stacked against them slow their drive or stop their goals. 

 Some people are truly naturals!  That is true also! 

 Sometimes it is the “luck of the draw.”  But many times it is chemistry!  How did I get the opportunity to be in the halls of J. Michael Bloom for five years?

  I do not know. 

 But I did start out as a temp and then I was hired permaently!  I have had dreams where I still feel the green carpet under my feet.

  Sometimes I would   arrive early and I would be all alone in the office.  It was peaceful there….nothing to be afraid of.

  I have had dreams and awoke remembering myself walking down the halls and exiting the lobby entering the bronze elevator.

  Well, in my mind now,  J. Michael Bloom  is walking the halls  and laughing  and talking to his clients and staff.  

 Thank you J. Michael Bloom for touching my life with the possibility to dream! 




  Mary wrote @

Thank you for sharing your memories. Michael was a dear friend who I was lucky enough to become very closely connected in the last year of his life. I can tell you he was the same man you described until the end. Generous, kind, optimistic, boisterous. I will miss my dear friend.

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

I must say that life spins and spirals us in different directions. and….if we meet a person who has the sparkle in their eye or very soul….count yourself amount the lucky and remember the good, pure spirit of caring about others that J. Michael Bloom possessed in his soul. Many years have passed, but it seems just like yesterday! —

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