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My walk and work in Love

My walk day to day is hard

on dry ground I trodd

Some rocks and pebbles–

some gullys and ravens

My walk day to day is hard

Above my head   a Falcon flies

a bird of prey,  seeking his

meal of the day

I crawl on forward

down this lonely  trail

My heart feels light

despite the burden that

I bear….

Oh,  my  walk  day to day is hard

I do wonder for what reason

I was dealt this card

My heart bears a burden

no one knows about…except

for you God,  my father

I wonder for what reason I was

chosen to go without human

companionship…like my aunt

Ellen….a devote 7th day adventist…

Oh,  yes  my  walk day to day is hard!
Even if I found a man that I love

he is already spoken for.

So the Lord tells me to be hunble

and crawl  away,  and leave that

man alone…because he could never

be mine.

I want to love and be loved but ….

it appears that my walk and work in love

is to be as Paul….be still ….be quiet…..and walk humbly…

serve the Lord in mercy,  and solitude and be alone

for the rest of my life….

Oh,  yes,  my walk and work is truly  in Love…

Agape`  Love….

So teach me Lord to wish the best for others.

Teach me Lord to pray for others happiness

Have mercy Lord on me for complaining

For  yes,  I am a hand maid of the Lord

and  my reward is to do the will of you

My Soveign King…..to bring light into

darkness,  joy into sadness…for other human

beings ….not for myself.

Help me Lord to resist the temptations

that come against me….give me strength dear Lord

to gather myself and march forward as your servant

For yes my walk is hard,  and rocky….

My soul salvation  is  you Lord..is you.