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Captain Barbosa: Trilogy of Pirates of the Caribbean–A Fatherly, selfish Pirate that I do so Love!


Now gather round children whilst we tell the tale of  the Fatherly, yet selfish Pirate…Captain Barbosa.  Oh,  and dear children….inorder for you to keep up with this discussion …it will be necessary for you to have watched all three movies. 

We will skip around quite a bit….so do be a good student and do your homework before class?  Will you dears?  Thanks ever so much…..So now,  where were we?  

 Oh,  yes,  Captain Barbosa,  has my heart for his  stubborn ways helped to save the day for Jack Sparrow.  Despite the rivalry between the two men…Captain Barbosa lead the crew of Will Turner,  Elizabeth, and the group to find Davy Jones Locker and release Jack from that dreaded place. 

 Captain Barbosa knows everything and is not afraid of anything.  He uses comic relief, but he is generally not the butt of any of the jokes in the trilogy of the Pirates of the Caribbean.  What I love the most is how he meets Elizabeth for the first time. 

Captain Barbosa enters the story of the Black Pearl with his Un- dead crew and un-dead monkey because our “leading man” type Orlando Bloom’s a.k.a.  Will Turner coin was in the possession of Elizabeth Swann.  Elizabeth Swann,  had a awaken that morning having dreamt about her first meeting Will while saling to the Caribbean with her father and the Commodore. 

She took the coin from around Will’s  neck and hid it for safe keeping.  She had been afraid that the Kings Army would take poor young Will for  a pirate…or child of a pirate.  

Once her father had entered her room with chamber maids laden with a new dress sent  for from Europe,  Elizabeth hid the coin within the boddice of her night gown.  She would  hide the coin on its’ chain even under her new frock. 

 She did not plan to flip over the edge of a sea wall while being proposed to by the Commodore .  While she fell into the water the coin sent out its’ “signal” to the undead crew and its captian on the Pearl. 

 Captain Barbosa and his crew had been cursed for stealing what was known as the”Aztec”  Gold.  So they lived half alive and  half dead.  They were pirates of a ghost like nature. 

While day they were visable as human….but once the moon came out they appeared as walking animated skeletons with clothes on. 

 So the chase was on…to rid themselves of the ill gotten Aztec gold and return back to being human. In order to return to their normal selves they would  have to give back all of the ill gotten gain to the chest from which it was taken.  They also needed the blood of the child of one of the pirates. 

 Elizabeth misrepresented herself as a child named from Boot Strap Bill Turner.  She did not realize that she had sealed her fate with the pirates when she did that.  She had to stay on board the ship because….they needed what they thought was the blood of Boot Strapp Bill Turners sire. 

 For as Captain Barbosa put it, when  talking to Eizabeth during her”first meal”  in the Captain’s quarters….”I do not know the taste of food.”   And he was eager to experience sensation and taste again. The funny thing though….Elizabeth read Captain Barbosa all wrong. 

 She thought he had posioned her food…but instead he just wanted to watch a person truly eat and enjoy his/her food.  I felt kind of sorry for him.  Even though he  had basically kidnapped Elizabeth in order ensure his release from the limbo state ( undead)   life he had been living up to this point.  

Captain Barbosa was the crew member that had taken over the Black Pearl from Jack Sparrow in a mutiny!  Poor Jack had made a deal with that sea monster Davy Jones…to raise the Black Pearl from the depths and then become its captain for 13 or 12 years.  However,  Captain Barbosa mutined against Jack Sparrow,  took the ship and found that Aztec gold.  So he suffered from his bad behavior.  When he meets Ms. Swann he tried to explain his condition and the condition of his crew.  Elizabeth as plain and simplistic told him,  I do not believe in “ghost stories!”  She then stabbs Captain Barbosa in the chest with a knife.  He laughs and asked her in his great Irish, English accent,  “What is it you planned on doing after you stabbed me with this knife?”  The door to his captain’s quarters fly’s open as Elizabeth attempts to run away from him on his own ship in the middle of the ocean.  While she is running she sees a strange sight….the crew working in the moon light and looking like clothed animated skeletons!  Great Graphics as always Disney Movie People!  The skeleton crew were ugly, but not too scary.  I am not a scary movie buff.  I like a mild fear….not extreme fear.  Actually…I  like no fear at all.  I like comedy! 

So any way class, Ms. Turner/Swann gets tossed about the Black Pearl by the cursed skeleton crew and lands back at the feet of Cranky Barbosa.  He in turn tells her, “that if you don’t  believe in ghost stories Ms. Turner, You are In one! ”  At this point he drinks from a bottle of liquer and you can see the fluid roll down his skeleton rib cage and he laughs loud and hard.  The skeleton crew joins in with his laughter and he turns on them and yells….”Get to work!”

I just loved this part…I saw the frustration of Captain Babosa over his dilemma.  But poor Elizabeth was dragged into the problem now and looked like a scared little rabbit.  Which I would have been more like a scared turtle myself!lol!

The most interesting aspect of Barbosa was his interaction with the Chinese Pirate Lord and his attempt at diplomacy.  He was able to explain issues to the Chinese Pirate Lord and maintain a social proper presence throughout their discussion.  However, Elizabeth, now more comfortable had developed a somewhat fearless attitude with all pirates since the being of the Trilogy argued, and demanded things of the Chinese Pirate Lord. 

The most interesting part of Barbosa, was his seemingly logical awareness of   “the what is next” aspect to the movies.  He knew the Chinese Lord’s ship that the group was traveling on in their quest to reclaim Jack Sparrow from Davy Jones Locker was going to have to go over a gigantic water fall!  Ugh!   The cinematography and graphics was great!  It really had an authentic look, and hard pressed reality for the viewer!  I loved how the camera panned out from the Chinese Lord ship as Elizabeth and Will Turner and the rest of the crew realized that they were on a roller coaster ride to doom over the edge of the OCEAN WATER FALL!   oH, MY,  I thought….thank the good Lord…this is only a movie and that there are no water falls in the mid-atlantic ocean or any where else for that matter!  Yuck! But in the midst of this situation,  Barbosa just simply laughs!  Elizabeth runs to him and looks him in the eye and said ” You have doomed us all!”   Barbosa just simply touches her chin, smiles and utters some phrase but nothing that explains what is about to happen to them!  He grabs hold of rope and tosses his head back and laughs while the rest of the crew, the monkey and Mr. Giffen’s parrot seek shelter as the boat tips over the edge of the water fall!  What a mess as the whole kit and cabotel go over the waterfall!!! That is the best scene or one of the best in that the last and final chapter of my favorite trilogy!  And for those who have done their homework,  you know how it all ends….they find Jack Sparrow and  the Black Pearl!

I will add more on Captain Barbosa for his is a major player in this triology.  He holds much of the interesting facts and figures of the story line,  and he is the one or orchestrates Clypso’s ultimate freedom in his hand.  He even showed no fear.  He used Cylpso’s power, and did not feel loyalty at all.  He called her a “fish wife”.  Barbosa is a very strong character throughout the triology!

Once again,  I enjoy these movies….I wish they would make just one more about Will Turner once he is captain of the Flying Dutchman!

till next blog….Riveroflifelisajoy

Calypso the Love of Davy Jones: Pirates of the Caribbean – AT WORLD’S END—UNIQUE LOVE STORY*** IN A DISNEY MOVIE***! WOW!!!


Okay, my friends, time for more of my discussion of my love of one of my most favorite trilogies….Pirates of the Caribbean. 

 Today I want to discuss Tia Dalma a.k.a. Calypso the goddess of the Sea.  She has unqiue features like  black lips,  black paint under her  eyes, and dreadlocks.  

 She has been visited by Jack Sparrow and company,  i.e. Will Turner,  Elizabeth and some of the crew members,  and then again by Will Turner after Jack Sparrow was taken to Davy Jones Locker by the Kracken.  Tia Dalma was always willing to help them.

 She lives in the  deep forest  in the West Indies (Caribbean) surrounded by faceless  forest people.  She has a hut that has strange and odd looking jars filled with eyeballs and what not….But you can’t seem   to   be truly afraid of her.

  You kind of like her.  She is not really happy,  but not really angry either.  You find that she is willing to help those around her. She has strong views and concepts and seems to see the future of the key players in the movie.  She constantly warns Will Turner of his “Touch of Destiny!”

Did you even think that Davy Jones could love anybody?  Certainly not the OBIA (witchcraft)  woman! 

 I was surprised that  the young actress that portrayed the fabulous,  loving, changing,  angry  Tia Dalma turned out to be the only one true weakness of Davy the Squid Head Jones!  

 Diadalma even said it herself,  “There is an evil on the seas that even the staunchess pirates fear!” 

  But when Tia  Dalama spoke directly to Davy Jones before she was released from her intombed body space,  she told him” You have corrupted your purpose.” 

Davy Jones had taken to the seas in fearce angry retribution on the sailors and their boats.  Davy Jones unleash the Kracken on “innocent ships and sailors, or pirates”  then he  would ask people if they feared death. 

 He would enlist or force them into servitude to the Fying Dutchman if they feared death.  Little did the unsuspecting dying sailors know….but they would soon be in a worse condition than if they had dyed at sea. 

Tia Dalma was to  blame,  (in Davy Jones mind) for his change of heart.  Davy Jones job was to ferry the dead to the other side,  and then come to land every ten years.

  Because Davy Jones loved Tia  Dalma a.k.a.  Calypso, he became angry when she did not show up for their meeting after his ten years at sea.  His feelings  and heart hurt so much that he wanted to end the pain. 

 He then cut out his heart,  and thus you know how that all went.  Dispite the scary appearance of Davy Jones,  I felt a slight pang  of compassion for this sailor turned monster at sea whenever he sat at his “church” organ to play himself to sleep, or soothe his mind. 

 Even though  he placed his heart in a box,  he could not run from his anger an all of his fears. 

 When the Flying Dutchman and the Black Pearl were soaring through the rough waters of the malstrom and shooting and fighting one another….Davy Jones was fighting with Will Turner’s  father and then he knocked him to the floor and told him,”You will not forestall my judgement!” 

  At first hearing this I had thought that he meant that he was going to  finish off the”whelp”  Will Turner junior…..but on seeing it again….I have wondereed if Davy Jones was seeking freedom from his life as the tenatcled sea monster pirate? 

 Was he hoping that Will Turner would take over the job….instead?  So  I believe that he was referring to that…..well any way …only the director and writer truly know what that  statement.

  All I know is that when Davy Jones visited Tia Dalma  he told her that his heart would always belong to her.  

  He loved ocean,  the wind, and the life on and in the ocean.    She smiled and he walked out of her holding room on board the Black Pearl. 

I was happy to see a black woman cast in that role.  I had grown to like her thick West Indian accent,  and her all knowing personality. 

But when she turned around and responded to Will Turner’s  question…”Who told the Brethern Court how to  bind you?!!!   Tia Dalma grew so big that she was as tall as the mast on the ship.  She yelled,  “Say it!  Say it!”  And with that Will Turner yelled Davy Jones and she ballooned up to an unbelieveable size!

 She began shaking her head and saying things in a garbled way and kind of exploded into the same white crabs that helped to pull the black pearl from the depths of  Davy Jones locker. 

 What a sight!  When all of the crabs fell over the ships edge (the Black Pearl)  everybody said…”Is that all?”  Suddenly the wind began to blow and the malstrom kicked up. 

I thought this was wonderful and powerful portrayal of nature fighting back against the rules and establishment!! 

 It was so strange to see Davy Jones look of renewed faith….and even when his heart was stabbed….a  look of peace as he fell off of the Flying Dutchman to his final resting place with Tia Dalma! 

I really loved the music that portrayed the tender love that had gone wrong between Davy Jones and Tia Dalma a.k.a Calypso.

  Now a new story must be told about Will Turner… the hope of the dead who must still be carried to the after life…, and Elizabeth his chillhood love turned  “Pirate King” during the Brethen court meeting.

  What a wonderful pirate, action adventure and double love story!  

Stay tuned for more discussion on the Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy!

Next Time Captain Barbossa,  Singapore, and more!!!!!!

Till next blog,


DAVY JONES AND the CRACKEN! Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest!

JEWELZ HAND.jpgWhat is it about this movie  PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN- DEAD MAN’S CHEST, that I love so much?!   Well,  today class,  we will discuss Davy Jones and his pet cracken…. in continuing in my  favorite movie triology action/drama/comedy Pirates of the Caribbean we  will now talk about my most favorite villian Davy Jones!  Class please feel to free to comment!

   At first he scared me with his “dread lock” tenticles!    Davy Jones was a first in the animation blue technique.  The computer graphics,  the artistic stretch and intense attention to detail is also a fabulous testiment to what mankind can achieve!

  Education, and attention to excellence made this character of Davy Jones believeable!  I constantly looked for flaws and weakness in the cinematography and I could not find it.  I even paused the video,  slowed the video and studied the faces of the”fish people” at various times during the movie. 

 For example Will Turner, the handsome traditional leading man of the movie, a.k.a. Orlando Bloom,  first comes into contact with Davy Jones and his computer generated ship the Flying Dutchman,  after he is knocked over board from the Black Pearl by Jack Sparrow a.k.a. Johnny Depp. 

 When Will heard that the Cracken– a huge squid/ octopus that is the “pet”  of squid head Davy Jones,  could suck a man’s face clean off his head….he found that to be true when he came upon  the wreckage of a ship with some few survivors. 

 Will found a man without a face.  I did a close up with my hand controller and could not see any flaws in the computer/madeup suctioned face!  Disney apparently did not spare any expense in the making of this movie.  I love it! 

  Respect the intelligence of your audience and they will keep coming back for more!!!!

While looking at the suctioned face man, suddenly the “fish people, arrived on the ship from within the walls of the ship….alive yet dead.

  One fish faced man, apparently a ship mate in high standing with Davy Jones gave the order for the lone survivors of this wrecked ship to “Get down on your marrow bones and pray!”  At that point Will Turner began to fight for his life with the fish people. 

 Davy Jones then arrived on board this doomed boat with its doomed crew and began to speak in the most interesting accent I have ever enjoyed listening too–and asked one very injured crew member  “Do you fear death?”

  His eyes were glowing from the colors known to be in the eyes of squid and octopus…that glow in the ocean naturally, and his tenticales moved effortlessly around his pirate hat, shoulders, and chest.  He was so ugly,  yet so handsome. 

 The designer of the character’s appearance had explained in the commentary in the special features of the movie that he had created this character depiction of Davy Jones from  his own mind!  

The voice of the actor was so intriquing that my son Jay Jewels and I immate it while joking around at home sometimes!!!  LOL!!! 

 My son has the best talent for voice, and vocal inflection of Davy Jones!  The first statement that Davy Jones makes to Will Turner  is “You are neither dead nor dying!  What is your purpose here?!   Will,  surprisingly unafraid of the fierce looking half human/half squid faced harsh pirate Davy Jones   stated,  I am here to pay the debt of Jack Sparrow! 

 Suddenly Davy Jones stood quite still and repeated again,  “What is your purpose here?!  After Davy Jones and Will were talking for a bit,  the camera turns back to the curious look of Jack Sparrow who is watching from what he thought was a safe distance.  But to my dear silly Jack’s shock and dismay Davy Jones turned in his direction while talking to see Jack looking though a spy glass. 

 No sooner did Davy Jones turn and look with glowing golden eyes did Davy Jones suddenly appear on board the ship deck of the  Black Pearl!   To  which Jack responded in shock! 

 That was so funny that I and my son rewind that part several times when we watch the video!  I enjoy the interaction between Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones.  Even though Jack is in deep debt to Davy Jones for raising the Black Pearl from the depths of ocean,  he is allowed to plead his case, stating that he has only been a captain of a ship for only 2 years because Captain Barbosa had mutinied against him. 

 However,  Davy Jones turned to him and had the fish people crew laughing and said, ” Well you were a poor captain….but a captain nonetheless!” 

 You owe me an eternity of service!”  As the movie goes it is a fight for Jack to stay away from Davy Jones and his Cracken.  Jack decides to get the heart that lies within the chest that is hidden on an island somewhere.

Davy Jones is evil but yet has his concerns too.  He has moments of sadness in which  he thinks of his lost love —unknown to the audience.

Davy Jones also plays a “mean” church organ that is installed in the Flying Dutchman.  Will Turner had to stay on his ship until  the payment for Jack Sparrow’s soul be made in full.  But while on the ship Will finds his father who has been missing for years….Ole’ Boot Strap William Turner,  as member of Davy Jones crew. 

Will determines to get his father away and let him be free from his debt to Davy Jones.  However,  as the movie  triology progresses,  the turn of events for  Will Turner,  the “pup” of Boot Strap William Turner finds out that his desire to save his father’s very soul becomes sticky.  He may loose more than he gains. 

Davy  Jone’s Cracken had its own unique personality as  well.  The cracken attacked many ships  and broke them in half.  But when the cracken finally got its tenticles on the Black Pearl,  it gently took Jack Sparrow,  who had been through a turn of circumstance and handcuffed  to the main mast of ship  by Elizabeth,  who had wavered in her like,  hate,  love, and attraction –into finally deciding to save everyone including Will Turner by making Jack Sparrow stay on the Black Pearl  at the end of the movie and go down with his ship

 But what made the cracken have a unique twist is how it handled its aquiring of the pirate and his ship. 

Instead of breaking the Black Pearl in half,  the cracken gently rolled the ship over after if swallowed Jack  and turned the boat over and then took it gently to Davy Jones locker,  where we meet up with Jack in the final of the three pictures of ” Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s  End.”  It was masterfully made,  and every bit if attention was given to detail. 

The best part of the end of DeadMan’s  chest,  was how angry Davy Jones got when he realized that the chest did not hold his heart!!!!  He screamed ,”JACK SPARROW!!!!!!”  

 The most exciting part of the end of this second movie was how Captain Barbosa was raised from the dead  by Diadalma the Obia (witch craft woman—whose role is stronger than the audience at that time is aware)  to assist in getting Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl from Davy Jones locker.

I will discuss how much I truly enjoy  Captain Barbosa and even Elizabeth,  the monkey,  the dog with the keys,  and many other of the characters in this my favorite trilogy of movies.

Comments?   Send em!

Till next “Pirates of the Caribbean”  post:



JEWELZ HAND.jpgI am going to discuss in the next few posts various aspects of the Pirates of the Caribbean triology.  So today class….we will venture to the introductory movie “Curse of the Black Pearl.”

  In this first of the triology we are introduced into the world of pirates by a little girl singing. 

 That little girl grows up before our eyes….that little girl is Elizabeth!  She is singing a pirate song which so unnerved a man on the ship she was sailing with her father the govenor enroute to the West Indies and Caribbean. 

 The ship captain told her a bit about pirates to which end her father told him to please not give her such information.  Elizabeth then spied a boy floating in the ocean. 

 That boy turned out to be another person who grew up before our eyes in the triology. 

 Once the call for man over board went out and the boy was retrieved from the  foggy sea and placed in the “care”  of a 10 year old Elizabeth,  the crew then observed the mass destruction from which they had saved the boy Will Turner.

  It appeared that the ship he had been sailing on had been destroyed,  broken and burned.  It also appeared that young Will Turner had been the only survivor.  While the ship and crew were occupied  with the severe destruction before their eyes,  Elizbeth found a chain with a coin on Will’s  neck. 

He woke for a moment to tell her his name and then passed out again.  Elizabeth took the coin and chain for safe keeping.  The coin she believed would have caused Will more problems because it was the coin of pirating!   

 The scene fades to black and then you see a more mature and grown up Elizabeth awaking from her slumber and looking in her night table and she then takes out the coin and chain she had taken from Will Turner’s neck years before. 

To cut to the chase she arises, gets dressed, and finds herself in a extremely tight frock that her father gave her as a gift and standing at a ceremony for the Commodore. 

The Commodore then attempted to propose marriage to  Elizabeth but she fainted and fell over a wall into the ocean below.  At this point Johnny  Depp a.k.a. Jack Sparrow enters the movie just before Elizbeth falls to her near death.  Jack Sparrow is entertaining two “soliders” who were guarding a ship for the Royal Navy.  Jack was attempting to “steal” the ship and got into a long conversation about the Black Pearl and it’s actual existence or not.  When suddenly they hear a splash and hear the Commodore screaming and looking into the ocean where Elizabeth fell. 

 Jack Sparrow, (Johnny Depp—a “friend in my head” (please excuse my coining a phrase by noted celebrity gossip radio personality a.k.a. Diva and Queen of all media Shock Jock—Wendy Williams at 107.5 WBLS) jumped into the ocean and saved Elizabeth. 

I just love Johnny Depp!!  His role as Jack Sparrow is similar to a little bit of an IMP!  You know a bad little elf or mischievious spirit that creates issues and runs and hides himself  while everyone is trying to sort out the mess that was left behind!   I love his make up and his “drunken pseudo feminine swagger and  gait.”

   Some how what would look silly and stupid on a different actor all works wonders towards the plot,  the scenes, and the motivation within “Curse of the Black Pearl.”   When I first saw the movie I did not even have time to think of it as a movie. 

You know what I mean right?  While you watch some movies you have a self awareness that this is a fantasy, drama,  action film or whatever….but with the simple conduct of the actors from Will Turner’s character, to Elizabeth’s character and even her forgiving father the governor….I found myself lost in the movie!  

 I did not want my adventure with these lovable charactors to ever end.  Maybe it was Johnny Depp who brings so much to life in his portrayal of a “never say die character.”   Johnny really surprised me with the ease to which he apparently did alot of his own stunts after he was arrested by the Commodore for being a pirate. 

 I loved the statement that he Jack Sparrow made after he was being considered for the gallows for hanging….when the Commodore tried to explain that “One good deed after a life time of wickedness is not enough to save a man.”  — and then my lovable “friend in my head“(Wendy Williams reference 107.5 WBLS)  Jack Sparrow  replied–“No, but it is enough to condemm him!” 

At which point Jack Sparrow made up his mind to get his freedom since the “dye had been cast”  to send him to the gallows for bearing  a brand on his arm of “P” for pirate.  

The first interaction of Johhnny and Elizabeth give us a hint of some romantic tension between them  when he grabs her in an effort to attain his freedom by holding her hostage while he gives orders to the Commodore with a threat of “possible harm”  to Elizabeth while he awaits his  personal belongings (i.e. his sword, gun,  buckler, and hat).  He had Elizabeth are caught in a too close embrace while he has her to place his property back on his body and he then tosses her back to her father and Commodore and takes off on a wild swing above their heads after he cuts a rope free. 

 He lands back on ground while a barage of gun fire follows him.  He eventually ends up in Will Turners residence where he creates swords as his training and skill warrant. 

 Jack Sparrow and Will Turner  begin to duel and threaten each other.  But Jack Sparrow always the witty one…teases Will Turner and tells him that he needs to “Get a girl Mate!”   When Will finally leaves Jack Sparrow without a sword,  he finds himself staring down the barrel of Jack Sparrow’s  gun. 

 And as a surprise to the audience,  Jack Sparrow practically pleads with Will to lead him run free because the gun he has is only loaded with one bullet that is not meant for him.  Will,  a slave to morality and has a hatred for pirates says no. 

Suddenly the Commodore is at the door of the sword shop and Will’s  “sleeping boss”  awakes to hit Jack over the head with a bottle—this of course knocks Jack out and the Commodore thanks the man for his asssitance to Will’s  dismay! 

 This movie moves right along and poor Elizabeth is kidnapped by the crew of the Black Pearl, because she is in possession of the pirate coin that holds the key to the crew from being the walking, talking dead—-thus  the curse that they are trying to get rid of. 

The movie picks up speed from this point on.  Suddenly  finds himself with Jack Sparrow partnered up to get the Black Pearl,  and get Elizabeth away from the crew  and the infamous Captain Barbosa who mutinied the ship away from Jack 10 years ago and left him for dead on a deserted island.   

 Those who have seen the movie know how this ends.  But all I want to really say….I love Johnny Depp! 

 He is so very likeable as a “bad” pirate….you just can’t stay angry with his character?


The Real Jack Sparrow


 He is so likeable that people who hate him like him.  Such great acting.  I have truly watched this movie hundreds of times!!!!!

Till next blog entry on my  favorite triology:  Pirates of the Caribbean!!

Any comments?



This picture of “Will Turner,” ( Orlando Bloom) from Pirates of the Caribbean is a great shot!  I loved the movie and its’  concept of undying loyalty to a dream,  or goal.


  Will Turner refused to allow his father to stay a slave to the ship the “Flying Dutchman,”  and/or  Davy Jones  (the Squid Headed Pirate),–lover of Calypso the goddess–  to the point  that he actually became the captain of the Flying Dutchman….after Jack Sparrow a.k.a.  Johnny Depp “HELPED”  him to stab the heart of Davy Jones while he  (Will Turner)  lay mortally wounded himself.

 However at that point that Squid Headed  Davy Jones fell over the side of the “Flying Dutchman”  down into the abyss…Will’s father took his short  “fish cleaning” pirate knife and proceeded to chant through the roar of the malestrom storm churned up by none other than the fish wife of Davy Jones,  Calypso in god like elemental form,  –“Part of the Ship…part of the crew,  the Dutchman must have a heart!”

  The crew approached the mortally wounded Will Turner as Jack Sparrow grabbed a  hold of Elizabeth ( who was just married   by Captain Barbosa while fighting on the Black Pearl) and cut the ropes so that they would swing free of the Dutchman as it entered the abyss like a submarine with sails! 

Upon  receiving his “new life”—-(less his own heart…which now belonged to the FLYING DUTCHMAN–  from his father) Will Turner came about to the ocean surface to wage war against ” The Oversized Forehead–Lord Beckett. 

 The concept of Pirate loyalty,  personal loyalty,  greed,  and the fight for power plays  throughout the trilogy!  Will Turner  held to his beliefs….but as  Calypso –Diadama told him that he had a price to pay for the things “we want the most.”   

I continuously watch this movie.  When I am tired,  or about to go to sleep.  I just love this movie.  I watch more movies than I watch television!   I can not stand canned laughter  that you get on those so called ethnic peppered sterotypical comedies!  Ugh!  -and double yuck!!!

 I like to find my own level of laughter when I watch a comedy or my own level of fears,  or frustration when I watch a program.  I do not always agree that I have to hear laughter so that I know when to laugh!  

Johnny Depp is the best.  His timing  and comedic internal intellect are great.  He has appeal that comes from relating to base reality that we all exprience.

I especially love that Johhny Depp has played a gradually complicated charcter that was originally self involved,  but  motivated to maintain his title of  CAPTIN JACK SPARROW!

  What was interesting is how certain characters like  Squid Head Davy Jones analized Jack Sparrow and even teased him in front of his “fish people”  pirate shipmates and stated, “Lookie  Here Boy’s  A little bird!  A little bird that Never learned how to fly!”  Jack Sparrow looked forlorn for a second as though Davy Jones had more on him than just not keeping to his bargin since he had raised the Black Pearl from the depths nearly 13 years ago.

  But Jack Sparrow never gave in to feelings of worthlessness either!  He did not readily accept labels.  When Captain Barbosa told Jack Sparrow during the Pirate Lord meeting that he “always runs away from a fight.”  Jack Sparrow said,”No I do not….and even stated that he was being slandered.” 

If I do not learn anything from my life’s experiences I would think my life a waste.  That refusal to let people see you sweat….or accept a negative  label because of someone elses perception is great.  Jack did not even meet Barbosa’s negative statements and redirect them at him.

  He successfully deflected the statements and moved on to his own agenda and also changed the subject too.  I have really watched this movie too  much!  But I watch all of my moives that way.  I watched the Stone Merchant,  A Mighty Heart,  Amastad,  Hotel Rewanda,  10 Commandments,  Jesus of Nazaeth….all with the same instense analytical  method. 

 I believe movies are  made by other humanbeings that have their own value systems in place when they decide to create a made for big screen movie,  or made for t.v. movie….whatever….the idea that some movies do not have a more deeper meaning than to just entertain  is just plain silly. 

 Some movies can use comedy as a back drop or smoke screen for the real moral dilemma’s protrayed in a given movie. For example, the movie CLICK!  with Adam Sandler was a wake up call for all of us who wish our lives away.  Throughout the movie we were warned about our desire to rush through life and how easily we can miss out on all of the good things that are so very important to happiness…like your children growing up, your mate asleep when you arrive home and the house is quiet and you peek in on your kids. 


 These things were expressed through comedy…however quick or dry.  Therefore am  I really too much with this pirate fixation I have?  I mean…it is not like I have to watch it.

  I find it like a good song to play when I am cooking,  you know…like listening to CD 101.9 soft jazz.  I guess I am a bit quirky!

Anyhow….I will continue to discuss excerpts of the Pirates…At World’s End….as the spirit moves. 

 But for now….thanks for  reading and just get back to me with any tidbits you would like to add or discuss.