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DAVY JONES AND the CRACKEN! Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man’s Chest!

JEWELZ HAND.jpgWhat is it about this movie  PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN- DEAD MAN’S CHEST, that I love so much?!   Well,  today class,  we will discuss Davy Jones and his pet cracken…. in continuing in my  favorite movie triology action/drama/comedy Pirates of the Caribbean we  will now talk about my most favorite villian Davy Jones!  Class please feel to free to comment!

   At first he scared me with his “dread lock” tenticles!    Davy Jones was a first in the animation blue technique.  The computer graphics,  the artistic stretch and intense attention to detail is also a fabulous testiment to what mankind can achieve!

  Education, and attention to excellence made this character of Davy Jones believeable!  I constantly looked for flaws and weakness in the cinematography and I could not find it.  I even paused the video,  slowed the video and studied the faces of the”fish people” at various times during the movie. 

 For example Will Turner, the handsome traditional leading man of the movie, a.k.a. Orlando Bloom,  first comes into contact with Davy Jones and his computer generated ship the Flying Dutchman,  after he is knocked over board from the Black Pearl by Jack Sparrow a.k.a. Johnny Depp. 

 When Will heard that the Cracken– a huge squid/ octopus that is the “pet”  of squid head Davy Jones,  could suck a man’s face clean off his head….he found that to be true when he came upon  the wreckage of a ship with some few survivors. 

 Will found a man without a face.  I did a close up with my hand controller and could not see any flaws in the computer/madeup suctioned face!  Disney apparently did not spare any expense in the making of this movie.  I love it! 

  Respect the intelligence of your audience and they will keep coming back for more!!!!

While looking at the suctioned face man, suddenly the “fish people, arrived on the ship from within the walls of the ship….alive yet dead.

  One fish faced man, apparently a ship mate in high standing with Davy Jones gave the order for the lone survivors of this wrecked ship to “Get down on your marrow bones and pray!”  At that point Will Turner began to fight for his life with the fish people. 

 Davy Jones then arrived on board this doomed boat with its doomed crew and began to speak in the most interesting accent I have ever enjoyed listening too–and asked one very injured crew member  “Do you fear death?”

  His eyes were glowing from the colors known to be in the eyes of squid and octopus…that glow in the ocean naturally, and his tenticales moved effortlessly around his pirate hat, shoulders, and chest.  He was so ugly,  yet so handsome. 

 The designer of the character’s appearance had explained in the commentary in the special features of the movie that he had created this character depiction of Davy Jones from  his own mind!  

The voice of the actor was so intriquing that my son Jay Jewels and I immate it while joking around at home sometimes!!!  LOL!!! 

 My son has the best talent for voice, and vocal inflection of Davy Jones!  The first statement that Davy Jones makes to Will Turner  is “You are neither dead nor dying!  What is your purpose here?!   Will,  surprisingly unafraid of the fierce looking half human/half squid faced harsh pirate Davy Jones   stated,  I am here to pay the debt of Jack Sparrow! 

 Suddenly Davy Jones stood quite still and repeated again,  “What is your purpose here?!  After Davy Jones and Will were talking for a bit,  the camera turns back to the curious look of Jack Sparrow who is watching from what he thought was a safe distance.  But to my dear silly Jack’s shock and dismay Davy Jones turned in his direction while talking to see Jack looking though a spy glass. 

 No sooner did Davy Jones turn and look with glowing golden eyes did Davy Jones suddenly appear on board the ship deck of the  Black Pearl!   To  which Jack responded in shock! 

 That was so funny that I and my son rewind that part several times when we watch the video!  I enjoy the interaction between Jack Sparrow and Davy Jones.  Even though Jack is in deep debt to Davy Jones for raising the Black Pearl from the depths of ocean,  he is allowed to plead his case, stating that he has only been a captain of a ship for only 2 years because Captain Barbosa had mutinied against him. 

 However,  Davy Jones turned to him and had the fish people crew laughing and said, ” Well you were a poor captain….but a captain nonetheless!” 

 You owe me an eternity of service!”  As the movie goes it is a fight for Jack to stay away from Davy Jones and his Cracken.  Jack decides to get the heart that lies within the chest that is hidden on an island somewhere.

Davy Jones is evil but yet has his concerns too.  He has moments of sadness in which  he thinks of his lost love —unknown to the audience.

Davy Jones also plays a “mean” church organ that is installed in the Flying Dutchman.  Will Turner had to stay on his ship until  the payment for Jack Sparrow’s soul be made in full.  But while on the ship Will finds his father who has been missing for years….Ole’ Boot Strap William Turner,  as member of Davy Jones crew. 

Will determines to get his father away and let him be free from his debt to Davy Jones.  However,  as the movie  triology progresses,  the turn of events for  Will Turner,  the “pup” of Boot Strap William Turner finds out that his desire to save his father’s very soul becomes sticky.  He may loose more than he gains. 

Davy  Jone’s Cracken had its own unique personality as  well.  The cracken attacked many ships  and broke them in half.  But when the cracken finally got its tenticles on the Black Pearl,  it gently took Jack Sparrow,  who had been through a turn of circumstance and handcuffed  to the main mast of ship  by Elizabeth,  who had wavered in her like,  hate,  love, and attraction –into finally deciding to save everyone including Will Turner by making Jack Sparrow stay on the Black Pearl  at the end of the movie and go down with his ship

 But what made the cracken have a unique twist is how it handled its aquiring of the pirate and his ship. 

Instead of breaking the Black Pearl in half,  the cracken gently rolled the ship over after if swallowed Jack  and turned the boat over and then took it gently to Davy Jones locker,  where we meet up with Jack in the final of the three pictures of ” Pirates of the Caribbean – At World’s  End.”  It was masterfully made,  and every bit if attention was given to detail. 

The best part of the end of DeadMan’s  chest,  was how angry Davy Jones got when he realized that the chest did not hold his heart!!!!  He screamed ,”JACK SPARROW!!!!!!”  

 The most exciting part of the end of this second movie was how Captain Barbosa was raised from the dead  by Diadalma the Obia (witch craft woman—whose role is stronger than the audience at that time is aware)  to assist in getting Jack Sparrow and the Black Pearl from Davy Jones locker.

I will discuss how much I truly enjoy  Captain Barbosa and even Elizabeth,  the monkey,  the dog with the keys,  and many other of the characters in this my favorite trilogy of movies.

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Till next “Pirates of the Caribbean”  post: