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JEWELZ HAND.jpgI am going to discuss in the next few posts various aspects of the Pirates of the Caribbean triology.  So today class….we will venture to the introductory movie “Curse of the Black Pearl.”

  In this first of the triology we are introduced into the world of pirates by a little girl singing. 

 That little girl grows up before our eyes….that little girl is Elizabeth!  She is singing a pirate song which so unnerved a man on the ship she was sailing with her father the govenor enroute to the West Indies and Caribbean. 

 The ship captain told her a bit about pirates to which end her father told him to please not give her such information.  Elizabeth then spied a boy floating in the ocean. 

 That boy turned out to be another person who grew up before our eyes in the triology. 

 Once the call for man over board went out and the boy was retrieved from the  foggy sea and placed in the “care”  of a 10 year old Elizabeth,  the crew then observed the mass destruction from which they had saved the boy Will Turner.

  It appeared that the ship he had been sailing on had been destroyed,  broken and burned.  It also appeared that young Will Turner had been the only survivor.  While the ship and crew were occupied  with the severe destruction before their eyes,  Elizbeth found a chain with a coin on Will’s  neck. 

He woke for a moment to tell her his name and then passed out again.  Elizabeth took the coin and chain for safe keeping.  The coin she believed would have caused Will more problems because it was the coin of pirating!   

 The scene fades to black and then you see a more mature and grown up Elizabeth awaking from her slumber and looking in her night table and she then takes out the coin and chain she had taken from Will Turner’s neck years before. 

To cut to the chase she arises, gets dressed, and finds herself in a extremely tight frock that her father gave her as a gift and standing at a ceremony for the Commodore. 

The Commodore then attempted to propose marriage to  Elizabeth but she fainted and fell over a wall into the ocean below.  At this point Johnny  Depp a.k.a. Jack Sparrow enters the movie just before Elizbeth falls to her near death.  Jack Sparrow is entertaining two “soliders” who were guarding a ship for the Royal Navy.  Jack was attempting to “steal” the ship and got into a long conversation about the Black Pearl and it’s actual existence or not.  When suddenly they hear a splash and hear the Commodore screaming and looking into the ocean where Elizabeth fell. 

 Jack Sparrow, (Johnny Depp—a “friend in my head” (please excuse my coining a phrase by noted celebrity gossip radio personality a.k.a. Diva and Queen of all media Shock Jock—Wendy Williams at 107.5 WBLS) jumped into the ocean and saved Elizabeth. 

I just love Johnny Depp!!  His role as Jack Sparrow is similar to a little bit of an IMP!  You know a bad little elf or mischievious spirit that creates issues and runs and hides himself  while everyone is trying to sort out the mess that was left behind!   I love his make up and his “drunken pseudo feminine swagger and  gait.”

   Some how what would look silly and stupid on a different actor all works wonders towards the plot,  the scenes, and the motivation within “Curse of the Black Pearl.”   When I first saw the movie I did not even have time to think of it as a movie. 

You know what I mean right?  While you watch some movies you have a self awareness that this is a fantasy, drama,  action film or whatever….but with the simple conduct of the actors from Will Turner’s character, to Elizabeth’s character and even her forgiving father the governor….I found myself lost in the movie!  

 I did not want my adventure with these lovable charactors to ever end.  Maybe it was Johnny Depp who brings so much to life in his portrayal of a “never say die character.”   Johnny really surprised me with the ease to which he apparently did alot of his own stunts after he was arrested by the Commodore for being a pirate. 

 I loved the statement that he Jack Sparrow made after he was being considered for the gallows for hanging….when the Commodore tried to explain that “One good deed after a life time of wickedness is not enough to save a man.”  — and then my lovable “friend in my head“(Wendy Williams reference 107.5 WBLS)  Jack Sparrow  replied–“No, but it is enough to condemm him!” 

At which point Jack Sparrow made up his mind to get his freedom since the “dye had been cast”  to send him to the gallows for bearing  a brand on his arm of “P” for pirate.  

The first interaction of Johhnny and Elizabeth give us a hint of some romantic tension between them  when he grabs her in an effort to attain his freedom by holding her hostage while he gives orders to the Commodore with a threat of “possible harm”  to Elizabeth while he awaits his  personal belongings (i.e. his sword, gun,  buckler, and hat).  He had Elizabeth are caught in a too close embrace while he has her to place his property back on his body and he then tosses her back to her father and Commodore and takes off on a wild swing above their heads after he cuts a rope free. 

 He lands back on ground while a barage of gun fire follows him.  He eventually ends up in Will Turners residence where he creates swords as his training and skill warrant. 

 Jack Sparrow and Will Turner  begin to duel and threaten each other.  But Jack Sparrow always the witty one…teases Will Turner and tells him that he needs to “Get a girl Mate!”   When Will finally leaves Jack Sparrow without a sword,  he finds himself staring down the barrel of Jack Sparrow’s  gun. 

 And as a surprise to the audience,  Jack Sparrow practically pleads with Will to lead him run free because the gun he has is only loaded with one bullet that is not meant for him.  Will,  a slave to morality and has a hatred for pirates says no. 

Suddenly the Commodore is at the door of the sword shop and Will’s  “sleeping boss”  awakes to hit Jack over the head with a bottle—this of course knocks Jack out and the Commodore thanks the man for his asssitance to Will’s  dismay! 

 This movie moves right along and poor Elizabeth is kidnapped by the crew of the Black Pearl, because she is in possession of the pirate coin that holds the key to the crew from being the walking, talking dead—-thus  the curse that they are trying to get rid of. 

The movie picks up speed from this point on.  Suddenly  finds himself with Jack Sparrow partnered up to get the Black Pearl,  and get Elizabeth away from the crew  and the infamous Captain Barbosa who mutinied the ship away from Jack 10 years ago and left him for dead on a deserted island.   

 Those who have seen the movie know how this ends.  But all I want to really say….I love Johnny Depp! 

 He is so very likeable as a “bad” pirate….you just can’t stay angry with his character?


The Real Jack Sparrow


 He is so likeable that people who hate him like him.  Such great acting.  I have truly watched this movie hundreds of times!!!!!

Till next blog entry on my  favorite triology:  Pirates of the Caribbean!!

Any comments?



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