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This picture of “Will Turner,” ( Orlando Bloom) from Pirates of the Caribbean is a great shot!  I loved the movie and its’  concept of undying loyalty to a dream,  or goal.


  Will Turner refused to allow his father to stay a slave to the ship the “Flying Dutchman,”  and/or  Davy Jones  (the Squid Headed Pirate),–lover of Calypso the goddess–  to the point  that he actually became the captain of the Flying Dutchman….after Jack Sparrow a.k.a.  Johnny Depp “HELPED”  him to stab the heart of Davy Jones while he  (Will Turner)  lay mortally wounded himself.

 However at that point that Squid Headed  Davy Jones fell over the side of the “Flying Dutchman”  down into the abyss…Will’s father took his short  “fish cleaning” pirate knife and proceeded to chant through the roar of the malestrom storm churned up by none other than the fish wife of Davy Jones,  Calypso in god like elemental form,  –“Part of the Ship…part of the crew,  the Dutchman must have a heart!”

  The crew approached the mortally wounded Will Turner as Jack Sparrow grabbed a  hold of Elizabeth ( who was just married   by Captain Barbosa while fighting on the Black Pearl) and cut the ropes so that they would swing free of the Dutchman as it entered the abyss like a submarine with sails! 

Upon  receiving his “new life”—-(less his own heart…which now belonged to the FLYING DUTCHMAN–  from his father) Will Turner came about to the ocean surface to wage war against ” The Oversized Forehead–Lord Beckett. 

 The concept of Pirate loyalty,  personal loyalty,  greed,  and the fight for power plays  throughout the trilogy!  Will Turner  held to his beliefs….but as  Calypso –Diadama told him that he had a price to pay for the things “we want the most.”   

I continuously watch this movie.  When I am tired,  or about to go to sleep.  I just love this movie.  I watch more movies than I watch television!   I can not stand canned laughter  that you get on those so called ethnic peppered sterotypical comedies!  Ugh!  -and double yuck!!!

 I like to find my own level of laughter when I watch a comedy or my own level of fears,  or frustration when I watch a program.  I do not always agree that I have to hear laughter so that I know when to laugh!  

Johnny Depp is the best.  His timing  and comedic internal intellect are great.  He has appeal that comes from relating to base reality that we all exprience.

I especially love that Johhny Depp has played a gradually complicated charcter that was originally self involved,  but  motivated to maintain his title of  CAPTIN JACK SPARROW!

  What was interesting is how certain characters like  Squid Head Davy Jones analized Jack Sparrow and even teased him in front of his “fish people”  pirate shipmates and stated, “Lookie  Here Boy’s  A little bird!  A little bird that Never learned how to fly!”  Jack Sparrow looked forlorn for a second as though Davy Jones had more on him than just not keeping to his bargin since he had raised the Black Pearl from the depths nearly 13 years ago.

  But Jack Sparrow never gave in to feelings of worthlessness either!  He did not readily accept labels.  When Captain Barbosa told Jack Sparrow during the Pirate Lord meeting that he “always runs away from a fight.”  Jack Sparrow said,”No I do not….and even stated that he was being slandered.” 

If I do not learn anything from my life’s experiences I would think my life a waste.  That refusal to let people see you sweat….or accept a negative  label because of someone elses perception is great.  Jack did not even meet Barbosa’s negative statements and redirect them at him.

  He successfully deflected the statements and moved on to his own agenda and also changed the subject too.  I have really watched this movie too  much!  But I watch all of my moives that way.  I watched the Stone Merchant,  A Mighty Heart,  Amastad,  Hotel Rewanda,  10 Commandments,  Jesus of Nazaeth….all with the same instense analytical  method. 

 I believe movies are  made by other humanbeings that have their own value systems in place when they decide to create a made for big screen movie,  or made for t.v. movie….whatever….the idea that some movies do not have a more deeper meaning than to just entertain  is just plain silly. 

 Some movies can use comedy as a back drop or smoke screen for the real moral dilemma’s protrayed in a given movie. For example, the movie CLICK!  with Adam Sandler was a wake up call for all of us who wish our lives away.  Throughout the movie we were warned about our desire to rush through life and how easily we can miss out on all of the good things that are so very important to happiness…like your children growing up, your mate asleep when you arrive home and the house is quiet and you peek in on your kids. 


 These things were expressed through comedy…however quick or dry.  Therefore am  I really too much with this pirate fixation I have?  I mean…it is not like I have to watch it.

  I find it like a good song to play when I am cooking,  you know…like listening to CD 101.9 soft jazz.  I guess I am a bit quirky!

Anyhow….I will continue to discuss excerpts of the Pirates…At World’s End….as the spirit moves. 

 But for now….thanks for  reading and just get back to me with any tidbits you would like to add or discuss.


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