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MIDDLE PASSAGE AND THE MEMORIES OF A SLAVE~~~Fiction by Riveroflifelisajoy

Ma name is John Smith.

Ah, been in dis here plantation since a

was a young chile..sold offin’

my Mama befo’ I was ten.

But Ah memba’ my Mama face

and my Mama hands.

My Mama face wuz brown

tired and sad. 

She wore a ole’ faded

red head rag.   She would

take me wid her to clean

the chicken coups

and feed the cows.

Ah would play and chase

the chickens!

One day the master

of  da house came and

picked me out from

ma friends and told

my Mama it wuz time

fo’ me to go!

I wuz too big to

be playin’ anymo’.

The master sent ole’

Joe, the helper to carry me off

to the market to be


Ah cried and kicked and

screamed fo’ my


She just stood a lookin’

after me and did not

move to help me!

Ah watched my Mama

grow tiny as the horse,

cart  pulled me and the otha’ slaves who

was packed into it away from

my birth plantation to a

new and dangerous beginin’!

Ah wuz sold to the Williams.

Mr. Williams was kind, but

his son was the mean one.

He liked to beat slaves fo’ nuthin’

and then leave um to die if they

put up a fuss.

He would jus’ buy mo’

slaves the next day.

The Williams plantation

was a cotton plantation.

Hard work, pickin’ cotton,

cuts up yo’ hands and stuff.

Ah grew big and strong.

I could carry three times my weight

on a good day.

So young master Williams took

good care uh me. 

But ah hated ta see

my friends suffer so.

One day we heard of the


Ah  decided to run awa’.

No, Ah told ye, that Master Williams

wuz good to me.  Ah just wanted to see

my Mama so bad.

Ah did not care about good treatment.

Ah wanted to be free! 

Ah made a chance run fo’ it

one night.

Ah wuz tryin’ ta meet

up wid the UnderGround RailRoad

in the forest.

Ah, made a mistake.

I told ole’ Buck, who curries the

Master’s horses.  He warn’ me

not to try it!  Ah, told him to minds his business!

I could out run any dog, or horse….cause the master

fed me the best food cause ah carried the heavy loads and pulled

plows when the horses went lame.

Sos’  I think that is why I wuz caught so fast.

When they draggs’ me back to the

plantation, there was ole’ Buck a lookin’

at me.  From a distance he kept gettin’

bigger, and bigger.  He stood right at

the wipping post and look at me….just starin’

and shaking his ole’ grey head.

When they tied me up I could see dried

blood where other slaves had been beat.

It wuz a cloudy day.

It wuz a hot night.

They found me in the day and wup me

deep into da night.

Young Master Williams took a break

from his workin’ my back, and

then told his workers to continue on

till the next mornin’ just wupin’

my back.

I stop yellin’ and then I don’t

member nothin after dat.

All I know is that I found ma’self

sittin up here wit Jesus, and da


Oh, and I found Mama too!

Except  she got a big smile on

huh face, and she wearing a white

dress and she don’t look tired no’ mo’.


Fiction Depiction of Slavery

by Riveroflifelisajoy

Rev. Wright! PLEASE STOP TALKING!****(((((who is Rev. Wright???)))))*****—reflections on Rev. Wright and his ONE MAN ASSUALT ON THE OMBAMA CAMPAIGN

Poor Obama.  If Obama did have a chance at the White House as the first black president….We all know who does not want that to happen…..Rev.  Wright!

   It would seem that Rev.  Wright more than Hillary Clinton,  or the Republican party or even Pat Buchanan for that matter  does not want Obama to become the first black American president of the United States! 

  But why Rev.  Wright?  What did Obama do to deserve this apparently dilberate assualt on the minds, and mentality of the American public…black or white? 

You, Rev.  Wright keep spouting irrational statements about the black church in America. 

 You have disrespected the very memory of Dr.  Martin Luther King. 

 It is shameful,  and humilitating to me as an American.  

 Rev. Wright…you  continously bring yourself into the spotlight for no reason at all. 

Even Al Sharpton is more controled than that. 

 Please,  members of Mr. Rev. Wrights congregation, talk to him.  Reason with the Rev. Wright….even if Obama decided to walk away from the fight with the Clinton Team in defeat…do you have to make Obama walk away in shame? 

Why should Obama have to walk away unable to hold up his head to battle forward for the rights and the new changes that he was attempting to bring to America as a country?  

 Even Obama’s mother who was an anthropologist would have disagreedwith the negative division that Rev.  Wright is throwing  into the Democratice race toward the White House.

  Where was Rev.  Wright years ago?  Why does he continue to trash the Obama campaign? 

*********** Is Rev. Wright being paid to talk, and talk, and talk and say things that are out of character for Obama?  So strange….so very strange and so very, very sad. 

 Whatever Obama’s message ….it is getting trampled by the talkative Rev.  Wright.