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Choose Life—Choose Love—Choose to be Happy!!!

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Hello world!

Once you have opened your eyes,  you look around and start that search for the “time”—whether the watch is on your arm,  or a digital display over your head….that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach lets you know—-ITS TIME TO GET UP AND START THAT RAT RACE AGAIN.   Go to work,  and cope with the turmoil there.  But before that get the kids up and running….but even before that,  take that walk to the restroom and will  your eyes to open.  Climb into the shower and start to come alive….climb out of the shower and you start to remember the notes you left on your desk for yourself before you left work yesterday.  —Remember how you stuck your foot in  your mouth yesterday when you were trying to be included in a round robin discussion on some nebulous conversation around the water fountain….LOL!!!  Well,  now it starts again!!!  Hello World!!! It is me…again….trying to start fresh and begain from the beginning!!!  This time you promise not to waste time on stupid topics with the popular clique at work.  You know that group is not your speed!   Find the quiet folk who keep to themselves….that’s right….focus yourself and stop walking head long into disasters that you can see miles ahead.  Learn to be real with yourself….don’t worry about public opinion because you don’t listen to the same radio station as the group at work.  Socializing is fun….but that is not what you get paid for!   So once again….HELLO WORLD—-I will tell you that truth to yourself is the most valuable gift you can give to yourself….no one else can give that to you.   Go ahead….pat yourself on the back….you have earned it….For all the things that you parents,  and single parents do for the families you care food…..SAy to yourself…..I am a good parent.  I am a good person….HELLO WORLD—AND HERE I  COME!!!!!