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Archive for June 13, 2016

Aliens of Mars…. by riveroflife

When I think of  the future I wonder about  living on Mars.  Anything foreign  is  called ALIEN!  So  what is  really alien? There are people who are considering  living on Mars.  I am not  ready to do that.  I heard that if you move to Mars you cannot  come back to earth because the travel distance and  time  is  so long.  So  what do you do if you do not  like it on Mars?  Seriously,  who wants to go some place and be told if you do not  like it you have no choice but to stay.  Since  no one has  ever lived anyplace on earth that you cannot return back from ( unless you are ship wrecked on a deserted island or you have no money or something).  That is  just  so Final.  And you know that you cannot “phone home maybe?” So give your opinions.  What do you think,  would you like to go some where and be told  you cannot return back to your original place of  birth?  Most  people  try not to return– but to be told you cannot return is  crazy.  Do you agree?