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Archive for February 10, 2009

Before I go to Work-Prayer #2

Dear Lord,

You are the Mighty God,
the Maker of Heaven and earth
You set the planets in their place
and make all of the universe shine
with your glory and majesty
Help me this day to be as you created
me to be.
Help me to be one of your creations
full of wisdom, understanding
guidance for those in need,
Integrity, and love…compassion and love
Help me dear Lord to provide the truth
where there is fear, Understanding where
there is confusion.
And Dear Lord, protect my family,
protect me, and guide me in the
right paths. Send people my way that
I can learn from,and they from me
Help the world hunger, and the world
Guide our president in right decisions, and
guide all world leaders toward peace.
This is my prayer before I go to Work.