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Sunflower.jpgI had so much holiday fear that my little family would not enjoy the ThanksGiving Holiday like I always liked to.  One day at work just before the holiday I was outside my job early in the morning and I began wishing my co-workers “Happy Thanks Giving!”

  A friend of mind walked up to me and stated….”I guess you forgot…..I do not celebrate Thanks Giving!”  She leaned closely and whispered it so that no one else would hear.  But I felt that she had shouted that at me. 

 Here I was so excited because my church had donated a turkey and all of the trimmings to me for my family, and because I felt like that old Lewis Carol Story about Scruge….I wanted to shout HAPPY THANKSGIVING FROM THE ROOF TOP!!!!  My friend has a different financial situation than mine. 

But she does not celebrate that holiday because her religious beliefs at her congregation told her that it is kind of “sinful” to celebrate ThanksGiving!  I looked at her hard and I said in a determined voice, “So you are telling me that my soul will be condemmed to hell for celebrating ThanksGiving? 

 She hesitated for a minute and then said,  “Well,  know…because God recognizes that  you have suffered alot in your life and that you have helped alot of people and so he will wait until you understand that you should not celebrate that Holiday because of all of bad things that happened to the Indians.  (my friend is not Indian, or black) 

 So I said….I am black,  I have American Indian  and European in my geneaology too….so I can relate to all sides of this issue.  I have celebrated the Feast of Thanks Giving all of my life.  I do not feel the need to stop celebrating it. 

But I do respect your opinion and religious beliefs…..I have to.  I believe in tolerance….it does not mean I have a total understanding of someones’ culture or lifestyle to be tolerant.

  My friend  gave me a hug….told me that on ThanksGiving she would be spending it on bended knee in her church, and praying.  I told her I would be cleaning the house,  as is my regular for the past NINE years since my husband left my son and I due to his catastrophic illness. 

 I always clean the house and then I put the turkey and the trimmings together.  So we have really never ate the actual feast on Thanks Giving Day!  My friend said great and then she gave me a hug.  She said Good!  God knows your heart. 

You will be blessed for not actually eating on the actual day that PEOPLE OF THE WORLD are eating.  I looked at my friend as she walked away from me that day, and my ThanksGiving Spirit had practically died. 

I felt a deep sickening feeling in the pit of my stomack.  I just did not know how to call out—HAPPY THANKSGIVING as my co-workers arrived to work,  safe and sound.    I still believe in ThanksGiving—don’t you?——————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————please commment:

My next little blog is about my left over ThanksGiving Turkey.

I have placed it dismantled into a big roaster pan after we had our first two or three helpings of it.  Then I would take out whatever pieces I wanted and made a type of chopped barbeque  without the barbeque. 

I put  butter,  seasonings, and let it simmer until crispy!  Great tasting.  I put some brown rice with it!  My son ate the rest of his macaroni and cheese, and  baked ziti.  But now,  it is 12/02/07 and the it is time to say good bye to my HAPPY THANKSGIVING!~  

 Sorry little 16 pound promise of a pleasant turkey fragrance throughout the house.  ALL DONE…ALL GONE…..—nOW the next phase is to go toward the birth of the Christ Child.  Christmas Carols and presents gallore! And of course Hannukka!   I have a friend who celebrates both holidays because their is an adopted black child in the family!  I think that is SOOOO COOOL!  WE ARE REALLY ONE FAMILY—!!!!  

 I purchased a Fiber Optic Light Christmas Village for $24.00 in CVS store.  It is so pretty.  It has a bunch of little buildings attached with old fashioned gas lit street lights and people walking in the snow and a man and woman on a full size horse pulled sled.    and I put it on the diningroom table. 

 I always get my tree on Christmas Eve, or a few days before. My son really likes that to be the  begining of his Christmas Holiday and celebration of the Christ Child and me singing for the Church during this time of year.  Last year I sang the Christmas song from Charley Brown cartoon. 

I then sang O’ Holy Night, and Silent Night.  I had a full card of songs.  They never pay me for those opportunities to sing…..but I always believe if I do things like that when I really need a miracle I will receive it from the One Above!

  I have seen it happen in my life.  I will do a blog on miracles soon!

So tonight I say good bye to left over turkey and I will run to the supermarket to pick up some salmon, whiting fish, and chop meat turkey!  I will probably do another bit turkey for Christmas!

please comment what you do with your left over turkey!

till next blog: