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Who is Lisa Joy????

LIFE STARTS HERE.jpgSunflower.jpgThe first picture here is called “Life Starts Here.”  It is a grouping of swirls that remind me of the early stages of  “life.”  I painted this during summer of 2007.     The second picture is  called “SunFlower.  I drew the SunFlower with colored pencils summer of 2007.     I drew the SunFlower  from a photograph.  *******Lisa Joy is about the Fine Arts!  Creativity and Love of Mankind! 

Read on and learn about the boring details….

            lisa-jo.docI have been singing for many years. I took private voice/vocal lessons at Carnegie Hall,  with Mr. Fowler,  ****and also with Ms. Luel of Jamaica Estates  Queens,  New York(previous vocal coach of Q- Tip –R&B Artist,  and Christiana Arguler –POP Diva).—this is true—.

 Ihave played the cello since junior highschool.  I took private cello lessons with Mr. Lavin,of Jamaica Estates Queens,  New York,  (son of Cellist who was a  career cellist of New York Philharmonicfor more than twenty years). 

 I had attended USDAN CENTER FOR THE CREATIVE ARTS,  when I was a young 16 yearold and I played in the advanced orchestra for a ballet,  and other concerts during that summer.   I am currently still active in my music endeavors and I am a member of two active orchestras that preform for applause only.

  I have been playing piano since kindergarten.  I even had private lessons  on the accordian.   I have preformed in numerous enviornment’s from  the jail house, to the church house. 

 I even enjoy “The Wendy Williams Experience” on 107.5—-WBLS!!!  I went on a talent search competition  that I had heard about with Less Ness on the 107.5 station about 3 years ago,  and I had a reall good time.  I was the only Gospel Vocalist among all of the younger HIPHOP RAPPERS, AND R & B SINGERS (I did not win but it was a great experience.  I was even interviewed on cable during the program and competition! —

I have preformed  for the McDonald’s Gospelfest competition at a Local Mc Donalds inorder to be picked to be in the finals– and  the year before last I  was called back as a possible finalist.  I sang a jazz Gospel version of “Jesus Saves” and  I sang the traditional,” Precious Lord”for the audtition.

  I have sung with a Gospel choir that performed at Madison Square Garden,  Nassau Coliesuem,  and even Westbury Music Center in Westbury Long Island!  

I performed a ONE WOMAN SHOWCASE for  Search for A Star off of Seventh Ave.  at Dillians Bar and Restaurant (across the street from the “old Studio 54,” in  Manhattan.   I sang a medley of Patsy Cline (“Crazy”,  “Sweet Dreams About You,” Walkin’ after Midnight” etc.,  Bet Midler (“From a distance” and Wind Beneath My Wings),   Fred Hammon (“Let the Priase Begin!”) and several other groups of songs.  I did that two years in a row.

 Due to the location in the Broadway area I had been interviewed by the Daily News as a rising star regarding my jazz style version of “SummerTime” by Cole Porter. 

 I have also taken voice over lessons with “Daniel” of 89th Street  WestSide  and interviewed with several  voice over Agents. 

I also  worked for a famed Talent Agent as office assistant,  and then payroll person cutting checks after taking the 10% that the Talent Agent gets–  named J. Michael Bloom & Associates from the age of   21 years old until  26 years old.   I also worked at OphenHeim Christie as office gal Friday.

  But soon after I got married I switched careers—of which I truly regret deeply until this very moment.  I wish I had stayed in the Talent Agent Field.  It is not easy,  but I enjoyed it so very much!

 I   had the  opportunity to see such famous actors and actresses such as  James Earl Jones,  Lisa Bonet Of the “Bill Cosbey Show”,   Wesley Snipes Of Blade 1, Blade 2 etc.,  Rip Torn,  Alec Balwin of Hunt for Red October,  Cat in the Hat etc., and his (brothers before they became famous)! 

 Those people were represented by the J. Michael Bloom & Associates Company.  What fabulous holiday parties!!!! I even got to see James Earl Jones in his preformance of  “FENCES”  for free because of my job at J. Michael Bloom. 

 I was lucky to have been able to fall into that job.  I had worked a temp job  and then was hired permanentlyafter I had attended  college and went to business school.  I have seen the gigantic checks that some actors made just for doing voice over commercials,  and spokes person comercials.  I was paid very well when I worked there. 

 I often dream of the rich money green imported wool rugs and the over sized center piece table flowers in the lobby!   J.  Michael Bloom & Associates was located on Park Ave.  and 28th street I believe.

  The Talent Agency  had two floors leased.  I  believe they went out of business atfter several talent agents  took their client list and connections and made their own businesses. 

What  a life….I walked away from  when I got married!  I will always regret leaving that place.  It was celebrity heaven!   I even met “Mrs.  Howal” from “Giligans Island.”  I even called her that—SHE GOT REALLY ANGRY!!! 

 The talent agent that represented her explained that my recognition of her is what had made it difficult for her to find work after that series had ended.  She had gotten type cast! 

 I love music….but I also love to write….that is why I started this blog…Not so religious….not so sensitive….but just for the everyday guy and gal that wants to RANT,  TALK,  AND LAUGH,  GIGGLE,  OR EVEN CRY on other blogger’s shoulders. 

 I’m about people….living,  sharing,  and giving each other a pat on the back after a long day at work.  Life is tough…..but life is also simple…..sometimes we make things more difficult when we try to put a square peg into a round hole—-

If you get my feeling…..read my bloggs and then comment …..let us  discuss issues that may have an easier solution than you thought…or I thought!!!! Welcome to the RIVER OF LIFE WITH LISA JOY!!!!

—-Oh,  I will be preforming for a fundrasing concert at Grace Lutheran Church  and School  in December! The Holiday’s are busy and fun for singers!


  mrsmetaphor wrote @

Welcome to the blogging world, Lisa Joy!

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

Thanks for the reply Mrs. Metaphor!!!

  Joshua wrote @

hey women where r dese thoughts in yo head comn from. all you crazy bloggers need to stop complainin about ur problems and talk about the issues at hand.

  Art wrote @

I was very impressed by your blog, very interesting. Take a look at our website and try to visit either one of the stores. There is no other .99 cent plus store like them. Lots of fun

  Joan Blake wrote @

Hi Lisa,

I found your blog while searching for articles about Michael Bloom.

I learned yesterday that he passed away last Thursday. I was calling him to firm up our dinner plans for Monday, March 3. His sister-in-law answered the phone and gave me the sad news.
If you hadn’t heard, I thought you would want to know that there will be a memorial service sometime in April.

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

I am sorry to hear that information if that is really true. How can I find out for sure. I do not want to pass incorrect information. If I find out that this information is true then I will write about my truly blessed opportunity of being an employee of his. But please, lets make sure that this is true.

Thank you for your assistance.

  Cornell wrote @

Your first painting Rivers of Life is beautiful. I would like to make a print on Epson Velvet Paper and display it in my office (I am a Jr. Engineer who likes modern art). I will, with your permission, mat the picture and label it with your name and the name of the painting along with any other information that you provide to me.


  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @

hello,,,contact me on sprinlisa2@aol.com thanks!

  Ray Laskowitz wrote @

Thank you for following Storyteller. — Ray

  riveroflifelisajoy wrote @


  Ray Laskowitz wrote @

You’re welcome. Thank you too.

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