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Theme Music From Video Game “Legend of Zelda” makes me Cry–Why? My fourteen year old son loves it!

CLICK– here for the legend of zelda music. also check smashbros.com music and look for the music there.duckies at playI found that my son continues to play the theme from the Legend of Zelda Video game. It has a classical sound and it is themed with a flute and a delicate harp arpeggio.   The   video game  Legend of Zelda is about  a little  boy called   Link who plays the flute and has to go through various routes  and adentures to save the Princess in the game. 

 Zelda  and the Twilight princess has the  feeling of the knights in shining armour.  Except the actual age of the lead character of “Link” is a 12 year old boy. 

 Link in the most recent game that I purchased can take the form of a dog.  The dog in the video game reminds my son of his favorite dog Angel that we had to give to the ASPCA when we moved a year ago into our new place.

  We are  renting and I had no one to give the dog to in such short time.  We still mourn the loss of our dear sweet Angel. 

 Link as the dog fights different villians throughout the game, while this very touching classical flute   and oboe themed music plays gently in the background

 But what is making me cry–literally  cry is that my son who has been having a certain medical condition since he was 12 years old (like the character Link that he loves so much!)  has now found a way from the computer to play the various theme music to the Legend of Zelda.

Twilight princess music contantly  plays  whenever my son  is doing his homework.

  Before he was just playing rap music, like Snoop Dog, T-Payne, Common, and 50 Cent and other rappers of that type. 

 But suddenly the beautiful classical sound of the theme music to the Legend of Zelda is  played throughout my house. 

 It is beautiful and touching theme music that is played throughout the video game, in the form of “marche’s, suites, etc. 

 It is touching to me  because I play the classical orchestral cello with pieces from   classical composers such as  Mozart, Bethtoven, Brahms, etc.

  I love the classics.  But did you think that such beautiful music would  come from a video game?

  It is modern classical music.   Ever think that video game makers would realize the impact of the theme music (  on 12 year old to fourteen year  old)  might have? 

My son  has been sick recently and it seems to be the only thing he keeps playing from the nice strong bass and acoustic music amps that are hooked up to my computer. 

 He has placed it within the computer memory and now it continues to play even while he is asleep. 

 When my son suffered a seizure two weeks ago, he had been looking at the computer and reading information on the video game Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess and then he had suffered his medical emergency. 

The music had nothing to do with his sickness….but it seems that he plays that Zelda music more since he got sick. 

 It seems to comfort him.  He loves that game.  His peditrician told me that my son’s condition has nothing to do with the video games that he plays. Strange huh?

So this music from that game has a two fold affect on me….it is beautifully written, and my son keeps playing it at every given chance he has. 

 Understand, he goes to highschool and he is attending a college board school. He is very bright. 

 So why this attraction to that theme music to that video game. 

Oh, well, at least I   get a break from 50 Cent, Lil’ Kim, and even Kanye West for that matter! 

Till next blog


December 26,–Medical Emergency possibly due to the Video Game System! Oh, Why this Now?

LIFE STARTS HERE.jpgMy son Daniel was talking to his grandmother in her room.  I was making her something to eat.  Her room is right behind the kitchen. 

 She said, “Come here, Come here, ” in a too calm voice.  “Come and get him, he does not look well.” 

 I had that chaotic, shaky,  feeling in my gut again.  The same if not worse from last weekend when Daniel got “sick” in his sleep at 5:00 am. 

 Now it was only about 9pm the day after Christmas and I saw him standing and holding his head.  

I rushed to his side and he grabbed hold of my arm.  I steadied him and then I could do nothing but get him to the wall where he could lean. 

I tried to make him lay on my mother’s bed but he could not move his legs.

  He is taller than me ….so I had to be careful that he not fall and hit his head. 

My mother could see his face….she said…Ha, oh…watch out….he is going to throw up!  He threw up all over the floor in my mothers room. 

He closed his eyes and lay limp on my shoulder like a wet rag….I could pick up his arms and there appeared to be no resistance or strength.  I could hear gurgling in his throat. 

 I held his head back and I started talking to him.  Daniel,  Daniel…do you hear Mommy? 

I thought that he would start shaking or something….but then I heard the gurgling again and he threw up again.  He had just eaten a broiled chicken sandwich. 

I was cooking sweet potatoes with sugar and cinnamon on the stove.  But right now I hoped it was not burning because I could not move.

  My mother was asking me if I wanted to put him on the chair.  I said no….it was a wooden kitchen chair.  He needed a secure chair. 

 The dining room and living-room where he had set up “camp” under the Christmas Tree with all of his gifts—especially the Ninetendo WII  were in the living room.

That is what he had been doing for about 2 hours before this episode.  He had gone food shopping with me. 

 We had really gone out to go get his replacement Legend of Zelda Game for the WII because the one he had gotten for Christmas was defective. 

 That was all he could think about for the whole day of Christmas.  So for him…Christmas had really only started two hours ago once he started playing the replacement no defect Legend of Zelda game. 

 So what went wrong NOW???!!!!!  Why was I standing trapped here in my mother’s room…unable to get to the telephone AGAIN???!!! 

 and — holding my son up against the wall while he was throwing up over my shoulder? 

 His arms limp as two dish rags;  he was not talking…  just weak, and vomiting and spitting! 

 My mother,  with all of her age of 78 had worked in Creedmoor Hospital back in the 1960’s  as a attendant….was calm and just asking what she could do to help. 

 She can not walk…due to arthritis.  I started praying and talking to my son.  I sang a hym. 

 I prayed (and)  recited Psalm 23 and waited for him to come back to me and my mother.  My son Daniel spit and threw up again. 

Finally I felt some life come back into his body.  Funny though,  his heart was pounding, and pounding. 

It was a good strong beat!

I talked to him continously and asked him his name, and then he began to talk words…but the words did not make any sense.  He knew his name,  but  when I asked him how old he was he spelled his last name instead. 

 I walked him to the living room and had him to lay down.  He saw me reach for the telephone and then he began to tell me to “Wait, a–wait don’t do that—wait! 

 He does not want to go to the hospital…I told him I have to call for help—he got visibly upset.  He kept looking at the video game he had left on just before he became “sick.” 

 By the time the EMS arrived he was talking regular and making sense. 

 They, the EMS techs explained that the video games and even the computer have 60 shots of light every few seconds and that is why  he is getting sick. 

They checked his blood pressure and other vitals.  He seemed fine. But looked over tired (they said from playing those games.)

 They got clearance for him to see his doctor today and not have to go to the hospital….but with a promise from him to put away the video games and go directly to bed….eat something, drink something but go to sleep immediately! 

UGH!  Lord, help my kid and help all other parents going through this nightmare. 

 My kid was in private school all his life.  I sacrificed my pension to nine years of private school education. 

 Now he is in a college board  highschool  with only 300 kids.  He loves it! 

My son ranks 44 in a thousand kids from the Youth and Tennis of SoutEast Queens.  He just played tennis on Friday,  Saturday and Sunday!  If you saw him he does not look sick…He is quite athletic….

 I am a poor woman…..I can barely put food on the table. 

 I pray that my son’s health improves. 

I hope it is only the video game systems and the 60 shots of light and nothing else.

  He is only 14 and has not yet lived his life. 

I hope this blog gives inspiration to others out there who may be experiencing the same thing. 

I am going to get in touch with a Shakley Food Supplement distributor. My mother gave them to me because of different medical problems when I was just graduating highschool and starting college.

 They really helped.  I had lost track of that food supplement company….but I will actively seek them out now. 


 Because I know my son is a picky eater…and he does expend alot of energy to  play tennis and do school work.

  He also is putting alot of energy into the video games. All though the kids appear to be couch potatoes…they are expending energy into concentration. 

That is where the danger appears to lay with the 60 points of light flashing into the eyes and affecting the brain. 

 What to do what to do?  My kid appears to be hooked to the games.  But guess what? 

 The male EMS Tech guy said that he is hooked to the games too! 

Lord save us ALL!!!!

Watch your child and the video games please….. !!!!!!

Take care….till next blog…..