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Christian Views on Pants or Dresses at Church!—Does it Matter?

This is the thing……everyone knows that the New Testament states that we are  “grafted” into the body of Christ…..we become Jewish?  REMEMBER JESUS IS JEWISH!  HE DID NOT CHANGE….the scripture did not change…..Didn’t it say to the Jew first (the Gospel) then to the gentile?  So,  my point is ….you should be following the Jewish Calendar first of all.  YOu  should follow the SABBATH,  you should never wear a PANTS….or have a job that would require you to have wear pants….you should be giving your children Bat Mitzvahs, and Barmitzvahs….in which they would be required to read the old testament and receite the scriptures of the OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT….to show his or her coming of age…..for those of us that are black….you should not be following PAGAN rights of passage.  IF YOU REALLY CALL YOURSELF A FOLLOWER OF CHRIST….WHY DO YOU not follow the JEWISHNESS OF JESUS?  wHY DO PEOPLE TAKE  Jesus heritage out of their salvation?  The whole entire point of why he is the perfect  sacrifice is due to the JEWISH RELIGION AND ITS VIEWS OF GOD AND THIER RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM.   There is no other religion in which a sacrifice is made by a priest,  a law handed down,  a relationship of great miracles,  a circumcision of the men, (boy babies),  a freedom from Egypt is given…..You cannot throw out the “baby with the bath water”—-let us not limit ourselves from the vastness of God and his relationship with the Jews!  I have  a Jewish Christian Brother in Christ.  He has invited me to his congregation on numerous occasions.  They  celebrate  Passover,  and all the Jewish Holidays.  It is not a law…but  if you love somebody—–Truly love somebody….wouldn’t you want to know all there is to know about that person?  So why does the black church, and the white church for that matter….cancel out the JEWISHNESS OF JESUS?   And first of all his name is Yesuha! 

The Pagan leaders of the day….The Greek and Roman leaders of the times who chose to take over the “Christian Faith”  and ((((allowed)))) Christians to worship OPENLY…..and then created this off shoot from Jesus actuall teachings and built a religion in which Christians started “praying” to the SAINTS as well as Jesus…….called Yeshua —-Christ—-Not the Jewish Deciples!  

  (YOu know what Christian religion I am refering to.)   I am not blaming the black church for doing something wrong…..One of the Oldest African American Churches is in Philly…..Blacks were  taught the Christian faith in America…..and we being the strong willed and intelligent people that we are —-back then took that religious training that we received from the slave owners, or abolitionists and formed our own churches…..But I believe…that if the teachers had been THE JEWISH CHRISTIANS. that  I am a friend of….you would not wear pants ever…..we would read hebrew,  we would worship on the Sabbath meaning saturday……

wHAT?  yOU THINK   I MEAN TO KEEP THE LAW?   No!!!  That would have been our RELIGIOUS CULTURE!   Jewish people do not think it hard to worship on Saturday…..we do!  We are so programed to Saturday wash, and shopping!   We in the black church would never give up that weekend….not like that!  uNLESS WE

ARE   Seventh Day Adventist!….or Jehovah Witnesses!  —————————So basically…..I think it is a big waste of time to discuss wearing pants or not…..we need to start following the Jewish Calendar,  follow certain cultural activties that Jesus followed when he walked this earth. 

 You want to understand Jesus the man who chose to lay down his life?  GET to know Jesus in his COMPLETENESS!!!…..not just some religious preaching on Sunday….but the real  Savior….Get to know his struggles as a human,  and the Savior of the world. 

 So do pants really matter?  I think not!  What matters is the state of the heart, and the appropriate clothing. 

 I have seen women in dresses that were  quite inappropriate for church…..so where does that leave us?

  Can you pull that person to the side and tell them what to wear?   Think about it!   Thanks ! 


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Just so you understand what you are looking at and reading….this is my response to a Question posted on the AOL Black Voices blog.  Should Women Wear Pants  to Church.  —-This is my complete response.  I just wanted to share this with you…..tell me what you think!  Happy Easter!!!!