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I was trying to be good. Really. You know
I kind of fasted from writing for a few days.
I did not realize that I love to write so much.
I miss writing. About anything at all!
Oh, my! I am so silly.
any way…here goes a little poem.
Something is weighing on my heart…
so I have to let it out or bust!
Yes, I did delete some posts, and prose, and
articles…but I cannot stop my creative
juices from welling up inside….especially when
my heart becomes full…again.


Love is a strange word indeed
It can mean so many things.
It can mean shared intimate moments
Shared moments at church,
Shared moments due to a birth
of a child,
Love can be giving of oneself to the
service of others….
Love can be self-sacrifice of a mother for her
Oh and most of all the Sacrifice of Christ for
Mankind soul salvation!
So yes, Love is a strange word–
yet it does not express some of the
deepest pain of the heart that comes
from sacrificing oneself for the happiness
of another person.
So yes, my heart is welling up right now…
almost, like a teenager with that first
crush!—But a better feeling as an adult-
because you understand the depths of
sacrifice that it takes to please another
For example, when I was a little girl–
I remember seeing my mother sitting at
a sewing machine in the house at night and
she sewed me a black and white plaid coat.
I was so happy and excited to wear my
little coat.
The sacrifice of a mother for her child
is so much more love than can be expressed
in words.
A father who works many, hours like my
father did. He worked 16 hours a day and
passed away at the age of 59 of sugar
Sacrifice and love go hand in hand…
Love and Sacrifice….the truth value of
the word love….

Oh, my….I have really started writing
again….havn’t I ?

Fini~ riveroflifelisajoy

p.s. i love you