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In my mouth I place a piece
eating it is refreshing
is it good for me?
I like to eat ice…
Middle age setting in?
Change of life?
Whatever, I feel refreshed
Ice….the polar ice cap,
polar bears, shards of ice,
ice sickles,
and ice cream
Oh, what a gentle dream
I love ice
Ice is cold,
but it is a force when rolling
around the ocean
it can lower ships
to Davy Jones Locker…
tossed water logged ship passengers
to their untimely deaths from
Titanic so many
many years ago.
It is great is juice, or any beverage

But I just like the half moon shaped pieces
that are shallow, and light
They crunch ever so gently in my mouth..
The ice does sit too long in my mouth
so it is not too cold.
Ice is very, very nice!