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LIFE STARTS HERE.jpg   Sometimes in life we find ourselves in circumstances beyond our control.  It is important to use coping mechanisms that are not harmful to ourselves and our families and our society.  I am always deep in battle with my financial problems.  But I have several HEALTHY METHODS to lower my blood pressure, and prevent myself from over eating.  So look at my work.  Think it over.  Maybe it is not so beautiful….but it is much better of an outlet for anxiety than other negative behaviors!  The Holiday season can be very stressful–what with the shopping for that hard to please loved one, to the parties, and dinners that take alot of planning,  or worse yet for those of us who have lost loved ones.  You may not have money,  you may have a different holiday this year than last….but use your creative brain and  work it out.  Find healthy  activities.  If you can not jog…then write,  or paint,  or sing.  Just get involved!  You will feel better.  Just incase you get the Holiday Blues!LIFE STARTS HERE.jpgHUNGER AND DOUBT.jpgFlower of Hunger2nd-art-work.jpgThe holidays can be fun….but shopping and spending money can be scary! Take your time and enjoy the HOLIDAYS!

Art work explained:

#1-  Life Starts Here:

This piece was using the yellow background with the swirls of dark blue,  black,  or brown to give contrast and texture.  I looked at it and felt that it appeared to look like a genome or fertilized egg in the process of the life cycle.

#2-Hunger and Doubt:

This piece was with a teal green center and dark colors surrounding it.  It represented the wait throughout the summer for my car to get out of Pep Boyz!

#3- Flower of Hunger:

This picture was drawn on an evening before my break through in August.  I was waiting for some financial issues to be adjusted.  The night before, I was concerned and going over issues that had to be addressed.

#4- 2nd ArtWork—Chinese Ink:

The concept behind this is the black ink against the background of water color and symbols of the language.

I painted about 20 pictures.  But these are just a few that I thought would be nice to have displayed.  Just to give a break between my blogs. 

I love being creative!  It inspires me.  I hope you take the time to inspire yourself. 

Ca’mon—push yourself away from the computer and then try a few drawings….it is really enjoyable.

A note about the fine  arts and my personal health.  I wanted to inspire those who may have serious medical conditions.  I will relate some stories in future blogs.  But right here I will tell you about a surgery I had. 

It was so scarey for me!  I had been having surgery for two years straight on different problems.  The final year was the third surgery unrelated  to the others.  But it was scarey nonetheless! 

 I used another technique of singing to cope.  I found a variety of inspirational songs,  or gospel songs and I have a marathon of singing.  I will do a private mini-concert of positive songs. I even wrote 5 inspirational songs on my own.

 Before we moved I used my Pevy Amp aInd microphone and would sing.  I only would sing during the day–so as not to disturb my neighbors.  I would feel better about my surgery!  I believed  that those fine arts activities that I did at home helped to heal my medical condition. 

 Atleast it made me more calm and resolute about my condition and my doctors.  I found myself  at peace inspite of my situation.  That is why I hope others will give it a try.  Look,  I am already overweight!  I also have highblood pressure. 

If I have to have any type of medical procedure done that involves anesthesia  the doctors are very careful with me.  I did have knee  surgery and I had difficulty waking up.  I realized how serious  any invasive techniques can be when done with sedation. 

Being calm is key.  But lowering blood pressure naturally by losing weight is the best.  I myself am still working on that.  But if you want to start,  take out some paper and begin to draw. 

I bet you will find some of the answers to your inner most thoughts present in your drawings.

Till next blog: