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What does Wendy Williams, Eliot Spitzer, Detroit’s Mayor Have in Common?

Life Starts Here—Painted by RiveroflifelisajoyWell, I guess you can figure that answer out….can’t you?  But the bigger question is —-What will all of those listed names above in the title of this little writ…..do about the future that they will live….and their families will live?  No one is without sin…..”ALL OF HUMANKIND HAS SINNED AND FALLEN SHORT OF THE GLORY OF GOD……HE WITHOUT SIN  —CAST THE FIRST STONE”— We all know those scriptures and statements made by Jesus Christ and his deciples right?  So what am I trying to say here?  

Look,  if you take up public office, service to the community  try and decide what you want before you make that final choice.  You hurt more than yourself when you create  scandalous issues that hit the law offices and the media.  No one is perfect….but it is so difficult when the above listed persons admit, or have committed bad behavior and my child and their children are not tarnished by these things. 

We can not isolate ourselves….we have to interact…be social….or professional on our jobs…..but fraternizing,  sexual harrassement,  using  public monies for private sexual escapades  should not be!   How much supervision did Governor Spitzer need?  He is a grown man,  a leader in the country, and a guide toward elevating our state toward greatness, and better ecomonic policies and lifestyles for people like me…..low,  low middle class or struggle and write out my stress in this blog.   But when I find out that he can affort to pay $2000. 00 per hour for sex….and I can barely pay the $1600.00 per rent and have to go to the Food Pantry after I pay rent…..I feel a great deal of anger at Governor Eliot Spitzer.  I work and can not get a raise for more than 3% per every three years at my job…..but Governor Eliot Spitzer thought that a prostitute deserved to be paid $2000.00 for two hours worth of   ((((((((    WORK????    ))))))).  oH,  wowowowowowo!   A prostitute who uses her body deserves $2000.00 per  hour to use her body….but I a single parent can not even get a decent raise,  can not afford to pay rent, buy food,  sneakers,  clothes,  music lessons for my kid,  attend college to better myself,  and prepare college education for my kid…..but Eliot Spitzer had the right to decide that a prostitute should make more in two hours than I make in one week?!!!!! 


Again,  even Wendy Williams of 107.5 WBLS has been high lighted for alledged abuse of  Nicole Spence —look….Wendy Williams is not a famous politician…..but she I am quite sure is getting paid a pretty penny because she HAS THE GIFT OF GAB!   She can talk up a storm,  make jokes,  skits,  and all like that.  She sponsors college students, and visits other states, writes books,  advertises for various doctors (due to her love of  plastic surgery) and goes on trips for WBLS etc., etc., etc.,!~   Doesn’t that mean that she is held to some type of standard to respect the intelligence of her listening audience, and the intelliegence of her employers as well? 

I am always in shock and how much people who can talk so much, get paid so much and give little or nothing to the people who helped to get them to where they are.  They actually think that they are either better than their audience sometimes.  I do not think that of Wendy…..but I am a bit upset at the mess that the media and her circumstances is causing.  Especially with the minds of the  young people who wish to follow in the foot steps of Wendy as a Radio Personality! 

The Detroit Mayor is a strange case!  It seems that his personal love affair is possibly going to land him in jail?  This society is out for blood.  YOu cannot create a mess that you cannot clean up.  Blogging and writing, and any form of communication in today’s society is being watched and monitored at an all time high.  So why would a sitting Governor be so loose with his behavior.  Doesn’t  it seem that when a person reaches a certain level in life that someone would sit that person down and talk to them and say look….” You are a sitting Governor,  or YOu are a sitting Radio Talk Show Host,  or Look you are  a sitting Mayor of a major City in the most Powerful Country in the World!  You must remember to conduct yourself as though you were on television,  camera,  microphone at all times…..your conduct,  your attitiude,  your demeanor and your personal and private actions are being watched closely and from a far…..You are a leader…..conduct yourself as a leader…..remember future generations depend on you.  You have the power to shape destiny….for your children, your children’s children, and the world……Think before you act……

That should be the birds and the bees of public, and private and media leaders! 

So What I wish for the previous people discussed today here are…..that they come to realize that NO MAN IS AN ISLAND—–

I hope and pray for the best for all of the people I mentioned here today.  I cannot judge them.  I am not a lawyer, and I definitely am not G-d above.  But  I admonish my readers….pray for yourselves,  your governmental leaders, for the actors, and actresses,  media personalities,  and business leaders and the governments of our world…..our future depends on your tolerance of one another, and our support of one another. 

Have a good day!