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Well, I have heard it all,  and seen it all now!  Have we reversed back to the Jim Crow days again?

What is this with the book on Obama?  Why are people stating that he is muslim.  Is it a crime to be a muslim?  Where have the rights, and values of individuals decreased to?  How can someone smear a presidencial candate to such a level. 

 If Barak Obama did not know he was in the furnance of racism…he definitely knows it now. —They are throwing stones and accusations.  This is being done because they want power in their hands so that they can do what they want. 

 They want everybody to believe that they are the good guys.  And it would appear that as soon as they get “in” they will turn on us as well.  This is a difficult world that we live in. These people who are writing this stuff do not care about Obama’s wife,  or children. 

They do not care about the effect of this evil campaign on  his American Born and raised children.  I can see that Barak has strong family values…I hope that he talks openly with his daughters,  and of course they know the truth of who they are and who their mother and father are. 

 But it has got to be difficult to be so young and hear suck terrible things about one’s father….especially in such a public way.  You do not have to like Obama….but think about his children for a moment. 

Think about his White grandparents and his half sister.  What did these people do to deserve this assult on their personal beliefs and values?  Is it a crime to be an Mix-race European/Afro American and  be in the running for president of the United States?!!!

Let us move forward..according to  1010 wins today 8/16/08..a pigeon was found covered in purple paint walking around in a park yesterday in Queens  New York.  Why would anyone want to harm an animal is so beyond me.  It is so very sad.

A baby was shaken to death yesterday—also reported by 1010wins news this morning.  Another news story that I cannot stomach very well.  Does anyone get a talk before they take these newborn babies home?  When I gave birth to my son, I was told to treat him like a king!  Not to allow him to control me…but that he was a little king in the house hold.  Give him love and affection.  Babies cry…that is normal. 

 Where is this logic that if you shake a child harshly that it will stop crying?  This hurts my heart so deeply.  Oh,  it is becoming too, too much.  The human baby should be placed on the endangered species. 

 We need to place all expectant parents in parenting schools…I mean it.  Proper care and maintance of new borns and what to expect as the child matures and grows.  Also the topic on what constitutes CHILD ABUSE.  Educate people and then that might decrease some of these very dangerous and fatal actions by relatives and parents.

Yesterday  I traveled up to Nyack.  I had to run to my college.  Nyack College.  I went across the Tappanzee Bridge.  Strange bridge…really,  it was rather odd.  It was more like a road across the water…with a little bump, or hump of a bridge formation that they made as the “bridge” part.  Nyack College has a GREAT AND EXCELLENT PROGRAM…for ADULTS who want to complete their education.  I had 69 credits.  They accepted my credits and then placed me in their program for ADULT AND CONTINUING EDUCATION/DISTANCE EDUCATION.  The college professors drive all the way from their residence in Weshchester,  and come to Queens or Longlsland to teach  and great topic.  ORGANIZATIONAL MANAGMENT.  I give more detail in another blog later…but the course includes a thesis of about 100 pages or more,  business ethics, and detailed writing and reports that is completed in 14 months!  The College also has a program for Masters Degree as well.  I write give more detail later..But go online to www.nyack.org if you want to know more!  I loved every bit of the 2x a week course work!  Great professors and Great classroom experience as well!

I got lost trying to come back from Nyack.  I ended up in Woodbury Commons.  Woodbury Commons looked very nice indeed.  I could not stay….I had to cash, so no shopping for me.  I met a nice lady at the information booth who gave me the directions back home. 

 Please don’t ask why I could not figure my way out….I never said I was that intelligent.  I left home at around 1:30 yesterday and did not walk back into my house until 10:00.  Traffic was terrible due to the rain, and storms.  But I am home. Thank the Lord!  I think my son Jay Jewelz enjoyed the ride…even though we kept arguing about whose fault it was that we got lost…but we talked and laughed our way through it!

As soon as we got home we had pizza with my Mom and just thanked the Good Lord that we made it home safely in all that rain.!

See ya there!