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Thanks Will Smith! You did it AGAIN! Great Movie….HanCock!–What is wrong with those HATER–MOVIE CRITICS ANYWAY?



Will Smith played the ALIEN  this time!  He was not the airplane pilot dealing with the aliens that were trying to take over planet earth in INDEPENDANCE DAY…but this time he was an out of control otherworldly being…being misinterperted as a HOMELESS  BLACK DRUNK WITH SUPER POWERS….So far from the truth.

  He instead was a being who had lost a literal sense of himself and was wandering the earth helping people but with a mega attitude and BAMBAM (a.k.a. Flintstones) way of grabbing issues by the tail (i.e. the poor whale that he “SAVED” from the beach by tossing it some many miles away and thereby knocking over a sail boat at the same time.) 

His clumsy,  mega attitude ways were disruptive and took away from people appreciating him for the good that he was doing.

The most bizarre twist of the story came from his alter ego…”alleged wife”  his opposite,  yet twin, or sister ( major issues in this concept) and how she was hiding from him in plain sight because she knew that they could not be together.  Which caused him to be out of control, feel alone and then become a problem to the world instead of a assistance with his superpowers. 

 Eventually Hancock comes to realize his value…but yet has to come to terms with this woman/sister/wife/twin/co-angel created by the gODS—!  At this point he is able to become the person he once was and realize that he cannot be with her, in order for them both to live on and survive. 

 His duty in the world is to care and protect it from severe evil.  So by the end of the movie he is ready to be the “man, angel,  person he was meant to be.  His wife/sister is supposed to be supportive from a distance. 

The unique part of the movie was the black and white concept that was ignored,  yet clarified by the two superhumans being OPPOSITES….i.e. opposites attract, but other than that. 

I actually felt a sense of closeness for the two superhumans…and the humanity and frailty of HANCOCK…who had been a desparately angry “person”–who had appeared to be a HOMELESS BLACK GUY—but turned out to be the  SUPER HERO OF THE WORLD….THROUGHOUT the generations of mankind.

Very interesting spin on  Superheros…indeed….he had the questions of human weakness but the supersonic power of a superhero. 

And as always…I love Will Smith’s interpertation of his charater.

I guess people always want to see a successful black man and then see him become a superhero.  At first I was offended too.  You know,  we want to see
a black person “be respected and all like that”—but take a step back…Spiderman had bad press from time to time too….so Really folks…Superheros…are just that Superheros…. The end of the day….I do not care  about the race of a person who comes to my aid…I just care that someone is giving me a hand…no matter what the circumstances!

Good look Will Smith….and thanks for making my son’s day!  Jay Jewelz LOVED the movie Hancock!  –and so did I!