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Ouch. #stubbedtoe #toe #flipflops #dangerousfootwear — Dented Reality

Be kind to your feet.


Ouch. #stubbedtoe #toe #flipflops #dangerousfootwear

via Ouch. #stubbedtoe #toe #flipflops #dangerousfootwear — Dented Reality

I am adding to this  post because  I have  had  a terrible  experience with my big left toe.  I will not  share  a picture because it  is  too graphic.  It was an infection that  got out of  hand  and  was made worse  by  stubbing it in a pair of  bad shoes that I purchased  cheap at  PAY LESS SHOE STORE. However I am not  blaming  Payless.  The  type of  job  I was  doing at the time  I knew better than to purchase those  shoes  for my dangerous  job…but  I neglected myself  due to putting my son through private Christian School.  I digress,  I stubbed my toe hard…plus  I already had an ingrown toenail. Not  good..not good at all. I let it go because  I was a supervisor and could not take a  day off from  work to get…

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